Parliamentary Papers, Volume 55

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Page 3 - On the hearing of the application the Court shall take into consideration a report of the official receiver as to the bankrupt's conduct and affairs, and may either grant or refuse an absolute order of discharge, or suspend the operation of the order for a specified time, or grant an order of discharge subject to any conditions with respect to any earnings or income which may afterwards become due to the bankrupt, or with respect to his after-acquired property...
Page 4 - An Act for the more effectual prevention of frauds and abuses committed by weavers, sewers, and other persons employed in the linen, hempen, union, cotton, silk, and woollen manufactures in Ireland, and for the better payment of their wages, for one year, and from thence to the end of the next session of Parliament...
Page 4 - AN ACT to regulate the Issue of Bank Notes, and for giving to the Governor and Company of the Bank of England certain Privileges for a limited Period.
Page 4 - Dec. 23, 1837, the queen has granted to her an annual allowance of 385,000/. ' for the support of Her Majesty's household, and of the honour and dignity of the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Page 13 - Bounty (that is, the governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy).
Page 3 - When a bankruptcy is closed, or at any time during its continuance, with the assent of the creditors, testified by a special resolution, the bankrupt may apply to the court for an order of discharge...
Page 6 - Miscellaneous. the administration in bankruptcy of the estate of a deceased person, but where an order for the administration of the deceased person's estate otherwise than in bankruptcy has previously been taken out, the proceedings may only be transferred to bankruptcy with the consent of the court (s.
Page 4 - ... elect which of these courses he will adopt, failing which the equity of redemption will vest in the creditor. After payment of costs of administration and preferential debts it is the duty of the trustee to distribute the estate with all convenient speed — the first dividend within four months after the first meeting of creditors and subsequent dividends at intervals of not more than six months; but the declaration may be postponed for sufficient reason by the committee of inspection. Trustee's...
Page 5 - Trade and at the Court, and are to be open to the inspection of the creditors (Clause 71). Every trustee in a bankruptcy is not less than once a year during its continuance to transmit to the Board of Trade a statement of the proceedings in the bankruptcy. The Board of Trade is to examine the trustee's...

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