Western systems of juvenile justice

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This book will become the basic sourcebook for those concerned with comparative juvenile justice. Both authoritative and truly comparative, it describes the North American and eight major Western European systems of juvenile justice. Each chapter delineates the basic structural components of the system and addresses some major questions concerning its underlying legal assumptions. This work is essential to the development of empirical and theoretical advances in this field -- it will be of great value to juvenile justice professionals, criminologists, lawyers, other human service professionals and all students of comparative justice.


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From Technology to Environment

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Malcolm W. Klein is Emeritus Professor at University of Southern California. Winner of the Sutherland, Wolfgang, Tappan and McGee Awards in criminology, he has been consultant to scores of public and private enforcement and social service agencies, and served as expert witness in over one hundred
criminal gang cases.
Cheryl L. Maxson is Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California's Irvine Campus. She has directed research on regional, national and international gang issues and studies juvenile delinquency and violence, street gangs, and juvenile justice
policy and programs.