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As stated in REMARKS above, it is possible that when females of this species are found in the Sudan they will be similar to those described and illustrated herein except that the scutum will be considerably more elongate and narrowly pointed posteriorly.

Note: Zumpt (1950A) attributes the name R. distinctus to "Bedford, Fmg. S. Afr., no.11, 1935, p.6," an error repeated by Santos Dias (1953C). The name R. distinctus was proposed on page 523 of Bedford's (1932B) checklist.

Figures 265 and 266, d, dorsal and ventral views Figures 267 and 268, Q, dorsal and ventral views




(Figures 265 to 268)

THE RED TICK L N Q & EQUATORIA PROVINCE RECORDS 10 16 Kapoeta Elephantulus rufescens hoogstraali Apr (numerous) l 1 Lokila Čurebia ourebi aequatoria Feb l 4. TOrit Ourebia ourebi aequatoria Dec (3)

2 2 Torit Hippotragus equinus bakeri Jan

l Terakeka Taurotragus oryx pattersonianus Jan (SGC)

2 13 Torit Alcelaphus buselaphus roosevelti Dec (2)

l l Kapoeta domestic goats Jul 6 6 Kapoeta domestic goats Dec 30 38 Labalwa domestic goats Dec l 9 30 Sunat domestic goats Dec 2l 15 Torit domestic goats Dec l 2 25 Torit domestic goats Nov 53 60 Torit domestic goats Jan 126 24 67 Loronyo domestic goats Jan 3 17 8 Imurok domestic goats Jan 27 38 Juba domestic goats Dec ll 20 Kaguada domestic goats Dec 15l 48 89 Kajo Kaji domestic goats Dec 2 2 2 Kapoeta domestic sheep Dec 4. Kapoeta domestic sheep Jul 9 2 3 Loronyo domestic sheep Jan 14 l 4 Katire domestic sheep Jan 3 14 Torit domestic sheep NOV 4 7 Juba domestic sheep Dec 16 21 Juba domestic sheep Jan 4, 9 Kaguada domestic sheep Dec 3 2 Yei domestic sheep Jun 3 l 3 Yambio domestic sheep Jun 2 2 Kapoeta domestic dogs Dec 2 Torit domestic dogs Jan

l 1 Torit, domestic dogs May (SVS) 1 TOrit domestic pig Dec

l. 3 Torit domestic horse May (SVS)

9 d'
l Kapoeta domestic cattle Dec
2 Kapoeta domestic cattle Jul
l l Iliu domestic cattle Oct (SWS)
4 4 Loronyo domestic cattle Dec
2 5 Katire domestic cattle Jan
l Katire domestic cattle Oct.
27 A2 Gilo domestic cattle Dec
26 29 Torit domestic cattle NOV #
8 22 Torit domestic cattle Dec (2)
5 l Torit domestic cattle Jan
l 2 Torit, domestic cattle Feb
2 Lobwara domestic cattle Sep
9 22 Juba domestic cattle Dec (2)
18 35 Juba domestic cattle Jan
l 2 Terakeka domestic cattle Jan
2 l7 Terakeka domestic cattle Mar (SVS
l 6 Muni domestic cattle Mar (SVS
26 22 Kajo Kaji domestic cattle Dec (2)
4 7 Meridi domestic cattle Jan (SVS)
6 9 Li Rangu domestic cattle Apr
2 2 Yambio domestic cattle Jan


All Provinces, except Northern Province (King 1926). As noted below, however, Sudan Government collections contain specimens from Shendi, which is on the Nile in the southern part of Northern Province (16°42'N. latitude), but this tick is probably absent from most areas of Northern Province.

Collections containing specimens with the following data have been seen:

Bahr El Ghazal: Wau (sheep, goats, especially common on horses and donkeys; SVS, HH). Fanjak (sheep and goats; HH). Yirol, and Galual-Nyang Forest (horses; SVS). Lake Nyubor (cattle; SVS). The absence of the red tick on the many wild animals examined in this Province is noteworthy.

Upper Nile: Akobo Post and Melut (mules; SGC). Bor (cattle; SGC). an (pigs and goats; SVS). Malakal #". sheep and cattle; HH; cattle and donkeys; Balfour 1911F).

Blue Nile. Singa (native goat with surago disease; SGC). Wad Medani (horses, donkeys, goats, sheep and cattle; HH, SGC). Roseires (cattle; SGC). Sennar (donkey; SGC).

Darfur: Fasher (goats; SVS). Zalingei (goats and sheep; SVS).
Kordofan: Talodi (mules and sheep; SGC).

Kassala: Abu Gamal (goats; SGC). Kassala (horses, goats, and cattle; SWS).

Khartoum: Khartoum (goats from Meshra, SGC; goats, sheep, horses, asses, and donkeys, HH). (Introduced into Khartoum on cattle and donkeys from Malakal: Balfour 1911F).

Northern: Shendi (sheep; SGC).


R. evertsi evertsi is widely distributed throughout the Ethiopian Faunal Region (including the mountains of Yemen, southwestern Arabia; Hoogstraal, ms.). It is not found in very dry regions of Southwest Africa (Theiler and Robinson 1954) where it is replaced by the banded-legged subspecies mimeticus. The two subspecies do occur together, however, in the Savannah of northern Angola and range through the southwestern Congo to the Ubangi savannah, near the Sudan border. The typical form is reduced in numbers or is absent in large areas of the Somalilands and in northern Nyasaland, but in these places it is not replaced by the banded-legged variety. It also appears to be absent in areas of West Africa.

WEST AFRICA: NIGERIA (Mettam 1940, 1950. Unsworth 1949, 1952. Gambles 1951). TOGO (Ziemann 1905). GOLD COAST (Stewart 1933). FRENCH WEST AFRICA (Girard and Rousselot 1945. Rousselot 1951, 1953B).

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