Politics and History in Band Societies

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Eleanor Leacock, Richard B. Lee
CUP Archive, Sep 30, 1982 - Social Science - 500 pages
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The papers collected in this volume present important information on the history and culture of contemporary gathering and hunting peoples from Canada, India, Africa, Australia and the Philippines. The volume focuses on two themes: first, on the techniques which band-living foraging peoples employ to organise their social and economic lives; and second, on their fight for the right to their own lands and for a measure of cultural and political autonomy. The contributors maintain that gatherer-hunters are not examples of a disappearing way of life, but peoples who have maintained their social and economic practices through long periods of contact with stratified societies. The aim of this volume it to make known to as wide an audience as possible the daily lives, the patterns of relations between the sexes and the political orientations of the world's contemporary foragers.

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About the author (1982)

Eleanor Burke Leacock (1922-1987) was well known for her ethnographic work among primitive societies, and her research is still a formative influence among feminist anthropologists.

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