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"I LOVE Google Books! I have purchased an extra dozen books this year I would otherwise not have. Being able to look inside and search for key terms helps me decide which books I need to buy. In the past, I found books online but was usually not willing to gamble the cover price for the chance it would have what I need. Thank you and please add my voice to the information you share with your publishers."
– Bill, High School Teacher, Arlington, TX

"Just wanted to send you the largest possible thank you – I'm doing my dissertation on Samuel Richardson's Clarissa it's 1,500 pages and too long to search manually, and too old/long/dense for anyone else to have it online. My boyfriend showed me this site when I was close to a nervous breakdown trying to find specific passages. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having so much of it available. You have kept me sane."
– Nicole, Student, London, UK

"As a first year medical student, it is absolutely essential to find and acquire knowledge quickly and efficiently. Google Books is necessary in my research because it enables me to search quickly through thousands of books to find exactly what I'm looking for. Once I find the book I need, I look for it at my university library and read more. Thank you so much!"
– Esteban, Student, Indianapolis, IN

"I recently used Google Books to research a paper on the civil rights movement and found so many great books that I never would have found otherwise. Google Books sped up my research 10 times. Thanks for the help and I will plan on using Google Books to locate books for research and interest."
– Nathan, Student, Sioux Falls, SD

"I just came across a copy of the classic philosophy text Principia Ethica in your catalog of books and what I want to tell you is WOW!!! The fact that the book retains the pagination of the original but is fully searchable is a dream come true for scholarly research. I own a hard copy and have read many articles on this book, but what Google offers has really made it easier to write on this book...I know of no better method for doing textual analysis than by using your service."
– Bob, Student, New York, NY

"Thanks for turning me on to this service! It is just like browsing in a book store but online. I foresee my pocketbook getting lots of use!"
– Jennifer, Teacher, Spokane, WA

"My friend Rachel is writing her dissertation. At 150 pages, she estimates she's almost halfway finished. She has used hundreds of books as resources, and as you can imagine, she will end up with a lengthy bibliography. So imagine her horror when she realized that, for one of the books which she has already cited more than a dozen times, she completely forgot to indicate the page numbers from which she took the citations. Enter Google Books. Instead of poring over her notes and searching through the book, Rachel was able to enter the quotes into Google Books, which showed her the page from which the quote was lifted, including the all-important page number. And Google Books only showed Rachel an excerpt in which her quote is found — a small portion in relation to the work as a whole. Rachel's story immediately jumped out at me as a perfect example of how Google Books can be used as a valuable tool, apparently well within the scope of fair use."
– David, Photographer, New York, NY

"As a researcher and author at a major university, I use Google Books to find relevant portions of books that my university holds in its library which I could not sort through in a timely manner otherwise. This has revolutionized my capability to perform literature reviews for my work and to spend more time synthesizing my own ideas from the work that has already been done."
– Rex, Student, Austin, TX

"As an English Literature professor, I am ecstatic that Google is attempting to scan every book in existence. Publishers, authors, and libraries should be queuing up at your door. I have been waiting for this type of easily searchable, pervasive access to literature for a very long time. In an age of television, movies, and video games, anything that allows individuals to see and buy more books is a step in the right direction. I have only one more word for you: HURRY!"
– Todd, Professor, Frankfort, KY

"While trying to write a comparative paper on a novel, I remembered a passage of text I wanted to reference, but had no clue where it was in the book. I was able to find the novel with great ease on Google Books and then search for the passage I was looking for. The page I needed was restricted, however enough of the context appeared to guide me to the right spot in my own copy of the book. Even factoring in the amount of time it took me to IM a friend of mine, tell her how excited I was about the whole situation and write this feedback letter, I'm still saving time by not having to read large swaths of the book again."
– Brendan, Student, West Chester, PA

"Google's Book Search allows me to determine which books I should pull from the shelves for my research long before I ever step foot in my library. It truly saves monumental amounts of my time. Thank you, Google!"
– Brian, Student

"Browsing through some of Mark Twain's quotations, I realized something. Someday mankind will look back at Google [Book Search] and see that it rivals printing with moveable type as a turning point in making knowledge available to all. Google makes finding and using information easy. May your contributions prosper and grow!"
– Brent, Teacher, Oak Park, IL

"I love Google Books because you get to look at the book, check out how the print looks, see if it is the right edition, and see if you'd be interested. Today I found a book on here I couldn't find anywhere in town and I was able to buy it from Amazon because of it. Thank you, Google. Keep up the good work."
– Zohair, Student, Sacramento, CA

"I've just discovered Google Books, and within minutes I've obtained almost 2,000 references to and at least 10 clear explanations of the Hurewicz theorems in homotopy, more than I expected to get from the whole afternoon, which I'd planned to devote to a search for material on this one idea. Google Books is a math grad–student's dream come true!"
– Bradley, Student, New York, NY

"I recently had to study for a linear algebra final exam. In doing so, I had to look up lots of theorems in my text book – Howard Eves' Elementary Matrix Theory. I searched for the author, and was pleasantly surprised to see the exact book in the results. All I had to do was type the theorem number or some key words to see where it was in the book! It sped me up considerably. Thanks, Google! You guys rock my sox off."
– Kirby, Student, United States

"I now routinely keep Google Books open in a window when hunting for books in my university library's online catalogue. I use the Book Search previews to look inside books to determine which ones I want to look at, or if something interesting comes up in the library catalogue, I check it out on Book Search to see how promising it is. It would be unthinkably expensive for my university library to build this capability themselves. Thanks to the Google Books project, they will never have to."
– Neil, Student, Waterloo, Canada

"Most of the books I consult for research I buy online because our school library either does not have them or they have very few copies. Google Books has allowed me to compare the quality of content before I buy, from the comfort of my PC. Thank you Google!"
– Gideon, Student, United States

"I used Google Books to write a paper for my Victorian Literature class. I was comparing Middlemarch by George Eliot and a more obscure novel, Set in Authority, by Sara Jeannette Duncan. I already owned both, but I needed a way to specifically search a term for my paper. I was able to search for the term 'drawing–room' and then reference it in my own edition of Middlemarch."
– Katie, Student, San Mateo, CA

"I am interested in a particular type of system programming and there are only a small number of books available on the subject. Thanks to Google Books, I am able to search for specific keywords and identify the books which might help me. It is awesome – it's like searching through a huge library in a matter of seconds. I can't think of how many weeks this search would take on real books in a real library. Thank you guys!"
– Bogdan, Student, Bucharest, Romania

Google Books sped up my research 10 times. I plan on using Google Books to locate books for research and interest.

– Nathan, Student, Sioux Falls, SD

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