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Springer Verlag, 1998 - Science - 555 pages
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This book covers - Electrostatics - Fundamental concepts, fields, potentials, delta function - Gauss's law, fields from various configurations, electrostatic energies - Green's theorems, uniqueness of solutions, Green's functions - Multipole expansions and orthogonal polynomials Macroscopic Electrostatics - Dielectric media, electrostatic forces and energy Magnetostatics - Fundamental concepts, vector potential, magnetic moments - Magnetic materials Electrodynamics - Faraday's law, Maxwell's equations - Electric currents and induction - Electromagnetic waves in vacuo and in matter - Reflection, refraction, cavity resonators and waveguides - Radiation from accelerated charges, Hertz's dipole radiation - Covariant formulation of electrodynamics - Relativistic and covariant Lagrange formalism Supplements - Systems of units in electrodynamics - About the history of electrodynamics.

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About the author (1998)

Greiner-Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Frankfurt, Germany