The Chinese reader's manual: A handbook of biographical, historical, mythological, and general literary reference

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American Presbyterian mission Press, 1874 - China - 440 pages
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《中国辞汇》),英国汉学家梅辉立(William Frederick Mayers)编,1874年首版。全书共分四个部分,一、解释 974条中文词汇,用拼音按英文26 个字母排列。二、解释首字为数字的中文词汇,按数字大小排列,共 317条。三、中国朝代年号表。四、汉字索引。辜鸿铭曾 评价此书:“确实是一部大著,在已出版的关于中国的著作中,它要算是最严谨、认真而不装模作样的了。 并且它的实际效用,也仅次于威妥玛的那部《自迩集》。”(辜鸿铭《中国人的精,第139页。)1940 年本,32开,444 页。  

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Page 337 - ... 1. Thou shalt not kill. 2. Thou shalt not steal. 3. Thou shalt not commit adultery. 4. Thou shalt not lie.
Page 61 - The fox is a beast whose nature is highly tinged with supernatural qualities. He has the power of transformation at his command, and frequently assumes the human shape. At the age of 50 the fox can take the form of a woman, and at 100 can assume the appearance of a young and beautiful girl, or otherwise, if so minded, of a wizard, possessing all the power of magic. When 1,000 years old, he is admitted to the Heavens and becomes the 'Celestial Fox.
Page 41 - ... Hwang-ti while that sovereign observed the ceremonial fasts ; and according to the Shu King it came with measured gambollings to add splendour to the musical performances conducted by the great Shun. The female is called Hwang, and this name, combined with that of the male, forms the compound Feng Hwang which is usually employed as the generic designation for the wondrous bird. It is translated phoenix by many writers. Among the marvels related respecting this creature, it is said that each of...
Page 14 - The Khan, fired by the hope of obtaining possession of so peerless a beauty, invaded China in irresistible force, and only consented to retire beyond the Wall when the lady was surrendered to him. She accompanied her savage captor, bathed in tears, until the banks of the Amur were reached, when, rather than go beyond the boundary, she plunged into the waters of the stream.
Page 334 - In this work, which serves as a basis for the philosophy of divination and geomancy, and is largely appealed to as containing not alone the elements of all metaphysical knowledge but also a clue to the secrets of nature and of being the...
Page 178 - Mother, or King Mu (Mother) of the West — a fabulous being of the female sex, dwelling upon Mount Kw'en Lun, at the head of the troops of genii, and holding from time to time intercourse with favoured imperial votaries. Such is the legend which has grown up in the course of ages from the slender basis afforded by the occurrence of the name Si Wang Mu in very early traditions. The Apocryphal, or Books of Chow, which probably date from some centuries before the Christian era, contain an assertion...
Page 30 - His friends implored him to forego this strange request, pointing out that the birds would mutilate his corpse ; but he replied, " What matters that ? Above are the birds of the air, below are the worms and ants; if you rob one to feed the other, what injustice is there done...
Page 41 - One writer describes it as having the head of a pheasant, the beak of a swallow, the neck of a tortoise, and the outward semblance of a dragon, to which another version adds the tail of a fish...
Page 98 - ... typified. In allusion to the lettered functionaries of old, who, without thought of worldly lucre or unworthy intrigue, contented themselves in recreation with their favourite lutes, the abode of the virtuous official is designated the ' Lute Hall,' and the approach to his tribunal as ' the steps leading to the lute.
Page xi - Chaldseans, the Hebrews, and the Hindoos, a doctrine of the hidden properties and harmonies of number imbues the earliest recorded expression of Chinese belief. So also, it may be remarked, in the teachings of PYTHAGORAS, an abstract theory of Number was expounded as underlying the whole system of Existence, whence the philosophy of the Western world became tinged with conceptions strongly resembling those which Xll.

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