Mythopedia: Mythbusting from A-Z

Front Cover
Wilkinson Publishing, 2008 - Belief and doubt - 394 pages
In 2006 Nicholas Searle worked as a writer on the science series slash cult phenomenon called Mythbusters, and he could never quite bring himself to leave. How else would he know whether yodelling could really start an avalanche? Or whether the daddy long legs really is the most deadly spider of them all? Or if a plane could take off from a conveyor belt? Or what a bull would really do in a china shop? Since the publication of pop-science hits Mythbusters Zaps, Rays and Waves and Rock the Body Nicholas has turned the Mythbusters into the Mythopedia - Mythbusting from A to Z book which renders down more than 100 of the greatest myths into their constituent elements; the experts, the science, the materials, the tools, and the weird stuff in between holding it all together. Barely a non moss-gathering stone has been left unrolled, from Absolute Zero to the Zeroth Law. Replete with links, quotes, photos, sizzling science and frown- busting humour, the Mythopedia - Mythbusting from A to Z will help you spot a transom from a stern, the centripetal from the centrifugal force and a lathe from a lawn chair.

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