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Vol. 10

No. 1

New Technical Books

A Selected List on Industrial Arts and Engineering

Added to The New York Public Library

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Titles marked with a star (*) are not for circulation, but may be consulted in the Science and Technology Division, Central Building, Fifth Avenue and Forty-second Street, daily from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. Sundays, I p. m. to 10 p. m.

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*Annett, Frederick A. Lecciones de elec- Blanchard, Harold F. My Ford, its care trotecnia y maquinaria eléctrica con espe- and repair. New York: U. P. C. Book Co., çial referencia á su instalación, manejo y Inc., 1925. viii, 293 p. illus. 8o. $3.00. conservación... Versión castellana por L.

TON (121) Omar Portales. New York: The L. O. Easily understandable step-by-step instructions for Portales Co., 220 West 42d St., 1924. xiv,

finding and curing trouble, and for overhauling.

Chapters on washing, painting, garages, the Fordson 466 p. illus. 8°. $2.00.

VGI (121) tractor, and driving. 123 illustrations. Elementary and practical. A translation of the author's Electrical machinery, McGraw-Hill Book Co.,

* Bluecher, Hans. Plastische Massen. Die 1921.

Erzeugen, Verarbeitung und Verwendung

von Kunstoffen. Leipzig: S. Hirzel, 1924. Anthony, Irvin. Down to the sea in ships.

xii, 291 p. illus. 8°.

VOF (119) Philadelphia: Penn Publishing Co., 1924.

Descriptions of commonly-used apparatus followed 358 p. illus. 8°. $4.00. VXH (121) by more or less brief references to the preparation of Attractively illustrated record of what ships have

a large number of plastic substances. Foot-note ref. done rather than a history of shipbuilding. Includes

erences and a bibliography. chapters on American sea-fishing; whaling; American

Borgman, Joseph, and Oskar KRAHNER. poris; clipper ships; and steam navigation.

Die Lederfabrikation, praktisches Hand*Babbitt, Harold E. Sewerage and sew

buch für die gesamte Lederindustrie. Berage treatment. New York: John Wiley &

lin: M. Krayn, 1923. parts 1-3. 2. rev. ed. Sons, Inc., 1925. xv, 516 p. 2. ed., rev.


VMK (121) illus. 8°. $5.00.

VDI (121)

Part 1: Die Unterlederfabrikation; Part 2: Die

Oberlederfabrikation; Part 3: Die Feinlederfabrika. For notice of first ed., see New technical books, tion. v. 7, no. 2, 1922, p. 17. 'Additions relate principally

Practical work on tanning, dyeing and finishing. to sewage treatment. Author is professor of the sub

Part 4: "Die Chromgerbung,” and Part 5, “Die Min. ject at the University of Illinois.

eralgerbung in ihrem ganzen Umfange" are stated to Reviewed in Engineering world, April, 1925.

be in preparation. Baldwin Locomotive Works. History of

*Bouasse, H. Capillarité, phénomènes the Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1831–1923.

superficiels. Paris: Delagrave, 1924. xxi, (Philadelphia, 1924., 210 p. illus. 8°.

437 p. illus. 8°. 30 fr.

PAV (117) TPE (121) Clear exposition, with considerable trigonometry but

with little calculus. Treats of the tension of supple Deals with the original stationary engine constructed

membranes, properties of liquid films, vibration of prior to 1830; early improvements in the locomotive;

spheres, soap bubbles, ascension and depression in introduction of the link motion, and the use of coal as

tubes, problems of equilibrium, drops, spheroidal state, fuel; development during the years 1880-1900; intro.

effects of temperature, effects of impurities, solid duction of the modern, high-power locomotive and the

membranes, adsorption, and emulsions. 232 illustra. consequent enlargement of the Baldwin plant. Also

tions, Author is professor in the University of Tou. good illustrations of the various types of locomotives

louse. built for foreign countries.

Houle, rides, seiches et marées. * Berliner, Arnold, and KARL SCHEEL, edi- Paris: Delagrave, 1924. xxii, 516 p. illus. tors. Physikalisches Handwörterbuch. 8°. 34 fr.

PCD (117) Berlin: Julius Springer, 1924. vi, 903 p. Mathematical treatment of ocean swells, waves, illus. 4°.

PAC (117) peculiar periodical changes in lake levels, sand and

water ripples, and tides. Analyses of geometrical 59 German specialists contribute to this up-to-date

figures formed on vibrating plates. Author prefers work of more than 900 double-columned pages. Expla.

the actual results of laboratory experiments to the nations are given with considerable detail and num.

theories of classical hydrodynamics. erous illustrations, for example, 9 pages are devoted to the relativity theory. An excellent library refer- Briggs, Howard L., and William CARVER.

Practical bricklaying, a handbook of inBlanchard, Harold F. My automobile, its

struction and manual for the journeyman... operation, care and repair. New York: U. revised and enlarged by William Carver. P. C. Book Co., 1924. ix, 394 p. illus. 8°.

New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., $3.50. TON (121) 1924. ix, 223 p. illus. 12o. $1.75.

VEO (121) Clearly illustrated, plainly written, and thorough instruction for those with little no mechanical History of brickmaking and bricklaying; tells how ability, but who would locate and cure troubles; also to establish a school for apprentices; describes mate. for those mechanically inclined who wish to learn in rials, tools, and methods of laying; includes quizzes, detail how a car works. Chapters on: how much to outlines of trade problems, and 172 illustrations. pay for a car; selecting a car; buy a used car;

Author is Director of Vocational Education, Cleveland reconditioning; selling the car; driving; safety; tour. Public Schools. ing; garages. Author is technical editor of Motor. Reviewed in Concrete, Dec., 1924.



