Die Neueren Sprachen: zeitschrift für den neusprachlichen Unterricht, Volume 3

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Wilhelm Viëtor
N.G. Elwert, 1896 - Languages, Modern
Vols. 1-5 include a separately paged section "Phonetische Studien. Beiblatt."

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Page 259 - Poiré is a Frenchman born, and Madame de Leeuw has half a dozen languages at the tip of her tongue. No doubt the previous grounding in French which the elder boys had received from their tutor stood them in good stead, although both they and their tutor frankly admit that they never would have been able to have gone through such an examination but for the six months
Page 260 - By the repetition, in excellent French, of a discussion which had taken place, in English, half an hour or so before, which they did not know they would be asked to repeat, and which one might think they had forgotten, occupied as they were with the questions put to them between the discussion and the repetition of it. 4. By their repeating, almost word for word, an article from a French newspaper read quickly to them. 5. By their explanation (in French) of the true reasons for the use of all moods...
Page 263 - I was pleased and satisfied beyond expectation. That the natural method of teaching languages is the best, and that this particular method is more natural than the others now in use, will be readily admitted by every unprejudiced educationist. The only problem to be solved was, " Could the method in question be carried out efficiently?
Page 438 - Sinn. Sie kehren aus dem schönen Süden Mit junger Lust zum heim'schen Nord, Nichts mag den sichern Flug ermüden Sie kommen auch an ihren Ort! Und du, mein Herz! in Abendstille Dem Kahn bist du, dem Vogel gleich, Es treibt auch dich ein starker Wille, An Sehnsuchtsschmerzen bist du reich. Sei's mit des Kahnes stillem Zuge, Zum Ziel doch geht es immer fort; Sei's mit des Kranichs raschem Fluge Auch du, Herz, kommst an deinen Ort!
Page 257 - Storr would submit from any English author, and the boys would render it in French in their own language, but the textual translation, phrase by phrase, was exactly the kind of thing against which M. Gouin set his face. Translation in which the exact phrase was reproduced belonged to literary, not colloquial. French, and it ought not to be undertaken at the end of six months' tuition. All that M. Gouin claimed to do was to enable his pupils to give the sense of the thing, to express accurately and...
Page 253 - I may premise the report of the proceedings of the examination by stating that none of our children are naturally good linguists. On neither side of the house have they inherited the least talent for acquiring foreign languages. During the whole of the time that the French lessons were going on, their ordinary studies were being conducted in the morning as far as possible in German under their tutor, Dr. Borns.
Page 260 - December 19, 1 am glad to state that the boys gave proof of a thorough and wide knowledge of what one may call simple French ; and by that I mean the ordinary straightforward language used by French people themselves in the intercourse of life, enabling them to express all their own thoughts and the thoughts of others. Of course there was occasional hesitation, which may be easily understood if we remember that everything had to be done on the spur of the moment (and even in their mother-tongue they...
Page 253 - The advocates of the system did not claim in that space of time to give a literary command of French, but for all practical purposes they undertook that pupils trained on this system would be able to find their way about France without difficulty, and hold their own in general conversation. Six months having now expired, my readers will naturally expect a report as to how far these promises have been fulfilled. What has been Dom.
Page 257 - ... they judiciously left untranslated, or rather replaced by an astonished "Monsieur!" After this they were requested to recount what they would do in France under circumstances which were to be suggested by those present. The situation suggested to the elder boys was this: — Suppose that one of them got out at Amiens, to get something to eat, and was left behind by the train without money and without ticket — what would he do ? The resources of the imagination of the fifteen-year-old were not...
Page 260 - By the excellent manner in which one of the boys gave a lesson to his sister, with the necessary explanations, insisting, when needed, on the value of certain words, and explaining their meaning (the whole in French). 7. By the admirable manner in which Jack recounted his experiences (in French), and acted as an interpreter between an American lady and a French lady, a result in keeping with his attainments last August. These tests — and others — have proved to me that although we had not time...

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