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3 Let the blind sons of Rome bow down The world, and all its goods, I leave, To images of wood and stone;

To thee alone resolved

to give, But I, with subtler art,

Whate'er I have or am.
Safe from the letter of thy word, 5 Lo! in a thankful, loving heart,
My idols secretly adored,

I render thee whate'er thou art,
Set up within my heart.

I give myself to thee; 4 But O! suffice the season past;

And thee my whole delight I own, My idols now away I cast,

My joy, my glory, and my crown. Pleasure, and wealth, and fame; To all eternity.

HYMN III. 10 Thou who seest what is in man, 10 How could I, Lord, myself deceive, And show'st myself to me,

While unreformd within ? Suffer a sinner to complain,

Protest against their creed, and cleave And groan his griefs to thee.

The closer to their sin ? 2 A sinner, that has cloaked his shame 11 Their foulest sin my own I made, With self-deceiving art;

(And humbly now confess,) Thy worshipper reform'd in name, While by my anger I essay'd But unrenew'd in heart.

To work ihy righteousness. 3 The servants most unlike their Lord, 12 A murderer convic:, I come How oft did I condemn!

My vileness to bewail;
The persecuting Church abhorr'd, By nature born a son of Rome,
Nor saw myself in them!

A child of wrath and hell.
4 The spirit of my foes I caught, 13 Lord, I at last recant, reject,
The angry, bitter zeal;

Through thy great strength alone, And fierce for my own party fought, The madness of the Romish sect, And breathed the fire of hell.

The madness of my own. 5 Threat'ning I did and slaughter breathe, 14 Lord, I abhor, renounce, abjure, (The flail of heresy,).

The fiery spirit unclean, And doom the sects to bonds, or death, The persecuting zeal impure, That did not think with me.

The sin-opposing sin. 6 To propagate the truth, I fought 15 Let others draw, with fierce despite, With fury and despite;

The eradicating sword, And, in my zeal for Israel, sought

And with the devil's weapons fight To slay the Gibeonite.

The battles of the Lord. 7 “The temple of the Lord are we!" 16 But O! my gracious God, to me And all who dared deny,

A better spirit impart;
I would not have their conscience free, The gentle mind that was in thee,
But force them to comply.

The meekly loving heart. 8 With wholesome disciplinc severe 17 The heart whose charity o'erflows To conquer them I strove,

To all, far off, and near;
And drive into the pale through fear, True charity to friends and focs,

Who would not come through love. Impartially sincere. 9 How vainly then the zealots blind 18 Heathens, and Jews, and Turks, mayl, Of Rome did i disclaim!

And heretics embrace;
Still to the church of Satan join'd, Nor e'en to Rome the love deny
And differing but in name.

I owe to all the race.


What are you going to do? to vote for a parliament man? I hope then you have taken no money. For doubtless you know the strictness of the oath,—that you have received no “ gift or reward, directly or indirectly, nor any promise of any, on account of your vote" in the ensuing election.

Surely you start at perjury! at calm, fore-thought, deliberate, wilful perjury! If you are guilty already, stop ; go no farther. It is at the peril of your soul. Will you sell your country? Will you sell your own soul? Will you sell your God, your Saviour ? Nay, God forbid! Rather cast down just now the thirty pieces of silver or gold, and

say, Sir, I will not sell heaven, Neither you nor all the world is able to pay the purchase."

I hope you have received nothing else, neither will receive; no entertainment, no meat or drink. If this is given you on account of your vote, you are perjured still. How can you make oath, you have received no gift? This was a gift if you did not buy it. What will you sell your soul to the devil for a draught of drink, or for a morsel of bread? O consider what you do! Act as if the whole election depended on your single vote, and as if the whole parliament depended (and therein the whole nation) on that single person whom you now choose to be a member of it.

But if you take nothing of any, for whom shall you vote? For the man that loves God. He must love his country, and that from a steady, invariable principle. And by his fruits you shall know him. He is careful to abstain from all appearance of evil. He is zealous of good works, as he has opportunity, doing good to all men. He uses all the ordinances of God, and that both constantly and carefully. And he does this, not barely as something he must do, or what he would willingly be excused from; no, he rejoices in this his reasonable service, as a blessed privilege of the children of God.

