Report of the Minister of Public Instruction Upon the Condition of Public Schools Established and Maintained Under the Public Instruction Act of 1880

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Page 253 - FELKIN, HM— Technical Education in a Saxon Town. Published for the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education.
Page 3 - ... Two hundred and fifteen applications for the establishment of new schools were received, namely, 34 for Public Schools, 123 for Provisional Schools, 28 for Half-time Schools, 21 for House-to-house Schools, and 9 for Evening Schools. Of these, 126 were granted, and 69 were declined, while 20 remained under consideration at the close of the year. The total number of children to be accommodated in the new schools granted is 2,795. The Department has erected, or is taking steps to supply, buildings...
Page 261 - His Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has been pleased to establish the following Provisional Regulations, under which Licenses may be obtained, to search for, and remove the same: 1.
Page 1 - To His Excellency the Honorable SIR FREDERICK MATTHEW DARLEY, Knight, Lieutenant- Governor of the Colony of New South "Wales and its Dependencies. May it please your Excellency, — I have the honor to submit to your Excellency the Report of the Department of Public Instruction for the year 1892.
Page 5 - In addition to the schools established and maintained under the Public Instruction Act, the following State supported or aided schools are still in operation, namely, the Sydney Grammar School, the two Industrial Schools, and the School for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind.
Page 37 - ... -these 2,271 (or 68'2 per cent.) satisfied the examiners. At the national competition at South Kensington, held under the auspices of the Science and Art Department of Great Britain, works sent by the students of the Sydney Technical College secured two bronze medals and eight book prizes. Thirty-six students also passed the technological examinations of the City and Guilds of London Institute, and were awarded certificates. The Technological Museum and its branches in Bathurst, Goulburn, Maitland,...
Page 4 - The number of schools in operation in 1881, the first full year during which the Department was under Ministerial control, as compared with the number open in 1893, is given in the following table : — * Decrease.
Page 8 - Schools, while 15,848, or 7 per cent., were taught at home, had left school after satisfying the standards of the Act, or remained untaught. In addition to pupils of the statutory school age...
Page 176 - It will be observed that there was a considerable falling off in the last quarter of the year. This is due to the shearing and the harvesting operations going on then.
Page 50 - ... substantial increase, in contrast to the diminution of the private schools as a class. There were 325 Roman Catholic schools in 1900 and 392 in 1909, or an advance of 21 per cent. In the above table the figures are exclusive of the Sydney Grammar School, the Ragged and Free Kindergarten Schools, and the New South Wales Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind. The Ragged Schools numbered 5, with 10 teachers ; the enrolment in 1909 was 206, with an average attendance of 173 children. These...

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