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A Selected List on Industrial Arts and Engineering

Added to The New York Public Library

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Titles marked with a star (*) are not for circulation, but may be consulted in the Science and Tech. nology Division, Central Building, Fifth Avenue and Forty-second Street, daily from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. Sundays, 1 p. m. to 10 p. m.

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Allcut, E. A., and CHARLES J. KING. Engi- Auden, Harold A. Starch and starch neering inspection. London: George Rout- products. London and New York: Sir ledge & Sons, Ltd., 1922. xv, 186 p. illus. Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1922. xiii, 121 8o. 15s.

VEG (121) p. illus. 12°. $1.00. (Common commodiMechanical engineering operations only. Advice as ties and industries.)

VOD (119) to receipt and storage of materials and how to make

Different sources of starch and manufacturing material tests; the inspection of raw, partly finished,

processes stated simply, with interesting historical and finished materials; gauges and measuring instru

background. ments; machine shop, inspection; final tests; repairs, rectification and obsolete parts; and the qualifications

"The writer has... refused to confine himself either of the chief inspector. Although written from the to the chemistry, or the technology of the subject, but British standpoint there is much of value to Americans. has made many references to botanical, entomological,

and other fields, such as folklore, considering that Reviewed in Mechanical world, Nov. 17, 1922; Power, Feb. 13, 1923; Power plant engineering, March

they have equal claims upon the interest of the general

reader.” - - Preface. 1, 1923.

Ballantine, Stuart. Radio telephony for Allen, Arthur H. Electricity in agricul- amateurs. Philadelphia: David McKay ture. The arable, pasture, dairy, Company, 1922. 296 p. illus. 8°. $1.50. and poultry farming; horticulture; pump

TTF (121) ing and irrigation; electroculture; and gen

More carefully prepared than the usual book of this eral mechanical and domestic service... type. Endeavors to present a maximum amount of London and New York: Sir Isaac Pitman practical information; to furnish an elementary theo.

retical web; and "to deal with hard facts rather than & Sons, Ltd., 1922. x, 117 p. illus. 12o.

with soft fancies." Author was formerly expert radio (Pitman's technical primers. no. 58.) 854. aid, U. S. Navy.

VGS (121)

Batson, R. G., and J. H. HYDE. MechaniReviewed in Electrician, Jan. 26, 1923.

cal testing. v.2: Testing of prime movers, Allen, Edith. Mechanical devices in the

machines, structures and engineering aphome. Peoria, 111.: Manual Arts Press, paratus. London: Chapman & Hall, Ltd., 1922. 251 p. illus. 8°. $1.75. VSB

1922. xi, 446 p. illus. 8°. £1, 5s.

VEE (121) Profusely illustrated guide to the selection and installation of devices for heating, cooking, lighting, Chapters 1-8, dynamometer testing. Chapters on cleaning, refrigeration, and laundering, with elemen- gears; springs; lubricants; bearings; concrete slabs; tary outline of electric, acetylene, and gas plants (in. concrete and reinforced concrete beams; columns and cluding engines). Chapters on dumb-waiters, sewing struts; cutting tools; vibrations; the application and machines, lawn mowers, incubators, ļype-writers, and measurement of hydraulic pressure; aircraft models. measuring devices. For school and home use.

Clearly and copiously illustrated. For notice of v. 1,

see New technical books, v. 7, no. 3, p. 33. *American Institute of Medicine. Bibliog- Reviewed in Mechanical world, Jan. 12, 1923. raphy of radium, its uses and results from its discovery up to January, 1922. New

Bishop, Carlton Thomas. Structural York: Compiled for the United States

drafting and the design of details. New Radium Corporation, 1922. 132 p. 8o.

York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1922. xiii, $2.50. WDK 352 p. 2. ed. rev. illus. obl. 8°. $5.00.

VFE (121) Radium: Abstracts of selected

Revision covers mainly the changes in the standards articles on radium and radium therapy. of the Association of American Steel Manufacturers, New York: Compiled for the United States

and of the Bethlehem Steel Company, and the specifi:

cations of the American Railway Engineering Associa. Radium Corporation, 1922. 164 p. 8°. $2.50. tion.

WDK “The a credit to both author and publisher Chiefly medical references. The first list is classi

and will doubtless long continue to be the leading fied in 15 sections with chronological arrangement

authority on the subject." — Engineering news-record, under each.

Jan. 18, 1923. Attwood, Edward L. Theoretical naval

Black, William H. Structural steelwork, architecture. London and New York: a practical treatise on the basic principles, Longmans, Green & Co., 1922. ix, 512 p. methods, and data of structural design by illus. 8°. $4.20.

VXH (121) calculation and graphic statics, illustrated Revision of work of nearly similar title which has

by the design of a complete steel-framed passed through several editions since 1899. Principles building. London: Sir Isaac Pitman & and calculations, with a large number of problems, but Sons, Ltd., 1922. x, 102 p. illus. 12°. 854. does not consider “laying off” or practical construction, Chapters on screw and wind propulsion, rolling, turn

VEH (121) ing, and launching.

Reviewed in Public works, London, Jan., 1923.

Bland, M. C. Handbook of steel erection. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1923. ix, 241 p. illus. 12o. $2.50. VEH (121)

Details various items and calculations for a well equipped outfit, such as locomotive cranes, derricks, travelers, etc. Computations for several representative problems in building and bridge erection. Mathematical tables.

