Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic: Crossing the Andes in the Northern Provinces of Peru, and Descending the River Marañon Or Amazon

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J. Murray, 1829 - Amazon River - 486 pages

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Page 247 - are not fortunate in catching Indians, the next plan is to purchase them from such petty chiefs as have taken prisoners and keep them in corals, or high uncovered enclosures to kill and eat, or to exchange for goods. Incredible as these accounts may appear in the present generally advanced
Page 435 - the assurance of my high consideration, I have the honour to be, Your Excellency's most obedient and very humble servant, (Signed) JOHN
Page 444 - from a sort of piety eat their deceased parents, smoking and roasting them in the same manner as they do the animals that they catch in the woods.
Page 347 - became evident. There was at first a rise and fall of about a foot and a half, or two feet, increasing as we passed down. The third or fourth day there was a rise and fall of four or five feet, with regular ebb and
Page 436 - In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal of office this
Page 178 - called, papagayo. Indeed I think it is scarcely possible to give a better description of the Yaguas we saw at Pebas, than by referring to the prints usually published of the Peruvians at the time of the Spanish conquest.
Page 241 - are said to vary in a similar manner, and from the same causes, as the islands. Playas are formed and disappear frequently. The country on the banks is, with a few slight deviations, one continued level, or rather an inclined plain, descending imperceptibly towards the Atlantic. But though flat it is not swampy, the banks
Page 179 - left Pebas, a large canoe, manned by Yaguas, who had been to get trees for building, returned. The helmsman, who was an elderly person, appeared to be a chief amongst them; and a fine-looking young man, who, from the resemblance, was probably the old man's son, sat aft, and did not work.
Page 462 - the Transactions of the Society instituted at London for the Encouragement of Art*, Manufacture«, and Commerce,
Page 23 - believe any person capable of describing it justly. The rain was clearing off, whilst a perfect and brilliant rainbow was extended across the river ; which, about sixty yards in breadth, rushed between mountains whose summits, on both sides, were hid in the clouds, on which the extremes of the rainbow rested.

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