The Stone of Oakenfast

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In the final book of the Lay Lines Trilogy, poet and troubadour, Marie de France, journeys to lands bordering Wales with her beloved knight and betrothed, Llew, They go in answer to a call from the Otherworld but also to uncover more of Llew's father, Elfric of Bestude, murdered in the magical Poukswood. Elfric's was a history bound up as much with the secrets of the Otherworld of strange powers as with the mortal world of feudal allegiances. As they travel to the estate of Bestude, Marie and Llew are unexpectedly set upon by their 'escort' in a plot to steal Marie's ancient jewelled necklace. Inhabitants of the Otherworld of Oakenfast come to their rescue, led by the mysterious dwarf, Greenleaf. They are taken through the gate of fire into the realm of Oakenfast and are shown that the once green and magical Elfland has become a wasteland. Marie and Llew are soon to discover that the restoration of Oakenfast is in their hands and, indeed, if they do not act quickly, this magical land may be destroyed forever. In the mortal world, Marie's loyal friend, Lady Pheobe, cleverly disguised as a Flemish merchant, and Will, her reluctant young companion, are to become a vital link in th

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