Historical Account of the Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries: From the Time of Columbus to the Present Period ...

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Page 221 - Majeftr. •who was then in Tartary, of our arrival, and by a wilful miftake caufed his letter to be put into a pacquet, which he knew would be delivered into the Emperor's own hand. Thus the Emperor opened and read it, and therefore when the tribunal's decree was delivered to him, he anfwered that he would confider of it at Pekin. On his arrival at that city he was informed by one of our order, that by ourfkil!
Page 196 - To the fouth is a portal and four open windows, each of which is five feet nine inches wide, and eleven in height, including the cornice ; their depth is equal to that of the grand portals. The two fides of this gate are carved with the figure of a man, with fomething on his head refembling a tiara.
Page 198 - Among thefe ruins are four portals, each adorned on the infide with the figure of a man, and two women holding an umbrella over his head. A little to the north of thefe two laft edifices are two portals with their pilafters, on one of which is alfo the figure of a man and two women, one of whom holds an umbrella over his head. Above thefe women is a fmall figure with wings which are expanded to the 'fides of the portico.
Page 235 - Thefe temples confift partly of porticos, paved with large fquare polifhed ftones, and partly of halls or pavilions that ftand in the corners of courts, and communicate by long galleries, adorned with ftatues of 'ftone, and Sometimes of brafs.
Page 32 - As -f/e knew that he had the care of the czar's fables, we afked him to fell us fome, and on his defiring to know how many we wanted, we told him we would take all he had, if he would let us have them a pennyworth. Upon this he conducted us to the warehoufe, where there were five zimmers, each zimmer being fifty pair, among which there were two zimmers as black as jet, and the...
Page 226 - Prince ; but in China it is a very extraordinary one, where it is a maxim with the great, to take as much, and give as little as they can. On the other hand, he loaded us with honour, and ordered one of his officers to wait on us to his houfe.
Page 118 - Colchis or Mingrelia is fituated at the end of the Black Sea : it is bounded on the eaft by the little kingdom of Imeretta, on the fouth by the Black Sea, on the weft by the Abcas, and on the north by mount Caucafus.
Page 21 - When they were fatigued with noise and gesticulations, they made several processions round the corpse, asking the deceased why he died ? whether he was angry with his wife ? whether he was in want of food or raiment ? if he had been unsuccessful in hunting and fishing? After these interrogatories, they renewed their howling. One of the priests frequently sprinkled holy water on the corpse, as well as the mourners.
Page 202 - Ikeps ftands a figure that has the air of a king, pointing at fomething with his right hand, and holding a kind of bow in his left. Before him is an altar, on which an offering is made, from whence the flames are reprelented afcending.
Page 97 - Hungary, we will vifit thee for that caufe, and make thee acquainted with our ftrenglh of thirteen kingdoms, collected into one hundred thoufand horfe and foot, prepared for war, with all the power of Turkifh munition, fuch as thou nor any of thy fervants have feen, heard, or had knowledge of, and this even before thy chief city of Vienna. " We, Soliman, God on earth, in defiance of thee, thy adherents and abettors, do, with our warlike ftrength, pronounce and intend thine and their utter deftruction...

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