A History of Rock Music: 1951-2000

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iUniverse, 2003 - Music - 553 pages
This history of rock music is not a history of the charts (which I consider an aberration), but a history of the great ideas introduced by rock musicians over 50 years of relentless innovation, and the history of their greatest albums (regardless of how many copies were sold). It ends up being more focused on alternative rock than on mainstream rock, simply because alternative musicians tend to be more innovative and sincere than mainstream musicians. In a sense, rediscovering alternative rock and giving it its dues is also a way to restore the reputation of rock music among the more sophisticated audiences. Today, rock music is a genre that employs sampling techniques, electronic instruments, digital/computer technology, cacophony, and ethnic sources. The roots of today's rock music lie in the technical innovations brought about in the first half of the 20th century. Therefore, my alternative history of rock music begins much earlier than most books on the origins of rock'n'roll, and covers much more territory than guitar-driven rock'n'roll.

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Terrible book; self absorbed, intellectual above and beyond a flaw, frankly he takes the idea that good music comes from good taste and good ideals and amplifies it 100000 times, basically claiming that no band that anyone likes can really be good, so he finds solace in obscure and frankly terrible bands and music, while bashing bands like Radiohead and the Beatles. I suppose somewhere in his narcissistic head he thinks that he has to find a band that NO ONE enjoys, so he can latch on to it, under some delusion of his own grandeur, and claim some musical epiphany that isn't there. He makes plain his hatred of pop sensibility, radio playability, and ingenuity if it is embraced by any critic who isn't himself. Truly terribly.  

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