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 You wake up from a powerful dream. A good friend of yours is in trouble, and only you can go save them from the problem. What does this dream mean? 

Dreams flow from your subconscious. They attempt to make you aware of problems, solutions, fears, hopes, and much more. Many famous inventions came to people via a dream! Your mind is an incredibly powerful source of inspiration and knowledge. Don't let all of those important dream messages get missed! 

My Dream Encyclopedia ebook offers 218 pages of dream symbols, dream events, dream meanings, and dream interpretations. From cats and dogs to lions and tigers, from falling out teeth to plane crashes, learn to decipher the messages hidden within your dreams. This book provides an easy-to-use key to what your mind is trying to say. 

I have been helping people with dream symbology for over twenty years. Allow me to help you discover the hidden code of your dreams!

All proceeds benefit battered women's shelters.


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 Lisa Shea has always been interested in learning the meaning of dreams. From her youngest years she recorded her dreams, attempting to tease out the reason behind certain recurring symbols.

Over the years Lisa has immensely enjoyed the process of journaling dreams, examining them, and learning their secrets.

Please visit Lisa at LisaShea.com to learn more about her background and interests. Feedback is always appreciated!

All proceeds of this book benefit battered women’s shelters.

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