Tibetan Dream Yoga: The Royal Road to Enlightenment

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Michael Katz
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 In the modern era Sigmund Freud observed that the most common dreams are typically the product of our anxieties and preoccupations. The prevalence of common dreams has spawned mechanistic type theories by contemporary scientists hypothesizing the inconsequentiality of all dreams.
In this book I have attempted to balance the slate by consolidating information as to the function and meaning of dreams, and the transcendent possibilities they represent. In contrast to the aforementioned quasi scientific theories, rich Dream Yoga traditions attribute mystical and trans-personal value to some classes of dreams. Tibetan Buddhist Dream Yoga masters, along with teachers from other traditional cultures, recognizes that, while it is true that many dreams are relatively inconsequential in regards to content, some dreams have great significance.


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Very enjoyable reading and informative as well. I appreciated the mention of the Senoi process and his even handed comments that noted the method has value even if the authorship of it is questionable. I have used that particular method in dream groups , I have led . I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys working with dreams. 

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By far the most fluid and perhaps lucid of Dr. Katz's work the words go down like warm liquid nectar on a cool Spring day. Teaching through example he highlights many of his experiences as well as those of other great dream analysts and famous Tibetan lamas. Like a Dzogchen yogi he doesn't allow you to get hung up on the dream of sleep, or the dream of life, but shows you the way to liberate them into the vast expanse of your own wisdom mind, so that like a golden eagle flying through the drolma pass, they leave no trace behind. Read it, drink it, live it!  


Table of Contents Preface
Dream Yoga and The Religious Specialist
Dream Yoga and Lucidity an Overview
The Inner Channels
Cleaning the Mirror
Transforming Dreams
Dream Yoga and the Bardos
The Mother and Child Reunion

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Michael Katz (born 1951) is a psychologist, former Yantra Yoga instructor, author, artist and long time student of contemporary masters of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. He is best known as having authored the introduction and edited the popular book Dream yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Snow Lion Publications. ISBN 1-55939-007-7 [1] Additionally he is the author of the book Tibetan Dream Yoga- The Royal Road to Enlightenment and he maintains an archive of lucid dreams

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