Is the World Full Yet?

Front Cover
Graeme Robin, Feb 21, 2015 - Human ecology - 100 pages
The population of the world continues to grow with little or no public attention, or even awareness as to the affect on the future as measured in lifetimes. Like ostriches with our heads in the sand we gloss over one minor detail - our planet is finite in size. It is not elastic and can never grow any biger no matter how many people we add to it year after year. Eventually, common sense will prvail and we will be forced to introduce a parity where the number of births in the world will equal the deaths. Eventually. So why not start now? Let's give our grandkids a chance for a quality of life that we have experienced. Graeme Robin has written this book presenting readily available facts logically, free from political bias, and without embellishment or distortion. His arguments are compelling, and confronting, but he adds a little humour to lighten the load.

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