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contractors, engineers, and appraisers. Denver: The author, 1923. v. p. tables. 12°. $10.00.

VEC (121) Tables for labor and materials covering many kinds of construction.

Thomson, Sir Joseph John. The electron in chemistry, being five lectures delivered at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Franklin Institute, 1923. 144 p. diagrs. 8°. $1.75.

PAW (117) "The text is freely interspersed with mathematical symbols, but there is little that cannot be compre: hended by those who have a knowledge of algebra and elementary physics. Chemists owe to Sir Joseph Thomson grateful thanks for a work which illumi. nates many of the dark corners of their science with the glow of 'his rich knowledge and experience." Nature, Dec. 8, 1923.

Todd, David. Astronomy, the science of the heavenly bodies. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1922. 384 p. 8°. $3.00. OMR

Popular” account of the pioneers and their work, the development of instruments, and the functions of a modern observatory, followed by considerations of the heavenly bodies and of cosmogony. Good illustrations. Author is Director Emeritus of the Amherst College Observatory.

Tressler, Donald K. Marine products of commerce, their acquisition, handling, biological aspects and the science and technology of their preparation and preservation. New York: Chemical Catalog Co., 1923. 762 p. illus. 8°. $9.00. VRC

“For both the scientific and the practical man. It attempts to give the chemist and biologist a general survey of the fishery industries, pointing out their relative importance, indicating their location, and describing the methods in common use." — - Preface.

Besides describing the fishery and canning indus. tries, there are chapters on salt, iodine and potash, the agar-agar industry, pearls, mother-of-pearl, corals, fish-glue and isin-glass, and sponges. Much of interest for the general reader.

Urquhart, Leonard C., and C. E. O'ROURKE. Design of concrete structures. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1923. ix, 452 P. illus. 8°, $4.00.

VEO (121) Based

upon the authors' teaching experience at Cornell University, covering theory and practice of concrete and reinforced concrete. Has complete designs of the essential features of the more common structures. Although the book is of university grade the mathematics are not formidable.

*Warnes, Arthur R. Coal tar distillation and working up of tar products. ed., rewritten and very greatly enlarged. London: Ernest Benn, Ltd., 1923. xv, 511 p. illus. 4°. £2. 5s.

VOF (119) Second edition was published in 1917 as an octavo with 302 pages. New edition (quarto, 511 pages) has new chapters on the geology of coal, the constitu. tion of coal, the lay-out of works, with revision and expansion of other chapters. Bibliographies have been placed at the chapter endings. The illustrations, including several folded plates, are carefully done, and the "make-up" is attractive.

Reviewed in Engineering, Jan. 25, 1924. *Warren, J. G. H. A century of locomotive building by Robert Stephenson & Co.,

1823–1923. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Andrew Reid & Co., 1923. vii, 461 p. illus. 4o. 28s.

TPE (121) “Mr. Warren has handled his subject well. He has not indulged in controversy with the object of belittling the genius of other pioneers, and has waived claims for the Stephensons made by over-enthusiastic protagonists in the past. As to the early years he has confined himself to the work, sometimes original, sometimes development merely, accomplished by two master hands and minds, and the story is a very interesting one.' Engineering, Nov. 16, 1923.

Also reviewed in Engineering news-record, Feb. 21, 1924.

*Watson, W. General physics. 2. ed. rev. by Herbert Moss. London and New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1923. xiii, 564 p. illus. 8°. $3.00. PAF (117)

First edition in 1914. College text designed especially for engineering and medical students who will have to apply, physical principles to subsequent studies. New edition takes

of important recent work, and physical constants have been brought down to date. Author, a British officer, died in 1919 as a result of injuries received during the war.

Winterbourne, E. M. Phonograph construction. Milwaukee: Bruce Publishing Co. (1923., 76 p. illus. 8o. $1.35. PFG (117)

Detailed information for cabinet work with work. ing drawings and photographs of several period styles. Does not tell how to build the mechanical equipment as this may readily be purchased. Attractively illustrated.

Woodhouse, Thomas. Jacquards and harnesses, card cutting, lacing and repeating mechanism. London and New York: The Macmillan Co., 1923. xxii, 429 p. illus. 8°. 25s.

Copiously illustrated and detailed descriptions of special Jacquard parts involving the preparation of cards. Author is head of the weaving and designing department of the Dundee, Scotland, Technical College.

Woodruff, L. L., editor. The development of the sciences... New Haven: Yale University Press, 1923. 327 p. ports. 8°. $3.50.

OAC (117) Six chapters suitable for the general reader by members of the Yale scientific faculty. Numerous portraits.

Mathematics, E. W. Brown; Physics, H, A. Bum. stead; Chemistry, John Johnston; Astronomy, Frank Schlesinger; Geology, H. E. Gregory; Biology, L. L. Woodruff.

Worsnop, B. L., and H. T. FLINT. Advanced practical physics for students. London: Methuen & Co., Ltd. (1923., vii, 640 p. illus. 8°. 21s.

PAM (117) Experimental, with sufficient theory to renderim. mediate reference to other sources unnecessary. Has an introductory chapter on the calculus. Authors are lecturers in Kings College, London.

Reviewed in Nature, Sept. 29, 1923; Transactions of the Optical Society, 1922-23, v. 24, no. 4.