Bliss, Louis Denton. Theoretical and practical electrical engineering, comprising a course of lectures given at the Bliss Electrical School upon the principles and applications of both direct and alternating current apparatus. Washington: Bliss Electrical School, 1922. 2 v. 2. ed. 8°. $8.00.

VGC (121) Devoid of heavy mathematics, provided with 1287 unusually clear illustrations, 1384 searching questions, and a simple text, the reader has a comparatively easy road to an understanding of complex electrical machinery. Chapters on telephony, telegraphy, lighting, and a survey of actual and projected hydro-electric and steam turbine stations.

Reviewed in Electrical world, Feb. 10, 1923.

Brock, A. St. H. Pyrotechnics: the history and art of firework making... London: Daniel O'Connor, 1922. xv, 197 p. illus. 4°. £1, 5s.

VOG (119) "My object has not been to write a text-book on firework-making, but rather to trace the art from earliest times, and to give a description of the development and process of manufacture.'

Attractively illustrated. Bibliography, p. 182-185. *Chalkley, A. P. Diesel engines for land and marine work... New York: D. Van Nostrand Co., 1922. xvii, 330 p. illus. 5. ed. 8°. $6.00.

VFM (121) Theoretical portion' unaltered, but includes practice introduced since last edition (1915).

“The engines described are strictly European, and the American reader will regret that Mr. Chalkley has seen fit to ignore the progress in the United States... The volume is well written and finely illustrated with drawings of modern engines. No engineer should fail to include (it) in his five-foot bookshelf." Power, Jan. 9, 1923.

Christman, John M. Shop mathematics. New York: The Macmillan Co., 1922. x, 321, lxviii p. illus. 8°. $2.60. VFC (121)

Former supervisor of mathematics in the Ford Motor Apprentice School connects shop practice and mathe. matics with simple text, 485_unusually good illustrations, and many problems. Trigonometrical formulas reduced to a minimum by the similar figures method.

Clarke, A. Flavouring materials, natural and synthetic. London: Henry Frowde & Hodder and Stoughton, 1922. xxi, 166 p. illus. 12°. 8s. 6d.

VON (119) Comprehensive reference covering briefly the char. acteristics of spices; condiments; essential oils; floral, fruit and compounded flavors; odorous chemical prod. ucts. Chapter on adulterants used in spices and condi. ments,

*Clay products cyclopedia, containing important information for every executive from president to foreman of every branch of the clay products industry including both pottery and heavy clay products. Chicago: Industrial Publications, Inc., 1922. 200 p. illus. 4°. $3.00.

+ VNE Definitions cover plant and products, with names of equipment manufacturers. Facts concerning clay products associations; statistics; instructions for locat

ing a factory; testing clays and clay land; prospecting; fuel purchasing; installation of machinery; and tests for standard wares.

Clayton, William. The theory of emulsions and emulsification... Foreword by Prof. F. G. Donnan. London: J. and A. Churchill, 1923. vi, 160 p. illus. 8°._9s. 6d.

PLD (119) Has bibliography, 1865 - date.

“The title...does less than justice to its contents, inasmuch as the two concluding chapters on 'Emulsification' and 'De-emulsification contain a great deal of technical information on large-scale apparatus and pro. cedure which has not been readily accessible so far. The large number of industrial processes in which the separation of emulsions forms an important and diffi. cult problem may come as a surprise to many readers.”

Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Feb. 16, 1923.

Also reviewed in Journal of the Franklin Institute, March, 1923; Chemical news, London, Dec. 29, 1922.

Cooke, J. Herbert. The velvet and corduroy industry; a brief account of the various processes connected with the manufacture of cotton pile goods. London and New York: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1922. ix, 116 p. illus. 12°. $1.00.

VLLE (121) Includes historical introduction and an account of outlets, markets, and tariffs.

Crabtree, J. H. The cotton industry from raw cotton to woven cloth. London: Crosby Lockwood & Son, 1922. 126 p. illus. 8°. 6s.

VLLE (121) Brief and untechnical, with numerous halftone illus. trations. Much of historical interest.

Croft, Terrell. Steam-turbine principles and practice. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1923. xi, 347 p. illus. 8°. $3.00.

VFK (121) Essentials of successful and economical operation and of knowledge necessary to enable one to make a wise choice of a turbine. Minimum of theory and no mathematics beyond arithmetic. 282 illustrations that really illustrate. Questions, problems and answers.

*Dole, Nathan Haskell. America in Spitsbergen; the romance of an Arctic coalmine, with an introduction relating the history and describing the land and the flora and fauna of Spitsbergen. Boston: Marshall Jones Company, 1922. 2 v. 8°. $25.00.

VHW (117) Mainly a record of fourteen adventurous years during which a coal mine, with modern equipment, was established within 800 miles of the North Pole.

Reviewed in Engineering and mining journal-press, Feb. 17, 1923.

Dover, A. T. Industri motor control. Direct current, dealing with the principles involved in the starting and speed control of D. C. motors for industrial services, and with the applications of these principles to control apparatus. London and New York: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 1922. xii, 116 p. illus.

12o. 85€. (Pitman's technical primers. no. 48.)

VGI (121) To illustrate fundamental principles the author describes one example of each type. Chapter on grad. ing of starting rheostats for both shunt and series

55 illustrations. Author is head of the elec. trical department, Battersea Polytechnic, London.

Reviewed in Nature, Dec. 16, 1922.


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