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tailtuft brown tick (cf. Theiler 1952A,B).


l Torit MAN (feeding on) Jan

l Torit, MAN (feeding on) Dec
2 2 Torit. MAN # on) Dec (4)
2 1 Torit MAN (crawling on Jan (3)

l 3 Torit MAN (crawling on Feb

1 TOrit MAN (feeding on) Mar

l Juba MAN (feeding on) Dec

2 Juba MAN (crawling on) Aug

l Gilo Lemniscomys striatus massaicus Feb

2 1 Torit, Lemniscomys striatus massaicus Nov l 2 2 3 Torit Burrows of TL.T.striatus massaicus Dec (2)

4. Torit, Lemniscomys maccurus maccurus" Dec

2 TOrit Tatera benvenuta benvenuta Dec

13 Torit, Tatera benVenuta Een Venuta NOV ll 4 5 Torit Burrows Of T. b. benVenuta Nov (2)

2 Torit, Mastomys natalensis ismaïliae Dec

l Ikoto Mastomys natalensis ismailiae NOV

l Lotti Forest Praomys tullbergi sudanensis Apr

5 Ikoto Air Vicant his niloticus jebellae NOV

l TOrit Arvi Cain this nilloticus jebellae Dec 18 6 7 Torit Burrows of A. nitroticus Erebellae Dec (6) 30 19 18 Torit Burrows of R. niloticus Rebellae Jan (8) l 31 28 Juba Burrows of A. niloticus Rebellae Dec (4)

l Ikoto Lepus capensis crawshayi Feb

l TOrit Lepus Victoriae microtis Jan

9 Torit Fanthera"TeoTeo Sep

7 6 Torit Cani's aureus Soudanicus Nov
l 1 Torit Cani's aureus Soudanicus Dec (2)
6 7 Torit Cani's aureus Soudanicus Apr (2)

2 3 Torit Cani's aureus Soudanicus Aug *Also known as the black pitted-tick, the glossy brown tick, and the


L N Q & 8 8 Torit Crocuta crocuta fortis Oct. 8 6 Torit Mellivora capensis abyssinica Jan 2 2 Obbo Civettict is civetta conglica Apr 1 2 Torit, REEEEEE GREEE ComEEE Feb 8 7 Lugurren Phacochoerus aethiopicus Eufo Jan 4, 5 Torit Sus scrofa Sennairensis Apr l l Nimule Hippopotamus amphibius amphibius May l l Nimule Hippopotamus amphibius amphibius Oct (SWS) l Terakeka Damariscus. Forrigum. Hang - (SGC) l Kidepo Taurotragus oryx pattersonianus Jan l TOrit Taurotragus oryx pattersonianus Feb l 3* Kapoeta Hippotragus equinus bakeri Dec 4. TOrit Hippotragus equinus bakeri Jan l Ikoto Rhynochotr guentheri smithii Dec l l9 Boma Plains # caffer aequinoctialis Dec 2l 32 Torit Syncerus caffer aequinoctialis Jan 2 Holo # caffer aequinoctialis Mar l Lolianga Syncerus caffer aequinoctialis Jan 5 2 Kapoeta domestic dogs Dec 8 l; Keyala domestic dogs Dec 22 25 Torit domestic dogs Dec (3) 6 6 Torit domestic dog Jan l TOrit domestic dog Mar l Torit, domestic dog Apr 4, 2 Torit domestic dog Jun 1 Torit domestic dog Nov 3 l Katire domestic dog Oct. 3 Loronyo domestic dog Jan 8 8 Juba domestic dog Jan 7 8 Juba domestic dog Dec # 2 Juba domestic dog May (SGC) l Nimule domestic dog Mar l l Lado domestic dog Sep #) 67 69 Kajo Kaji domestic dogs Dec (3) 6 2 Torit domestic pigs Mar *With l d'R. simus senegalensis. This is the only collection seen


from anywhere in


rica in which typical specimens of both subspecies

have been found on a single host.

L N 9 d. 3 5 Torit domestic pigs Apr 3 Torit domestic pigs NOV # 20 AA Torit domestic pigs Dec (4) 7 9 Torit domestic pigs Jan 1 TOrit domestic cattle Dec l l Katire domestic cattle Oct. l l Lolepori domestic cattle Dec 6 Ioronyo domestic cattle Jan 17 32 Juba domestic cattle Jan l Juba domestic cattle Dec l 8 Juba domestic horse Jan 6 17 Loronyo domestic goat Jan 2 Juba domestic sheep Jan l 3 Juba domestic sheep Dec (SGC) 3 Kajo Kaji domestic sheep Dec l TOrit, on grass Aug ? 7 Imatong Mts. ? host (Weber (8700 ft. 1943) alt.)


King (1926) stated that R. s. simus occurs throughout Equatoria, Bahr El Ghazal, Upper Nile, Blue Nile, Kordofan, and Kassala Provinces and that it had at that time only recently established itself in Northern Province where proper conditions of humidity for its development prevailed around newly installed pumps and basin irrigation. King apparently had no Darfur Province records for this species.

