The Conservative Nanny State: How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer

Front Cover, 2006 - History - 113 pages
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In his new book, economist Dean Baker debunks the myth that conservatives favor the market over government intervention. In fact, conservatives rely on a range of "nanny state" policies that ensure the rich get richer while leaving most Americans worse off. It's time for the rules to change. Sound economic policy should harness the market in ways that produce desirable social outcomes - decent wages, good jobs and affordable health care. Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

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I picked up this book because of the author's claim to speak against the media's claims that the nation/state do nothing but funnel money and aide to the freeloading poor. This is my interpretation. I ... Read full review

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Excellent book that might help awaken
those indoctrinated by the Buisness roundtable and US Chamber of commerce elites 4 + decades of fascist right wing socialist propaganda. Selfish ,greedy ,pro
corporate power, Powell memorandum cheerleaders ,and rascist confederate conservative Americans who helped dismantle New Deal Keynesian economics for big corporate government. By using Uncle Miltys laissez faire "neolibralism" profits before people/share holder value derugulation of wallstreet, privatization of public government, and scam "job creator " myth trickle down economics policies they created a right wing socialist nanny state for big buisness and the megawealthy ,slavery / capitalism for the rest.  


The Government vs the Market
Doctors and Dishwashers
The Workers Are Getting Uppity
The Secret of High CEO Pay
Bill Gates Welfare Mom
Mommy Joey Owes Me Money
The Rigged Legal Deck
Small Business Babies
Taxes Its Not Your Money
Dont Make Big Business Compete Against Government Bureaucrats
Beyond the Conservative Nanny State
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