The Pixar Theory

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SlimBooks, Incorporated, Jun 4, 2015 - Fiction
"Every Pixar movie is connected. I explain how and possibly why." These are the words that began the detailed essay now known as "The Pixar Theory," which came out way back in 2013. It collected over 10 million views on Jon's blog alone, and was syndicated on Buzzfeed, Mashable, Huffpost, Entertainment Weekly, and more - generating over 100 million impressions and now translated into a dozen languages. Now, these thoughts and ideas first written by Jon Negroni have been fully realized inside this book, aptly named The Pixar Theory. In this book, you'll find an analysis of every single Pixar movie to date and how it tells a hidden story lurking behind these classic movies. You'll learn about how the toys of Toy Story secretly owe their existence to the events of The Incredibles. You'll learn about what truly happened to the civilization of cars from Cars before the events of WALL-E. And of course, you'll find out the possible truth for why "Boo" of Monsters Inc. is the most important Pixar character yet. Welcome to the Pixar Theory. Don't forget to fasten your imagination.

About the author (2015)

Jon Negroni is a copyrighter and movie blogger based out of San Francisco, California. He came up with the idea of "The Pixar Theory" in 2012 after watching a video on Since then, he's crafted an incredibly detailed essay that links all of the movies into one coherent timeline. He published this article in 2013, and it quickly became a viral hit. It's been read by millions of people all over the world and translated into over a dozen languages. He still analyzes movies and television on, where he also writes a serial novel called The Pixar Detective.

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