A Wife to be Lett: A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's Servants. Written by Mrs. Eliza Haywood

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Henry Woodfall, 1724 - 72 pages

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Page v - Guests contribute, makes the Treat. Criticks! be dumb to-night — no Skill display ; A dangerous Woman-Poet wrote the Play : One, who not fears your Fury, tho prevailing, More than your Match, in every thing, but Railing. Give her fair Quarter, and whene'er she tries ye, Safe in superior Spirit , she defies ye : Measure her Force, by her known Novels, writ With manly Vigour, and with Woman's Wit . Then tremble, and depend, if ye beset her, She, who can talk so well, may act yet better.
Page vii - But to be grave — the Heroine of our Play Gains Glory by a hard, and dangerous Way : Belov'd, her Lover pleads — she fears no Spy, 30 Her Husband favours — and her Pulse beats high. Warm glows his Hope — her Wishes catch the Fire, Mutual their Flame , yet Virtue quells Desire. Safe th...
Page 71 - Writings, and if you confider calmly on the Matter, you'll find nothing can be done in this Affair for your Satisfaction — you had better therefore quietly forgive the Impofition ; and as you have a good Eftate, turn part of it into ready Money, and e'en buy him aTitle — fuch Things are done every day in London-^ — and when once you have made a Gentleman of him, ev'ry body won't know by what means he came to be one. Wid. Why. that's true, indeed. Gay. You'll find it your bcft way.
Page 8 - I can't allow--— there is anotherDinger not lefs imminent, tho'perhaps more pleating than what I have mentioned — • A certain Gentleman who lives not far off, and very much frequents this Walk, carries a kind of Spell in his Eyes and Tongue, which has been fatal to many of your Sex. Wife. Ay ; pray who is that ? Amad. I fancy, Madam, after what I've faid, 'tis needlefs to repeat his Name - however, for your Satisfaction Wife. My Satisfaction ! what means he ? Amad. Ha!
Page 21 - Eyes • Beaumont is here in ev'ry Line — Beaumont in all the Volume — I'll look no more on't Thefe Opticks too are Traytors, and confpire with Fancy to undo me — To what fhall I have recourfe ? Enter Beaumont. Beau. The Door happening to be open, and nobody in the way, I prefum'd to enter without Ceremony. Wife. Ha ! catch 'd in this Confufton of my Soul ! when all my Thoughts were unprepar'd and hurry'd ! Unlucky Accident ! Beau.
Page 3 - Lodging for one, who thought himfelf too far engag'd to 'em already therefore felling my Company in the Guards, I bought in one of thefe Regiments. But prithee, Ned, give me fome little Idea how you fpend your time here. Court. As they do in mod Country Towns...
Page 64 - tis a Favour you fo fetdom ask, that I believe nobody will refufe it you— Gentlemen — Captain, you hear the Invitation — can you go ? Court. O ! by all means, -Sir. Gay. I'll wait upon you, Sir. "Toy. Am I in the Number of your Guefts, Sir. Graff. Ay, ay, all of you, if there were a hundred — I fhall expeft you foon — your Servant, and I with the firft Difh may choak you.
Page 68 - You taught me to ddpife all Senfe of Shame, when laughing at that Notion which the World calls Virtue, you forc*d me, contrary to , my Nature, to my Inclinations, to the, Principles my Youth...
Page 25 - Madam, what Inconveniencies attend Ill-nature ; when you are kind, I'll———- Wife. Peace, Screech-O.wl [Exit. Beau. Come, Sir, the Lady is now gone ; and fince I am the unhappy Caufe of her Uneafinefs, it lies upon me to vindicate her Reputation A Fool's moft dangerous Weapon is his Tongue, and I find thefe is" no way to flop yours, but by cutting it but Draw?
Page 43 - I'll undertake fhe fhall be content with only her own Money fettled on her. Wid. That is obliging indeed- - 1 was certainly bewitch'd when I agreed to Mr. Fairman's Propofal - But alas ! I did not think of marrying then, nor am I fure I fhall yet. Sham. How, Madam ! not fure of marrying ? You have undone my Quiet - drove me to Defpair, and without you retraft thofe cruel Words, you fhall very foon fee the fatal Confequence. Wid. Nay,. Sir T'riftram, I only faid Sham.

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