But what, if none of the candidates have these fruits? Then vote for him that loves the king, King George, whom the wise providence of God has appointed to reign over us. He ought to be highly esteemed in love, even for his office sake. A king is a lovely, sacred name. He is a minister of God unto thee for good. How much more such a king, as has been, in many respects, a blessing to his subjects! You may easily know those who love him not; for they generally glory in their shame. They “ are not afraid to speak evil of dignities ;" no, not even of the “ ruler of their people." Perhaps you


say, “But I love my country ; therefore I am for the country interest." I fear you know not what you say. against your king because you love your country? Who taught you to separate your king from your country? to set one against the other? Be assured, none that loves either. True lovers of their country do not talk in this senseless manner.

Is not the interest of the king of England, and of the country of England, one and the same? If the king is destroyed, doth it profit the country? if the country, does it profit the king? Their interest cannot be divided. The welfare of one is the welfare of both.

Have you an objection of a different kind? Do you say, “ I am for the Church? The Church of England for ever! Therefore I vote for

-; he is a true Churchman, a lover of the Church.”. Are you sure of that? Friend, think a little. What kind of a Churchman is he? a whoring Churchman, a gaming Churchman, a drunken Churchman, a lying Churchnan, a cursing and swearing Churchman?, or a red-hot persecuting Churchman, that would send all Dissenters to the devil at a clap? For shame! for shame! Do you call a man a Churchman,

Are you who knows no more of God than a Turk? call a man a Churchman, that does not even pretend to so much religion as would serve an honest Heathen? He is a lover of the Church who is a lover of God, and consequently of all mankind. Whoever else talks of loving the Church, is a cheat. Set a mark upon that man.

Above all, mark that man who talks of loving the Church, and does not love the king. If he does not love the king, he cannot love God. And if he does not love God, he cannot love the Church. He loves the Church and the king just alike. For indeed he loves neither one nor the other.

O beware, you who truly love the Church, and therefore cannot but love the king; beware of dividing the king and the Church, any more than the king and country. Let others do as they will, what is that to you? Act you as an honest man, a loyal subject, a true Englishman, a lover of the country, a lover of the Church; in one word, a Christian! one that fears nothing but sin, that seeks nothing but heaven, and that desires nothing but God; nothing but glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!


escape death?

1. Are you to die? Must you leave this world, and carry nothing of it away with you? Naked as you came out of your mother's womb, naked shall you return. And are you never to come back into this world? Have you no more place under the sun? When you leave these houses and fields, this flesh and blood, do you part with them for ever? Are you sure of this? Must all men die ? Can none at all

Do rich men likewise die, and leave their riches for others? Do princes also fall and die like one of their people? Can you then escape it? You do not think so. You know death is as sure as if you felt it already; as if you was now gasping for life, sweating and trembling in those last pangs, till the soul started off from the quivering lips into the boundless ocean of eternity.

2. And are you to be judged ? How is this to be? Why, the Son of God shall come in his glory, and all his holy angels with him ; " and then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory. And before him shall be gathered all nations; and he shall separate them from one another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. Behold, he cometh with clouds! And every eye shall see Him which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty! And I saw” (wilt thou also say) “ a great white throne, and Him that sat thereon, from whose face the earth and the heavens fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and they were judged, every man according to his works.” And shalt thou also be judged according to thy works ? all thy works, whether they be good or evil? Yea, and for every idle word which thou shalt speak, thou shalt give an account in the day of judgment. But this is not all: The Lord, the Judge, searcheth the heart, and trieth the reins. He understands all thy thoughts; and for all these likewise he shall bring thee into judgment. Supposest thou it is enough to be outwardly good? What! though thy inward parts are very wickedness? And are they not? Is not thy soul fallen short of the glory (the glorious image) of God? Look into thy breast. Art thou not a fallen spirit ? Dost thou not know and feel how very far thou art gone from original righteousness? Desperately full thou art of all evil, and naked of all good? Is there not in thee an earthly, sensual, devilish mind ? a mind that is enmity against God? It is plain there is. For thou dost not love God. Thou dost not delight in him. He is not the desire of thy eyes, or the joy of thy heart. Thou lovest the creature more than the Creator. Thou art a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God. O how wilt thou stand in the judgment ?

3. Are you then to go to heaven or hell? It must be either to one or the other. I pray God you may not go to hell! For who can dwell with everlasting burnings? Who can bear the fierceness of that flame, withoụt even a drop of water to cool his tongue? yea, and that without end; for as the worm dieth not, so the fire is not quenched. No; whoever is once cast into that lake of fire, shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. 0 eternity! eternity! Who can tell the length of eternity? I warn thee now, before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, that thou come not into that place of torment !

