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MAD DOG MILLIONAIRE a.k.a. Punyamurtula Kishore MD, is a QUACK.
Punyamurtula Kishore, M.D. and three other defendants will
go on trial in April 8, 2014
MAD DOG MILLIONAIRE a.k.a. Punyamurtula Kishore MD, Patients Die of Improper Care Protocols!!!!
Many of Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore's patients have died because of improper treatment and care methods. This Quack doctor ("Hitler"of Medical Geoncide) should not be allowed to practice medicine anywhere. Preventive Medicine Associates, formerly Addiction medicine Associates was a Death Camp (The Holocaust for Drug Addicts and Alcoholics, "Auschwitz" in Brookline, MA) I worked at his Brookline office and witness the death of many patients. Dr. Kishore should be arrested, arraigned and prosecuted for 1st. degree murder or manslaughter.
Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore was reprimanded, fined $2,500 and required to perform 50 hours of Board-approved community service and to complete additional continuing professional development credits. He was found to have inappropriately filed four Temporary Involuntary Hospitalization Applications for the purpose of drug treatment and drug testing. Dr. Kishore is a 1975 graduate of Andhra Medical College in India. He specializes in Addiction Medicine and has been licensed in Massachusetts since 1978
Punyamurtula Kishore, M.D. and three other defendants will go on trial in April 8. 2014 for allegedly bilking MassHealth of almost $20 million, in what Coakley’s office calls an “intricate scheme” involving drug testing, sober homes, and his Preventive Medicine Associates (PMA).
According to Coakley, Kishore used various bribes or kickbacks to persuade sober house owners to require residents to submit urine tests at least three times per week. The tests were performed by PMA’s office laboratories, then billed to MassHealth, which pays $100 to $200 for such screens. Also charged in the case were Carl Smith, manager of New Horizon House, John Coughlin, president of Gianna’s House, and Thomas Leonard, part owner and manager of Marshall House—all for receiving kickbacks.
MAD DOG a.k.a Punymurtula Kidhore MD and Lil Dog a.k.a. Carl Smith L.M.H.C. are responsible for the death of Eleanor Clark of Weston , Massachusetts.
Just look at what happen to James Clark .
James Clark was a client at the same address where the Director/Manager Carl Smith resided at ,50 Draper Street in Dorchester MA. Carl Smith is suppose to be a state licensed Mental Health Clinician , If so , than why did he discharge James Clark ? James clark never tested postive for a toxicology screen for illegal or prescription drugs, than why was he discharged ?
He was discharged for behavioral and attitude problems that were related to his psychiatric and substance abuse diagnosis. Carl Smith L.M.H.C. should have been able to detect that this man had psychological problems and referred him for treatment to MAD DOG aka Punyamurtula K...ishore's Neurological Clinic for treatment and to help James Clark get back on his psychiatric medication. Instead , Carl Smith discharged him and the following day , James Clark murdered his 81 year old grandmother Eleanor Clark in Weston Massachusetts .
Punyamurtula Kishore MD aka MAD DOG Millionaire referred James Clark to Carl Smith's Program New Horizon House after James Clark was Discharged from St. Elizabeths Hospital's S.E.C.A.P.'s Detoxification unit. Punyamurtula Kishore aka MAD DOG had a Contract with Carl Smith to provide New Horizon clients with Medical and Mental health Treatment. No treatment was provided except for toxicology screens . Carl Smith collected James Clark's program fee and MAD DOG Kishore billed his insurance company . Carl Smith and Dr. Kishore donot care about thier clients or patients . The only thing they cared about was making money at the expense of HUMAN MISERY !!!!!!!!

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i think that robin sharma is a mindful,amazing,extreordinary the best author this world would deliver i am really impressed ....this book has inspired my in so many countless manys i cant describe ...its because of people like robin sharma the world only gets better ...he gives us million of reason to love life and stay strong and never give up!!!!! u are a truely wonderfull person it was and is and will forever be a pleasure to read your bokkk thank you from the bottom of my heart  

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Its a fantastic book! There is no doubt after reading the book you will see a lot of difference in personal as well in your professional life. - Sunitha Shastri

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A great book to go through, so easy to adapt in your daily life and it can really make a lot of difference...the acronyms are so easy to remember and take in. It has a fantastic closing which keeps to thinking about it,believe me i am reading it once again... An emotional, yet strong writing...An excellent book to read and keep in your library. 

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it's a Librarbox read - he tells a reasonably funny story, but I agree with the basic message that leaders are made not born. worth a look would say it is a quick read well for my wife that is who read it within 5 hours

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A must read book. Robin sharma's book The leader who had no title is fo all those person those feel that the work has no iportance on this earth. Those who couldnt climb due circumstancesin their academic career and professional career should read this book . it will help them to go miles ahead in work and personal life if they follow the suggestions very minutely. it did boost my downtrodden spirit 

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I really enjoyed The Monk who Sold His Ferrari and began to follow Robin Sharma on his website and twitter. Once I heard that he was coming out with a new book, I waited with heavy anticipation.
was not disappointed. The Leader Who Had No Title kept me up all night reading. I could not put this book down. There is a golden nugget on EVERY page. A must have for everyone's library!! 

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one of the best best novel i have ever seen

Review: The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life

User Review  - Anshika - Goodreads

The book provides the reader good productivity enhancement techniques that have been made memorizable through acronyms and one liners. However, the style of story telling a self help book is the ... Read full review

Great book

User Review  - Flipkart

This book is good source for inspiration.By following even few of the things given in the book,A person can change his life dramatically. Read full review

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