Annals of the World

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New Leaf Publishing Group, Incorporated, Oct 1, 2003 - Religion - 960 pages
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Considered not only a classic work of literature, but also esteemed for its preciseness and accuracy, The Annals of the World has not been published in the English language since the 17th century. Almost completely inaccessible to the public for three centuries, this book is a virtual historical encyclopedia with information and footnotes to history that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Covering history from the beginning through the first century A.D., Ussher relates both famous accounts and little known events in the lives of the famous and infamous including pharaohs, Caesars, kings, conquerors, thieves, pirates, and murderers. He tells of the rise and fall of great and not-so-great nations and gives accounts of the events that shaped the world.

As a historical work, Ussher's Annals of the Worldis a must-have for libraries of all sizes. Universities, public and private schools, professors, independent scholars, and pastors will find a treasure-trove of material previously unavailable. Containing many human interest stories from the original historical documents collected by Ussher, this is more than just a history book - it's a work of history.

A Literary Classic:

  • Important literary work that has been inaccessible in book form for over 300 years
  • Translated into modern English for the first time from the original Latin text
  • Traces world history from creation through A.D. 70
  • Over 10,500 footnotes from the original text have been updated to references from works in the Loeb Classical Library by Harvard Press
  • Over 2,500 citations from the Bible and the Apocrypha
  • Ussher's original citations have been checked against the latest textual scholarship
  • 8 appendixes

Find Out:

  • Why was Julius Caesar kidnapped in 75 B.C.?
  • Why did Alexander the Great burn his ships in 326 B.C.?
  • What really happened when the sun "went backward" as a sign to Hezekiah?
  • Discover the accurate chronology of earth history
  • What does secular history say about the darkness at the Crucifixion?

• Hardcover with Box

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My new #1 theological reference book

User Review  - Pastor Marc -

Received my James Ussher with CD. The CD is a great aid along with the book. I put down my Matthew Henry, and started reading Ussher, and looks like I can't stop! I'll have to get back to Matthew Henry when I finish James Ussher now. Read full review

A very important resource.

User Review  - Laurence -

This is an excellent product, and should be in every Christians library. It is primarily and most obviously useful in helping the student of scripture develop an understanding of the big picture of ... Read full review

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About the author (2003)

Highly educated and well-traveled, Archbishop James Ussher set out in 1650 on what would be a five-year task to write a history of the world. Ussher left his native Ireland and traveled Europe, seeking historical documents and other writings to aid in his research. Many of the source texts used by him have been destroyed through the centuries, while Ussher’s book still contains events otherwise lost forever. A meticulous researcher, compiler and Bible scholar, Ussher used the date of Nebuchadnezzar as a historical reference point, and traced the biblical genealogies backward from there to arrive at a date for creation — not millions of years ago, but only a few thousand. He then set his collection of world events and biblical events in chronological order, and The Annals of the World is the remarkable result. For years, Ussher’s timeline was used in King James Versions of the Bible as a reference for the events there. Ussher was one of the greatest scholars and theologians of his time, and rose to prominence within the Church of Ireland at a very young age. Ussher had a great love of books as well as history,  and was known for his extensive library, which went on to form the core of the famous library at Trinity College in Dublin.

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