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In his role as a District Attorney, he doesn't actually do any investigating.
DA Frederic Gisler (LL.D Fribourg Uni) is a fingernail puller; using violence, intimidation, torture & sexual
humiliation to obtain confessions from innocent people.
His actions bear no correlation to the kinds of investigative procedures he outlines in his book.
How could I possibly know this? I know it because I was the suspect in one of his investigations, and he tortured and sexually humiliated me; denied me water, a toilet, a lawyer, consular access and his police threatened to waterboard me if I didn't sign a form saying I was being "well treated".
Which begs the question: if Doctor Frederic Gisler doesn't practise what he preaches in his book, is his book worth the paper it's printed on?
In my opinion, no.
Just do a Google search on "Frederic Gisler torture" and see what you find.

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