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Against the waste of the body by heat. Take sweet pomegranates, and strain them lightly, not pressing the kernel, into a glass; where put some little of the peel of a citron, and two or three cloves, and three grains of ambergrease, and a pretty deal of fine sugar. It is to be drunk every morning whilst pomegranates last.

Methusalem water. Against all asperity and torre

fuction of inward parts, and all adustion of the blood, and generally against the dryness of age.

Take crevices very new, q. s. boil them well in claret wine, of them take only the shells, and rub them very clean, especially on the inside, that they may be thoroughly cleansed from the meat. Then wash them three or four times in fresh claret wine, heated : still changing the wine, till all the fish-taste be quite taken away.

But in the wine wherein they are washed, steep some tops of green rosemary; then dry the pure shell thoroughly, and bring them to an exquisite powder. Of this powder take three drams. Take also pearl, and steep them in vinegar twelve hours, aud dry off the vinegar ; of this powder also three drams. Then put the shell powder and pearl powder together, and add to them of ginger one scruple, and of white poppy-seed half a scruple, and steep them in spirit of wine, wherein six grains of saffron have been dissolved, seven hours. Then upon a gentle heat vapour away all the spirit of wine, and dry the powder against the sun without fire. Add to it of nitre one dram, of ambergrease one scruple and a half; and so keep this powder for use in a clean glass. Then take a pottle of milk, and slice in it of fresh cucumbers, the inner pith only, the rind being pared off, four ounces, and draw forth a water by distillation. Take of claret wine a pint, and quench gold in it four times.

Of the wine, and of the water of milk, take of each three ounces, of the powder one scruple, and drink it in the morning; stir up the powder when you drink, and walk upon it.

A catalogue of astringents, openers, and cordials, instru

mental to health.


Red rose, black-berry, myrtle, plantane, flower of pomegranate, mint, aloes well washed, myrobalanes, sloes, agrestia fraga, mastich, myrrh, saffron, leaves of rosemary, rhubarb received by infusion, cloves, service-berries, corna, wormwood, bole armeniac, sealed earth, cinquefoil, tincture of steel, sanguis draconis, coral, amber, quinces, spikenard, galls, alum, blood-stone, mummy, amomum, galangal, cypress, ivy, psyllum, housleek, sallow, mullein, vine, oak-leaves, lignum alöes, red sanders, mulberry, medlars, flowers of peach-trees, pomegranates, pears, palmule, pith of kernels, purslain, acacia, laudanum, tragacanth, thus olibani, comfrey, shepherd's purse, polygonium.

Astringents, both hot and cold, which corroborate the

parts, and which confirm and refresh such of them as are loose or languishing.

ROSEMARY, mint, especially with vinegar, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, lign-aloes, rose, myrtle, red sanders, cotonea, red wine, chalybeat wine, five-finger grass, plantane, apples of cypress, berberries, fraga, , service-berries, cornels, ribes, sour pears, rambesia.

Astringents styptic, which by their styptic virtue may

stay fluxes. Sloes, acacia, rind of pomegranates infused, at least three hours, the styptic virtue not coming forth in lesser time. Alum, galls, juice of sallow, syrup of unripe quinces, balaustia, the whites of eggs boiled hard in vinegar.

Astringents, which by their cold and earthy nature may

stay the motion of the humours tending to a flur.

Sealed earth, sanguis draconis, coral, pearls, the shell of the fish dactylus.

Astringents, which by the thickness of their substance

stuff as it were the thin humours, and thereby stay fluxes.

Rice, beans, millet, cauls, dry cheese, fresh goats milk.

Astringents, which by virtue of their glutinous substance

restrain a flur, and strengthen the looser parts.

KARABE,* mastich, spodium, hartshorn, frankincense, dried bulls pistle, gum tragacanth.

Astringents purgative, which, having by their purga

tive or expulsive power thrust out the humours, lcave behind them astrictive virtue.

RHUBARB, especially that which is toasted against the fire: myrobalanes, tartar, tamarinds, an Indian fruit like green damascenes.

Astringents which do very much suck and dry up the

humours, and thereby stay fluxes. Rust of iron, crocus martis, ashes of spices.

Astringents, which, by their nature do dull the spirits,

and lay asleep the expulsive virtue, and take away the acrimony of all humours. LAUDANUM, mithridate, diascordium, diacodium.

Astringents, which, by cherishing the strength of the parts, do comfort and confirm their retentive power.

A stomacher of scarlet cloth : whelps, or young healthy boys, applied to the stomach : hippocratic wines, so they be made of austere materials.

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Succory, endive, betony, liverwort, petroselinum smallage, asparagus, roots of grass, dodder, tamarisk, juncus odoratus, lacca, cupparus, wormwood, chamepitys, fumaria, scurvy-grass, eringo, nettle, ireos, elder, hyssop, aristolochia, gentian, costus, fennel-root, maiden-hair, harts-tongue, daffodilly, asarum, sarsaparilla, sassafras, acorns, abretonum, aloes, agaric rhubarb infused, onions, garlic, bother, squilla, sowbread, Indian nard, Celtic nard, bark of laurel-tree, bitter almonds, holy thistle, camomile, gun-powder, sows (millepedes) ammoniac, man's urine, rue, park leaves (vitex)centaury, lupines, chamædrys, costum, ammios, bistort, camphire, daucus seed, Indian bal. sam, scordium, sweet cane, galingal, agrimony.


Flowers of basil royal, flores caryophillati, flowers of bugloss and borage, rind of citron, orange flowers, rosemary and its flowers, saffron, musk, amber, folium, i. e. nardi folium, balm-gentle, pimpernel, gems, gold, generous wines, fragrant apples, rose, rosa moschata, cloves, lign-aloes, mace, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, galingal, vinegar, kermes berry, herba inoschata, betony, white sanders, camphire, flowers of heliotrope, penny royal, scordium, opium corrected, white pepper, nasturtium, white and red bean, castum dulce, dactylus, pine, fig, egg-shell, vinum malvaticum, ginger, kidneys, oisters, crevises, or river crabs, seed,

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