The Intentional Mentor in Medicine: A Toolkit for Mentoring Doctors

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Dianne Salvador, Jun 20, 2016 - Hospitals - 298 pages

Doctors who mentor play a significant role in the development of their junior medical colleagues. This book equips doctors with knowledge and tools for performing the role of mentor to junior medical colleagues in a constructive and productive way.

The approach to the mentor role described in this book will allow you to:

  • perform the relational and developmental work of mentoring
  • add structure to the mentoring you deliver
  • assist junior medical colleagues to develop knowledge, skills, performance, and awareness and practise of values
  • apply your mentoring knowledge and skills to diverse mentoring scenarios
  • contribute to cultural change in the field of medicine.

In this book you will discover:

  • mentoring as a partnership and a process for doctor development
  • the mentor's role in the partnership and process
  • how to recognise and respond to the developmental needs of doctors
  • principles and practices of teaching and giving feedback
  • a toolkit of ten versatile tools for the mentor role: purposeful communication, partnership, goal-directed interaction, curriculum and performance standards, brief intervention, resilience work, career guidance, confidentiality, evaluation and reflective practice of mentoring
  • how diverse stakeholders can contribute to cultivating a culture of mentoring in the field of medicine
  • theory, practical guidelines and narrative to illustrate mentoring in practice
  • worksheets, templates and examples.

Authors Dianne Salvador and Dr Joel Wight introduce a mentoring methodology that is compatible with contemporary clinical training systems, and offer an approach to the mentor's role with utility for doctors in all areas of medicine. This book makes mentor training accessible and mentoring practice achievable for all doctors.

About the author (2016)

Dianne Salvador is a workplace trainer and assessor and a psychologist within medical education. Dianne designs learning experiences for junior doctors, runs medical education events, and teaches design, delivery and evaluation of junior doctor education and well-being initiatives. In 2011 Dianne co-founded The Townsville Hospital's Doctors for Doctors mentoring program with Dr Rachel Collings, to increase interns' access to individually-relevant assistance throughout internship. Dr Joel Wight is a senior haematology registrar from Queensland and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. Joel is passionate about doctor development and has a special interest in medical culture. He has previously been a lead mentor of the Doctors for Doctors mentoring program and has been involved in physician education and educational policy development as chief medical registrar.

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