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is yet more, as it was between the Grecians in respect of the barbarians. To be of one sect or worship; if it be a false worship, I speak not of it, for that is but “ fratres in malo." But above all these, there is the supreme and indissoluble consanguinity and society between men in general: of which the heathen poet, whom the apostle calls to witness, saith, “ We are all his generation.” But much more we Christians, unto whom it is revealed in particularity, that all men came from one lump of earth; and that two singular persons were the parents from whom all the generations of the world are descended : we, I

say, ought to acknowledge, that no nations are wholly aliens and strangers the one to the other; and not to be less charitable than the person introduced by the comic poet, “ Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.” Now if there be such a tacit league or confederation, sure it is not idle ; it is against somewhat, or somebody: who should they be? Is it against wild beasts; or the elements of fire and water? No, it is against such routs and shoals of people, as have utterly degenerated from the laws of nature ; as have in their very body and frame of estate a monstrosity; and may be truly accounted, according to the examples we have formerly recited, common enemies and grievances of mankind; or disgraces and reproaches to human nature. Such people, all nations are interessed, and ought to be resenting, to suppress ; considering that the particular states themselves, being the delinquents, can give no redress. And this, I say, is not to be measured so much by the principles of jurists, as by “ lex charitatis ; lex proximi,” which includes the Samaritan as well as the Levite; “ lex filiorum Adæ de massa una:" upon which original laws this opinion is grounded : which to deny, if a man may speak freely, were almost to be a schismatic in nature.

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Whether a war be lawful against infidels, only for the propagation of the Christian faith, without other cause of hostility ?

Whether a war be lawful to recover to the Church countries which formerly have been Christian, though now alienate, and Christians utterly extirpated ?

Whether a war be lawful, to free and deliver Christians that yet remain in servitude and subjection to infidels ?

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Whether a war be lawful in revenge, or vindication, of blasphemy, and reproaches against the Deity and our Saviour ? Or for the ancient effusion of Christian blood, and cruelties upon Christians ?

Whether a war be lawful for the restoring and purging of the holy land, the sepulch re, and other principal places of adoration and devotion ?

Whether, in the cases aforesaid, it be not obligatory to Christian princes to make such a war, and not permissive only?

Whether the making of a war against the infidels be not first in order of dignity, and to be preferred before extirpations of heresies, reconcilements of schisms, reformation of manners, pursuits of just temporal quarrels, and the like actions for the public good ; except there be either a more urgent necessity, or a more evident facility in those inferior actions, or except they may both go on together in some degree ?



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