4. But, alas! Is not hell now begun in thy soul ? Does thy conscience never awake? Hast thou no remorse at any time? no sense of guilt? no dread of the wrath of God? Why, these (if thou art not saved from them in this life) are the worm that never dieth. And what else is thy carnal mind? thy enmity against God? thy foolish and hurtful lusts, thy inordinate affections? What are pride, envy, malice, revenge? Are they not vipers gnawing thy heart? May they not well be called, the dogs of hell? Canst thou be out of hell, while these are in thy soul? while they are tearing it in pieces, and there is none to help thee? Indeed they are not fully let loose upon thee: And while thou seest the light of the sun, the things of the world that surround thee, or the pleasures of sense, divert thy thoughts from them. But when thou canst eat and drink no more, when the earth, with the works thereof, is burned up, when the sun is fallen from heaven, and thou art shut up in utter darkness, what a state wilt thou be in then! Mayest thou never try! Seek thou a better habitation, a house of God, eternal in the heavens.

5. There the wicked cease from troubling, there the weary are at rest. For God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying ; neither shall there be any more pain, but everlasting joy upon their heads. But this joy our ears have not yet heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man to conceive. Yet a little of it the children of God can conceive, froin what they already enjoy. For the kingdom of heaven is within them. God has given them eternal life; the life which is hid with Christ in God. They have heaven upon earth ; " righteousness, and peace,

and joy in the Holy Ghost.” Their souls are renewed in the image of God. They love God. They are happy in him; and they love their neighbour (that is, every man) as themselves, as their own souls. Being justified by faith, they have peace with God, yea, a peace which passeth all understanding And they rejoice in him, knowing their sins are blotted out; that they are accepted in the Beloved ; and that they are going to “an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away."

6. Will you reply to all this: “But I am a soldier, and have therefore nothing to do with these things ?Hold! Have soldiers nothing to do with death? How so? Do soldiers never die? Can you fright death away? No, my friend; he will not regard all your big words and looks, nor all the weapons of your warfare. You can neither conquer nor escape him. Your profession may excuse you from many other things; but there is no excusing yourself from death. Are you less sure of this than other men are? No; there is one lot for all. Are you farther from it than they? Nay, rather nearer; you live in the very jaws of death. Why, then, a soldier (if there be any difference) has more to do with death than other men. It is not far from every one of us; but to him it is just at the door.

7. Or, do you fancy a soldier has nothing to do with judgment? Will you say, then, (as poor Captain Uratz did, when he was asked, a few minutes before his death, if he had made his peace with God,) “ I hope God will deal with me like a gentleman ?” But God said unto him, “ Thou fool! I will deal with thee as with all mankind. There is no respect of persons with me. I reward every man according to his works.” Thou also shalt receive of the righteous Judge according to the things which thou hast done in the body. Death levels all; it mingles in one dust the gentleman, soldier, clown, and beggar ; it makes all these distinctions void. When life ends, so do they. Holy or unholy, is the one question then. Lo! the books are opened, that all the dead inay be judged according to the things that are written therein. O may thy name be found written in the book of life!

8. For, have soldiers nothing to do with hell? Why, then, is it so often in thy mouth? Dost thou think God does not hear the prayer ? And how often hast thou prayed him to damn thy soul? Is his ear waxed heavy, that it cannot hear? I fear thou wilt find it otherwise. Was not he a soldier, too, (and a terrible one,) to whom God said of old, “Hell from beneath is moved for thee, to meet thee at thy coming?" And what marvel? For sin is the high road to hell. And have soldiers nothing to do with sin ? Alas! how many of you wallow therein, yea, and glory in your shame! How do you labour to work out your own damnation! 0, poor work for poor wages! The wages of sin is death; the wages of cursing, of swearing, of taking the name of God in vain. of Sabbath breaking, drunkenness, revenge, of fornication, adultery, and all uncleanness. Now, art thou clear of these? Does not thy own heart smite thee? . Art thou not condemned already? What voice is that which sounds in thine ears? Is it not the voice of God? “ Shall I not visit for these things ? saith the Lord. Shall not my soul be avenged on such a sinner as this?" It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God! Be very sure that thou art stronger than he, before thou fliest in his face! Do not defy God, unless thou canst overcome him. But canst thou indeed? Ono; do not try. Do not dare him to do his worst. Why should he destroy both thy body and soul in hell? Why shouldest thou be punished with everlasting

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