Sudan localities from which specimens of the glossy tick have been seen are:

Bahr El Ghazal: Galual-Nyang Forest (hyena, black-legged mongoose, leopard, lion, buffalo, and warthog; domestic dogs; old male baboons infested with as many, as two hundred adult specimens; 28, .299 engorging on men; SVS, HH). Jur River (hippopotamus; SVS). Lau (cattle; . Fanjak (domestic dogs and cattle; SVS, HH).

Wau (domestic pigs; SVS). Kenisa (numerous specimens from elephants; SGC). Several localities near Yirol (elephants; SVS). Yirol (hyena and cane rat; SVS).

Upper Nile; Duk Fadiat (wild pig and warthog; SVS). Akobo POSt. # on; SCC). Maban (cattle and goats; SVS). Pariak (cattle; #: Kaka (roan antelope; SGC). Bor (domestic dogs; HH, leopard; SGC). Malakal (domestic dogs; HH).

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Kordofan: Tabanga (pigs; SGC). Talodi (cattle and pony; SGC). "Western Jebels" (cattle; SVs).

A Khartoum: No records.7

Northern: Letti Basin (fox; SGC). Shendi (bull; SVS, sheep; SGC). These populations are probably quite restricted.


R. s. simus ranges throughout the Ethiopian Faunal Region. In West Africa, it is more or less widely replaced by the subspecies senegalensis. The Arabian range of the glossy tick, as mapped by the rican Geographical Society (1954), should be limited to the mountains of the Yemen.

A WEST AFRICA: Early records should be checked against R. simus senegalensis. The range of R. s. simus in West Africa is imPerfectly # NIGERIA (Simpson 1912A*,B." Unsworth 1949,1952. Mettam 1950). SIERRA LEONE (Neumann 1901,1911. Simpson 1913). TOGO (Neumann 1901,1911. Ziemann 1909). GOLD COAST (Simpson 1914. Beal 1920. Stewart 1934). IVORY COAST (Neumann 1901). PORTUGESE GUINEA (Tendeiro 1946A,B,1948,1951A, E, 1952C,D,E,1954: wherever

*Specimens referred to as R. simus by Simpson (1912A, p. 325) are actually R. simus senegalensis. They were determined as R. simus falcatus by Nuttall # Warburton. These specimens are in British Museum (Natural History) collections.

illustrated the specimens appear to resemble the subspecies Senegalensis rather than simus). FRENCH WEST AFRICA (Neumann 1911. Rousselot 1953B. See also Sudan below. Theiler states (correspondence) that her extensive Senegal collections are all typical R. s. simus). NOTE: Tonelli-Rondelli's (1938) reports from Sierra Leone, Togo, and Gold Coast are probably repetitions from Neumann./

CENTRAL AFRICA CAMEROONS (Neumann 1902A. Zumpt 1943A. Rageau 1951, 1953A,B). FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA (Rousselot 1951, 1953B). BELGIAN CONGO and RUANDA-URUNDI (Newstead, Dutton, and Todd 1907. Massey 1908. Nuttall and Warburton 1916. Roubaud and Van Saceghem 1916. Schwetz 1927C,1932. Bequaert 1930A,B, 1931. Zumpt l943A. Bouvier 1945. Wanson, Richard, and Toubac 1947. Schoenaers 1951A,B. Rousselot 1953B. Theiler and Robinson 1954. Van Waerenbergh 1954).

EAST AFRICA: SUDAN / The synonymous R. shipleyi from "Soudan" (Neumann 1952A) refers either to the Sudan or to French West Africa, King (1908,1911, 1926). Zumpt (1943A). Weber (1948). Hoogstraal (1954B).7

ETHIOPIA (As R. simus, R. hilgerti, and R. erlangeri: Neumann 1902A,B,1911,1913, 1922. Stella * #, 1939. Zumpt 1943A. Charters 1946. D'Ignazio and Mira 1949). ERITREA (Stella 1939A, 1940). FRENCH SOMALILAND (Hoogstraal 1953D). ITALIAN SOMALILAND (Paoli 1916. Franchini 1926, 1927, 1929C,E. Veneroni 1928. Niro 1935. Stella 1938A, 1939A, 1940). BRITISH SCMALILAND (Drake-Brockman 1913B. Stella 1938A, 1939A, 1940).

KENYA (As R. perpulcher and R. praetextatus; Gerstacker 1873. As "R. # Mombas, Zanzibar". Neumann 1904. As R. ecinctus: Neumann 1908,1922. Neumann 1911, 1912,1913, 1922. Neave 1912. Loveridge 1923D. Anderson 1924A,B. Lewis 1931A,B,C, 1932A,B,1934, 1943,1950. Brassey-Edwards l932. Walker 1932. Daubney l933,1934, 1936B. Daubney and Hudson 1934. Kauntze l934. Roberts 1935. Fotheringham and Lewis 1937. Mulligan 1938. "Kenya Wet. Serv." 1939A,B,1940, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1952. Lewis and Fotheringham 194l. Zumpt 1943A. Lewis, Piercy, and Wiley 1946. Dick and Lewis 1947. Weber 1948. Beaumont l949. Heisch 1950B. Binns l95l., 1952. van Someren 195l. Wilson l953. Wiley 1953. Lumsden 1955).

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