Travels in Germany and Russia: including a steam voyage by the Danube and the Euxine from Vienna to Constantinople, in 1838-39

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Page 207 - To watch the progress of those rolling seas Between the Bosphorus, as they lash and lave Europe and Asia, you being quite at ease ; There's not a sea the passenger e'er pukes in Turns up more dangerous breakers than the Euxine.
Page 244 - Let them be called Janizaries, (Yengi cheri, or new soldiers;) may their countenance be ever bright! their hand victorious! their sword keen! may their spear always hang over the heads of their enemies! and wheresoever they go, may they return with a white face!
Page 389 - Poor fellow ! For some reason, surely bad, They had slain him with five slugs and left him there To perish on the pavement; so I had Him borne into the house and up the stair And stripped and looked to.
Page 87 - Divine in hookas, glorious in a pipe. When tipp'd with amber, mellow, rich, and ripe ; Like other charmers, wooing the caress More dazzlingly when daring in full dress ; Yet thy true lovers more admire by far Thy naked beauties — give me a cigar ! XX.
Page 353 - ... nor serf labour. Would Russia, we may ask, reciprocate, and take in exchange English manufactures ? We may safely predict that she would not do so; because necessity would oblige us to have recourse to her. Whether our cottons were taken or not, we must have bread, and, in the event of our not producing corn for ourselves, should go to the country where it might be had cheapest. We now take nearly all Russia's hemp and tallow, and, for a like reason, our want of another market, she laughs at...
Page 202 - But let me put an end unto my theme: There was an end of Ismail — hapless town! Far flashed her burning towers o'er Danube's stream, And redly ran his blushing waters down. The horrid war-whoop and the shriller scream Rose still; but fainter were the thunders grown: Of forty thousand who had manned the wall Some hundreds breathed — the rest were silent all!
Page 351 - London from 50 to 60 roubles the tchetwert in the beginning of 1839, when the duty was nominal, had been sold a few months earlier in Poland at seven or eight roubles the tchetwert. The parties most interested — the producers and the consumers — gained no advantage from this state of things. High prices in London did not enrich the Poles: low prices in Poland failed to benefit the English. The...
Page 351 - England, or, if he did, was unable to profit by it : vice versa for the Londoner. The profits of the transaction went amongst jobbers, merchants, shipowners, and brokers. But if the trade in corn were rendered constant and regular, the producer and consumer would soon come to an understanding of their respective interests, and corn be probably delivered in London from the Euxine .ports at about one-third, or twofifths, of the price which is now obtained on a sudden demand. Many direct causes would...
Page 317 - Governiamo l'immaginativa, e staremo bene quasi dappertutto. Un giorno presto passato, e quando la sera uno si mette a letto senza fame e senza acuti dolori, che importa se quel letto piuttosto fra mura che si chiamino prigione, o fra mura che si chiamino casa o palazzo'?
Page 262 - ... increased anarchy and diminished Mussulman resources and population ; time for Mehemet Ali's organization to disappear, on which Europe might now raise an effectual barrier against her. Russia dreads precipitation: every thing at Constantinople is tending to the accomplishment of her views ; she wishes to retard, rather than to accelerate, the march of events. Europe courteously acquiesces. Russia's only desire is to be the nurse to Turkey's deathbed ; to watch events, with the power to guide...

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