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Breastfeeding can be an intimidating venture for the first-time mother. I have heard all the warnings from more experienced moms who have had varying levels of success in their breastfeeding attempts ... Read full review

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I often found the tone of this book insulting and even accusatory. For instance, when referring to a baby sleeping through the night, " the parents' desire for separation has overcome the baby's natural urge to be close to other human beings." With no encouragement, my child has slept through the night since she was 6 weeks old. This was certainly not due to us ignoring her (She may sleep all night, I don't!). As a scientist, I was also bothered by the inconsistent use of citations. It made me wonder whether in the instances of weighty verdicts being pronounced with no citation, it was just the author's opinion. For example, the author states that children offered pureed foods don't learn to chew at the appropriate developmental stage and may have more trouble learning to later. I couldn't find any studies to support that statement.  

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Best breast feeding book ever written. This truly has helped me every step of the way and I regularly return to this book for problems. Every answer is in here. The author is not biased and does not pressure you to continue breast feeding like lactation consultants do. I had to look it up on Google Books because I lent my copy to my neighbor! 

Review: The Nursing Mother's Companion

User Review  - Angie - Goodreads

The parts about recognizing and nursing through jaundice saved me many sleepless nights, worry and trips to the doctor. It also saved me from taking whacky advice from well meaning people that didn't resonate with my mother's intuition. Read full review

Review: The Nursing Mother's Companion

User Review  - Dana - Goodreads

I can't tell you how many times I've consulted this book. My favorite reference by far. Read full review

Review: The Nursing Mother's Companion

User Review  - Conchita - Goodreads

This book, together with the Kellymom website were invaluable for me with my first child. I successfully breastfed my daughter (as a working mom) through 13 months and this book was a great resource. Read full review

Review: The Nursing Mother's Companion

User Review  - Bethany - Goodreads

Overall, this book has a lot of great information. But there are several things characteristics of the entire book which would prompt me to not recommend it to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers ... Read full review

Review: The Nursing Mother's Companion

User Review  - Alisha - Goodreads

This is my most recommended nursing book. It covers everything you need to know and has great troubleshooting sections. I don't know how many times I've had questions and was able to find help in the ... Read full review

Review: The Nursing Mother's Companion

User Review  - Jennifer - Goodreads

Good, sound information about breastfeeding, but I prefer LLL's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Read full review

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