Stars, Stones and Scholars: The Decipherment of the Megaliths as an Ancient Survey of the Earth by Astronomy

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Trafford Publishing, Dec 12, 2008 - History - 422 pages
The hermetic tradition claims "As above, so below". Did the ancients mean that literally? Stars, Stones and Scholars shows that many ancient megalithic sites are not tombs, but are remnants of ancient local, regional and perhaps even larger Neolithic surveys of the Earth by Stone Age astronomy, with gigantic stones being placed as immovable survey markers. Circa 40 photographs, 240 drawings and 80 maps show how megaliths were carved and "sculpted" with figures and cupmarks (holes in the stones) to represent stars and constellations, long before the modern astrological Zodiac was known. Megalithic sites from England (Stonehenge), Wales (Paviland), Scotland (Clava Cairns), Ireland (Newgrange, Knowth), Germany (Externsteine), Benelux (Weris), France (Carnac), Italy (La Spezia), Malta (Tarxien), Greece, Turkey (Anatolia), Scandinavia (Tanum), the Baltic, Russia, the Near East, the Far East (China and Japan), Africa, Central and South America (Tikal, Maya, Aztecs), Oceania (Hawaii), The USA (Cahokia, Miami Circle, Clovis) and Canada (Peterborough Petroglyphs) are included in this fascinating book.

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The hermetic tradition claims "As above, so below". Did the ancients mean that literally? Stars, Stones and Scholars shows that many ancient megalithic sites are not tombs, but are remnants of ancient ... Read full review

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Stars, Stones and Scholars is a pioneer analysis of prehistoric art, megalithic sites, astronomy, archaeology and the history of civilization. The book title is an intentional play on the title of C.W. Ceram's famous book, Gods, Graves and Scholars, which analyzed the history of archaeology from a quite limited perspective - starting with the Gods and the Graves, placing too much emphasis on the Scholars, and ignoring the study of the Stars and the workmanship of Stones which PRECEDED them. Stars, Stones and Scholars presents the decipherment of the megaliths (standing stones) as an ancient survey of the Earth by astronomy. The book presents initial proofs and discussion claiming that ancient megalithic sites are remnants of ancient local, regional and worldwide Neolithic surveys oriented to the stars. This hypothesis is not even speculative - in ancient days, no other means except astronomy were available for earthly orientation. The book's ca. 40 photographs, 240 drawings and 80 maps show how megaliths were carved and "sculpted" with figures in relief (what can still be made of them) and cupmarks (holes in the stones) to intentionally represent specific stars, constellations and asterisms, long before our modern astrological Zodiac was allegedly known. Megalithic sites from around the world are analyzed and shown to be part of ancient SYSTEMATIC survey systems covering entire regions ca. 3000 BC. The countries analyzed include, for example, England (all the major Neolithic sites including e.g. Stonehenge, Wayland's Smithy, Kents Cavern), Wales (all the major Neolithic sites including e.g. Paviland), Scotland (all the major Neolithic sites including e.g. the Clava Cairns), Ireland (all the major Neolithic sites including Newgrange, Knowth, Tara), Germany (most of the major sites including the Externsteine, Nebra, Gollenstein, Felsenmeer), Benelux (Weris), France (Carnac, Lascaux, Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc), Italy (La Spezia), all the Malta Temples (e.g. Tarxien and the Hypogeum), Scandinavia (Tanum), as well as individual sites in the Baltic, Russia, the Near East, the Far East (China - the Great Wall, and Japan - e.g. Asuka, Kanayama), Africa (e.g. the Central African Republic), Central and South America (Tikal), Oceania (Hawaii), the continental USA (Cahokia, Miami Circle) and Canada (the Peterborough Petroglyphs). Many of these sites are examined and deciphered in great detail showing a site such as the Peterborough Petroglyphs in Canada, for example, to be an ancient map of the heavens and the Ki'i Petroglyphs on the island of Hawaii to be an ancient map of the world. The intent of the author is not so much to convince the reader of the correctness of his analysis, but rather to urge the reader to look at ancient sites and stones differently than before and, for example, to examine old vacation photographs of Stonehenge or similar sites, and see the figures carved on the stones. As far as the interpretation of the megaliths is concerned, there is no question that this is the way of the future. 


History of Civilization
Megaliths and Astronomy in Ancient Scotland
Deciphered Megaliths of Scotland by Site
Deciphered Megaliths of England and Wales
Table of Contents
Deciphered Megaliths of Ireland by Site Map
The Deciphered Megaliths of Europe Africa
Germany Mecklenburg Riigen Cygnus Aquila Lyra
Lange Steine Haunetal Unterstoppel Fulda Lynx
TrabenTrarbach Moselle Rote Gottin Red Goddess Leo
Enrico Calzolari Davide Gori La Spezia Mark Cassiopeia
Table of Contents
The Deciphered Megalithic Sites of Asia
Deciphered Megalithic Sites of Mexico Central
Deciphered Megalithic Sites of North America
KEYWORD INDEX to Stars Stones and Scholars

Oldenburg Visbek Kellersteine Ophiuchus Serpens
Externsteine North Megalith 1 Taurus Pleiades Perseus
Golden Stag Braunschweig Goldene Hirsch Cepheus

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Page 8 - And on that day," says the Lord GOD, "I will make the sun go down at noon, and darken the earth in broad daylight.
Page 88 - Allen repeats as follows (p. 436): "[A]t one time in the history of the Creation an attempt was made by Visvamitra to form a southern heavenly home for the body of the dead king, the pious Somadatta; and this work was not abandoned till a southern pole and another Bear had been located in positions corresponding to the northern, this pole passing through the island Lunka, or Vadavamukha (Ceylon). The Anglo-Saxon Manual made distinct mention of this duplicate constellation 'which we can never see.'...
Page 188 - Aubrey Burl, A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995).
Page xvii - Gruber without whom the publication of this book would not have been possible FOREWORD MY FIRST meeting with the translator of this book goes back to the year 1947.
Page 88 - Before the observations of the navigators of the 15th and 16th centuries the singular belief prevailed that the southern heavens contained a constellation near the pole similar to our Bear or Wain; indeed, it is said to have been represented on an early map or globe.
Page 34 - ROBERT M. BEST. Noah's Ark and the Ziusudra Epic: Sumerian origins of the Flood Myth. 303 pages, 13 figures, 10 tables. 1999. Fort Myers (FL): Enlil; 0-9667840-1-4 hardback $38. With 'panic-stricken screams . . . grown men — after taking laxatives — had to dirty themselves
Page 133 - ... angles. The other, much larger (from Bush barrow, half-a-mile south of Stonehenge, the richest of all in gold objects), is a solid and substantial ornament, of lozenge form, 7 by 6 inches in its longest diameters, and perforated at the two angles most distant from each other. It is of fine gold, weighing 1 oz., 5 dwts., and lay immediately over the breast of the skeleton. Both these plates had no doubt been attached to the dress, and worn as breast ornaments.1 (See wood-cut.) " In addition to...
Page 8 - If you make your first attempt at horsemanship, let it be early in the morning, and not in the middle of the day, as was the case with me. My friend with whom I was staying was accustomed to take a couple of hours...
Page 228 - It would also have permitted them to calculate the length of a degree of latitude and longitude for the various geodetic locations selected by them and thus also for the whole earth by extrapolation.
Page 31 - white"] came from the coasts of the Baltic Sea; and extensively quotes from [the Venerable] Bede's account"....

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