Bryophyte Biology

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Arthur Jonathan Shaw, Bernard Goffinet
Cambridge University Press, 2000 - Science - 476 pages
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Bryophyte Biology provides a comprehensive yet succinct overview of the morphology, systematics, ecology, and evolution of hornworts, liverworts, and mosses. A distinguished set of contributors provide state-of-the-art summaries of the most recent advances in bryology, with rich citation of the current literature. Revised classifications for the liverworts and mosses are presented that depart significantly from previous arrangements. These novel classifications reflect the results of recent phylogenetic analyses and include exhaustive lists of accepted genera with their familial placements. Accessible and well-illustrated overviews of morphology are provided for each group, with subsequent contributions focusing on current areas of active research, including developmental biology, molecular genetics, ecology, and microevolution. In addition to reviews of the most current literature, the chapters provide abundant reference to classical studies in bryology that will help those new to the topic to develop an historical perspective within which recent developments can be viewed.

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About the author (2000)

A. Jonathan Shaw earned his Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Michigan. He was a Post-doctoral Associate at the Natural History Museum, Smithsonian Institution and in the Department of Botany, Duke University, before taking a faculty position in the Biology Department of Ithaca College in 1989. In 1996 he joined the Botany Department (now Biology) at Duke University, where he is currently a Professor. He serves as an Associate Editor for several scientific journals and as Chairman for the Board of Directors, Highlands Biological Station. He has published over 130 scientific papers and book chapters. His research interests include the systematics and phylogenetics of mosses and liverworts and population genetics of peat mosses (Sphagnum).

Bernard Goffinet completed his Ph.D. at the University of Alberta, Canada. As a research associate of Dr A.J. Shaw he pursued his interest in the phylogeny of mosses, with a special focus on the evolution of entomophily in the dung mosses. He joined the University of Connecticut in 1999, where he is an associate professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He has co-authored nearly 70 publications. His current research spans choroplast genome evolution in liverworts, the phylogenetic history of the new model taxon, Physcomitrella patens, as well as the evolution of multisymbiosis in lichen-forming fungi.

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