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Page 150 - And when they had blindfolded him, they struck him on the face, and asked him, saying, Prophesy, who is it that smote thee?
Page 10 - ... as great a weight of iron as he could bear, and more : that he have no sustenance, save only, on the first day, three morsels of the worst bread ; and, on the second day, three draughts of standing water, that should be nearest to the prison door ; and in this situation this should be alternately his daily diet, till he died, or (as anciently the judgment ran) till he answered...
Page 29 - Dalton (the father of the science of Meteorology), wherein he explains a series of experiments made by himself and his friend, Mr.
Page 131 - Twas her own labour did the fleece prepare ; And, sooth to say, her pupils, rang'd around, Through pious awe, did term it passing rare ; For they in gaping wonderment abound, And think, no doubt, she been the greatest wight on ground. Albeit ne flattery did corrupt her truth, Ne pompous title did debauch her ear; Goody, good-woman, gossip, n'aunt, forsooth, Or dame...
Page 75 - London : Printed for John Clark, at the Bible and Crown in the Poultry, near Cheapside.
Page 51 - Et sciendu', q' p'fati moachi in obitu meo facient seruiciu' pro me sicud p' uno moacho ; & si m' placu'it, corpus meu' recipie't ad sepulturam. Hiis t', Rob'to filio Ursy, Joh'e filio ejus, & aliis." " Know men present and future, that I, Robert, son of Hugh de Wude, have given, and granted, and by this my present charter have confirmed, to God and S.
Page 6 - King, and you upon your respective trials, [or, in a capital case, 'upon your life and" death']; if therefore you or any of you will challenge them or any of them you must challenge them as they come to the book to be sworn, and before they are sworn, and you shall be heard.
Page 64 - Ecgferth was consecrated king. *And at this time messengers were sent from Rome by pope Adrian, to England, to renew the faith and the peace which St. Gregory had sent us by Augustine, the bishop ; and they were worshipfully received, and sent away in peace.
Page 16 - And the whole of this wall bears a broken line of thorns above, shews the morter peeping here and there under the coat of turf, and, near the south-eastern corner, has a large buttress of earth continued for several yards along it. The southern side, like the northern, is an hundred and seventy-five...
Page 14 - Whereupon the ordinary, not satisfied with the proofs adduced in the profane secular court, set himself formally to work to make a purgation of the offender by a new canonical trial, although he had been previously convicted by his country, or perhaps by his own confession.

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