Ziegler, Victor. Oil well drilling methods. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1923. xii, 257 p. illus. 12o. $3.00. VHY (117)

Geology was discussed in the first volume of this series (Popular oil geology, 2. ed., 1920). The present work aims to present simply and concisely the essen. tial features of production apparatus and methods, with chapters on water, exclusion, cementation, shooting: "bringing in," and the keeping of the log. Has a list of books “especially useful to the average oil


180 illustrations.



Numbers refer to pages

Aeronautics: Blake, 4.
Appraising: Arthur, 3.
Arsenical Compounds: Raiziss, 12.
Astronomy: McCabe, 10; Nordmann, 11;

Todd, 14.
Atoms: Campbell, 5; Graetz, 8; Kramers,

10; Lewis, 10; Thomson, 14.
Automobiles: Conradi, 6; La Schum, 10.
Building: Audel's, 3.
Carpentry: Audel's, 3.
Carpets and Rugs: Kenyon, 9.
Car Lighting: Stuart, 13.
Chemistry: Bloxam, 4; Chemical, 5; Emery,

7; Mellor, 11; Scott, 13; Thomson, 14.
Climate: Brooks, 5.
Coke: Nichol, 11.
Coal Tar: Warnes, 14.
Concrete: Badder, 3; Urquhart, 14.
Costs: Tamblyn, 13.
Cotton Mills: Taggart, 13.
Crookes, Sir Wm. (Biography): D’Albe, 6.
Curie, Pierre (Biography): Curie, 6.
Dictionaries: Palmer, 12.
Directories: Morley, 11.
Drying: Kuenstliche, 10.
Electric Currents: Clayton, 5; Hague, 8;

Larner, 10.
Electric Motors: Painton, 11.
Electrical Construction: Perry, 12.
Electrical Directory: Electrician, 7.
Electrical Measurements: Bolton, 4.
Electricity: Burling, 5; Starling, 13.
Electro - Metallurgy: Clausel de Cous-

sergues, 5.
Electrons: Thomson, 14.
Electroplating: Bedell, 4; Hughes, 9.
Engineering Handbook: Kent, 9.
Engines (Balancing): Cormac, 6.
Engines (Gas and Oil): Daw, 6; Huebot-

ter, 9; Morrison, 11.
Foundry Work: Parsons, 12.
Geology: Mathews, 11; Rastall, 12.
Graining: Kelly, 9.
Iron and Steel: Clausel de Coussergues, 5;

Harbord, 8; Stoughton, 13.
Jacquard Loom: Woodhouse, 14.
Laboratories: Pile, 12.
Lacquer Work: Koizumi, 10.
Lead: Smythe, 13.
Leatherwork: Davidson, 6.
Locomotives: Warren, 14.
Logging: Bryant, 5.
Lumber: Brown, 5.
Magnetism: Campbell, 5.
Materials: Allcut, 3.

Marbling: Kelly, 9.
Marine Products: Tressler, 14.
Mathematics: Bridgman, 4; Silberstein, 13;

Slade, 13.
Mechanical Appliances: Hiscox, 8.
Mechanics: Norris, 11.
Meteorology: Humphreys, 9; Mitchell, 11.
Moving Pictures: Bennett, 4.
Natural Gas: Lichty, 10.
Nitrates: Cottrell, 6.
Nitric Acid: Cottrell, 6.
Oceanography: Herdman, 8.
Painting: Kelly, 9.
Paints: Bearn, 4.
Paper: Andes, 3.
Perspective: Gordon, 8.
Petroleum: Gander, 7; Macfarlane, 10; Red-

wood, 12; Spielmann, 13; Ziegler, 14.
Phonograph: Winterbourne, 14.
Photography: Conrady, 6.
Physics: Haas, 8; Prescott, 12; Robson, 12;

Watson, 14; Worsnop, 14.
Plaster: Fritsch, 7.
Plan Reading: Dingman, 7.
Poulsen Arc Generator: Elwell, 7.
Power Stations: Rushmore, 13.
Proteins: Osborne, 11.
Quantity Surveying: Dingman, 7.
Radio: Anderson, 3; Fleming, 7; Gibson,

7; Marchant, 10; Mitchell, 11.
Radioactivity: Fajans, 7.
Railroads: Gairns, 7.
Relativity: Nunn, 11.
Rubber: Bary, 4; Bedford, 4; Jacobs, 9;

Luff, 10.
Sanitation: Adams, 3.
Science (History): Gunter, 8; Hammond,

8; Hart, 8; Woodruff, 14.
Smoke Prevention: Clinch, 5.
Springs: Sanders, 13.
Steam Boilers: Paul, 12.
Steam Engine: Jamieson, 9.
Storage Batteries: Jansky, 9.
Stresses: Hool, 8.
Surveying: Breed, 4; Clark, 5; Gordon, 8.
Testing: Dalby, 6.
Tidal Power: Davey, 6.
Time Signals: Mitchell, 11.
Toys: Baxter, 4; Broquelet, 5.
Transportation: Conradi, 6; Grupp, 8.
Varnishes: Bearn, 4.
Warehousing: American, 3.
Wood: Record, 12.
Wood Pulp: Kellogg, 9.
Woodworking Machinery: Rohr, 12.


Vol. 9

No. 2

New Technical Books


A Selected List on Industrial Arts and Engineering

Added to The New York Public Library

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