Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies about Climate Change

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Are human industrial carbon dioxide emissions causing dangerous global warming? If it is so then climate change surely is one of the great moral challenges of our time. But is it possible that the so-called con-sensus science around anthropogenic global warming produced by lavishly funded re-search institutes and with its own international political lobby organiza-tion-the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)-is wrong? Could it be that the emperor has no clothes?Accessible, clearly written and illustrated with simple scientific illustra-tions, and accompanied by brilliantly wry and telling cartoons, Taxing Air answers - without the spin, evasions or propaganda that pollutes most of-ficial writing on climate change - every question you have about global warming but are too intimidated by the an oppressive 'consensus' to ask.Your essential guide to the science and politics of global warming. Taxing Air is an outstanding contribution to the growing literature that examines and calls to account the climate alarmism of the past two decades. Dr. Art Raiche, CSIRO Chief Research Scientist (retired) I could not put this book down... the authors have highlighted every facet of the worldwide scam that is Man-Made Warming. Professor David Bellamy, OBE

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About the author (2013)

John Spooner, LLB (Monash) practised as a lawyer for three years before he commenced drawing for the “Age” newspaper in 1974, finally leaving the Law altogether in 1977. John has presented many exhibitions and won many awards for his prints and drawings, including the following: 1982 Walkley Award. 1984 Two man exhibition, prints and drawings, with fellow artist Peter Nicholson, Powell Street Gallery , Melbourne. 1982 Spooner: Drawings Caricatures and Prints, published by Thomas Nelson. In the period 1985/1986 Spooner was the winner of five Stanely Awards, including the Black and White Artist of the Year gold Stanely Award. 1986 Co-winner Mornington Peninsula Print Aquisitive Award. 1986 Co- winner of the Fremantle Print Prize. 1989 Bodies and Souls, a book of his drawings, caricatures and prints, published by Macmillan, forward by Barry Humphries. 1994 Spooner was awarded two Walkely Awards for Best Illustration and Best Cartoon. 1996 Solo exhibition John Spooner-A Survey, Prints Drawings and Paintings 1987 - 1996 was held at the Westpac Gallery. 2000 Solo exhibition Recent Thoughts at George Adams Gallery, (Victorian Arts Centre) showing paintings, cartoons and printmaking. 2000 Solo exhibition at McClelland Gallery (Victoria): Prints, Paintings and Cartoons from the Year 2000. 2003 Received the Graham Perkin Award for Australian journalist of the year, Quill Awards. 2004 Solo Exhibition – Etchings, Cartoons & Paintings at Chrysalis Publishing Gallery and Studio, Melbourne. 2007 Solo Exhibition – New Works at Chrysalis Gallery and Studio, Melbourne. Spooner’s works are represented in the Collections of The National Gallery of Australia, National Library of Canberra, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Victorian State Library Art, Ballarat Gallery, The Melbourne Cricket Club Museum and in other public and private collections throughout Australia and internationally. His publications include the book A Spooner in the Works, published in 1999 by Text Publishing, comprising cartoons, prints and paintings.

Robert (Bob) Carter, B.Sc. Hons (Otago, NZ), Ph.D. (Cambridge, UK) is an Adjunct Research Fellow at James Cook University (Queensland). He is a marine geologist and environmental scientist with more than 40 years professional experience who has held academic staff positions at the University of Otago (Dunedin) and James Cook University (Townsville), where he was Professor and Head of School of Earth Sciences between 1981 and 1999. His career has included periods as a Commonwealth Scholar (Cambridge University), a Nuffield Fellow (Oxford University) and an Australian Research Council Special Investigator. Bob Carter’s current research on climate change, sea-level change and stratigraphy is based on field studies of Cenozoic sediments (last 65 million years) from the Southwest Pacific region and the Great Barrier Reef. Carter has served as Chair of the Earth Sciences Discipline Panel of the Australian Research Council, Chair of the Australian Marine Science and Technologies Committee, and Director of the Australian Office of the Ocean Drilling Program. Bob has acted as an expert witness on climate change before the U.S. Senate Committee of Environment & Public Works, the Australian and N.Z. parliamentary Select Committees into emissions trading, and was a primary science witness in the U.K. High Court case of Dimmock v. H.M.’s Secretary of State for Education, the 2007 judgement from which identified nine major scientific errors in Mr Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth”. Carter is author of the book, Climate: the Counter Consensus (2010, Stacey International Ltd., London).

Martin Feil (Arts-Law degree) is an economist specialising in Customs, logistics, ACCC actions, industry policy and international trade related matters, including transfer pricing. Feil got his first job in the Customs department, and then became the Industries Commission’s youngest project director at the age of 26. He was eventually responsible for 11 major industry inquiries, before striking out on his own and working as an industry-policy consultant for the next 30 years. During that time he also owned trucks, warehouses, Customs bonds-stores, and container yards, and worked for the Australian Taxation Office as one of the few Australian independent experts on transfer pricing and profit repatriation by multinationals. Feil has been chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants’ Customs committee, and the institute’s representative on the tax office’s transfer-pricing subcommittee. Feil is the author of the book, The Failure of Free-Market Economics which was, fittingly, illustrated by John Spooner.

Stewart W Franks, B.Sc. Hons, Ph.D. (Lancaster, UK) is a hydro-climatologist who is the foundation Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Tasmania, Hobart. Stewart’s research interests centre on the quantification and reduction of uncertainty in environmental modelling and hydro-climatic risk assessment, including modelling land surface – atmosphere interactions for atmospheric/climate models. He has published extensively on the role of ENSO, IOD and PDO on Australian flood, drought and bushfire risk. He is currently President of the International Commission on the Coupled Land-Atmosphere System (ICCLAS), a commission of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). The remit of the commission is to organise symposia and workshops on dealing with hydrological variability and the interactions between the land surface and the atmosphere. A special focus is directed toward building knowledge and capacity in developing countries. Stewart has edited a number of books documenting examples of historic hydro-climatic variability across the globe.

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