Burn, Louis. Workshop gauges and measuring appliances, an introductory treatise on the principal measurements required and the instruments used in workshop practice for apprentices and students. London and New York: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1924. ix, 154 p. illus. 12°. $1.50.

VFV (121) Contents: Standard units of measurement. Simple

Indirect measurement. Micrometers. Marking off. Selection and care of instruments. Limits and fits. Bibliography.

Reviewed in Ironmonger, March 28, 1925.

laboratory furniture and appliances, etc.... Compiled and edited by Arthur W. Wright. New York: New York Commercial, 1925. 314 p. 8°. $3.00. VO (119)

Dictionary giving, common and scientific names, symbols, and chief characteristics of a large number of chemicals and raw materials, with principal manufacturers.


Cotton, H. Electrical technology, a textbook covering the syllabus of the B.Sc. engineering, A. M. I. E. E., and the national certificate examinations in this subject. London and New York: Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd., 1924. xv, 376 p. illus. 8°. $3.75.

VGC (121) Of university grade. Principles of D. C. and A. C. machines set forth with good diagrams. Chap.

on illumination, electrolysis, electric furnaces, and electrical measuring instruments. Worked out examples and problems to be solved (with answers). Author is Lecturer in Electrical Engineering in Uni. versity College, Nottingham, England.

600 p.

*Burrell, George A. The recovery of gasoline from natural gas, with a discussion of motor fuels. New York: Chemical Catalog Co., Inc., 1925.

illus. 8o. $7.00.

VHY (117) History, statistics, and technology of the industry set forth with considerable detail. Chapters on the testing of gasoline, depletion of properties, other motor fuels than gasoline.

Reviewed in Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry, March, 1925; Oil news, Feb. 21, 1925; Oil and gas journal, Feb. 26, 1925.


Croft, Terrell. Circuit troubles and testing. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1924. x, 224 p. illus. 8°. $2.50.

VGM (121) Adapted to the needs of the men who actually do the work, covering aerial pole lines, underground cables, and interior wiring. As is usual in Mr. Croft's works, the numerous illustrations are especially in. formative.

* Butler, Herbert J. Motor bodywork. The design and construction of private, commercial and passenger types.

Foreword by Sir Herbert Austin. London: W. R. Howell & Co., 1924. xxiii, 492 p. illus. 4°. £2. 12s. 6d.

TON (121) The production side is covered by chapters on draw. ing-office practice, wood-working and metal-working machinery and processes, and trimming and upholster. ing. Fifty folding, plates of working drawings, in blue-print style, and over 200 photographs and detail drawings.

"The first half... deals with the design and construction of all types of modern private motor bodies, the other part being devoted to a similar treatment of commercial and passenger bodywork. The characteristic features of each variety of body are discussed in detail, due attention being given to economical production, the many ways in which the design may be modi. fied, the limitations of the chassis and the require. ments of the user. There are separate chapters on.. cape hoods, wind screens and folding seats, covering

wide range of the most up-to-date fittings." Preface.

Reviewed in Engineer, London, Nov. 14, 1924.

Crowther, James Arnold. Ions, electrons, and ionizing radiations. London and New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1924. xii, 328 p. 4. ed. illus. 8o. $4.00. PLE (117)

For notice of the 1st edition see New technical books, v. 5, no. 2, April-June, 1920. 4th edition shows rewriting and enlargement of the chapters on X-rays and on the electron theory of matter, and extensive additions, including new diagrams, to most of the other chapters. Emphasis has been laid on the experimental basis of the quantum theory. The mathe. matics, on the whole, are simple.


* Davis, A. C. A hundred years of portland cement, 1824–1924. Issued in 1924 on the occasion of the centenary of the invention of portland cement. London: Concrete Publications, Ltd. (1924., xxii, 282 p. illus. 4o. 21s.

VEO (121) Early investigations and experiments; the initial industry, 1824-1849; development of manufacture, 1849-1874; manufacture in 1878; methods of manu. facture, 1874–1899; the rotary kiln; standard specifications; quality and testing; comparison of products of various countries; research; portland cement in the twentieth century, and an appendix on some early specifications.

Reviewed in Concrete, Nov., 1924; Engineer, Lon. don, Nov. 21, 1924; Engineering news-record, Nov. 20, 1924; Engineering, Jan. 2, 1925.

8° :

Cady, Francis E., and H. B. DATES, editors. Illuminating engineering; prepared by a staff of specialists for students and engineers. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1925. xii, 486 p. illus. $5.00.

VOK (119) Based on lectures by experts at the Case School of Applied Science. Deals with the principles underlying the production of light and its applications, rather than the details of the applications themselves. Physics of light production; light sources; photometry; physiological optics, fundamental principles of illumination; light, shade and color; daylight; residence lighting; lighting of public buildings; commercial lighting; industrial lighting; sign and display lighting; light projection.

Reviewed in Engineering world, April, 1925. *A Chemical reference and industrial directory of sources of production, distribution and supply of the most used chemicals and industrial raw products, including apparatus, machinery, materials, analytical

Del Mar, William A. Electric cables, their design, manufacture and use. A series of lectures delivered in the Moore School of Electrical Engineering of the University of Pennsylvania, 1923–1924. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1924. vii, 208 p. illus. 8°. $2.50.

VGM (121) Avoids theory and mathematical arguments and has an annotated bibliography. Author is Chief Engineer of the Habirshaw Electrical Cable Company.

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