Journal of the Central Australian Exploring Expedition ...: Logical Sketch of the Country Passed Over

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C. E. Bristow, government printer, 1891 - Australia - 84 pages

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Page 40 - Macdonald, the energetic secretary of the Victorian branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia.
Page 74 - Springs Kennedya prorepens, F. v. M. Near Mount Sonder Erythrina vespertilio, Bentham. Mount Sonder. " A tree 30ft. to 40ft. high, 1ft. to 2ft. diameter of stem ; deciduous, shedding its leaves after seeding. The wood is exceedingly light, and is used by the natives for shields. Pod about four inches long.
Page 74 - ... Brown. Mount Sonder ; Glen Helen Acacia Bynoeana, Bentham. W. end of Lake Amadeus Acacia spondylophylla, F. v. M. Mount Sonder Acacia strongylophylla, F. v. M. Mount Sonder ; W. end of Lake Amadeus ; Mount Olga Acacia pyrifolia, De Candolle. Gill's Creek ; Laura Vale ; sandhills E. of Lake Macdonald Acacia notabilis, F. v. M. Mount Sonder ; Gill's Creek Acacia salicina, Lindley. Mount Sonder ; W. end of Lake Amadeus ; tableland "W. of Eringa Acacia dictyophleba, F. v. M. Sandhills N. of Mount...
Page 77 - Bentham already doubted the mutual specific distinctness of B. urticifolia, B. linearis, B. tenella, B. grandis and B. ramosissima. Recently Schumann (Flora von Kaiser Wilhelm's Land, 117) proposed to unite them under the name B. urticifolia ; but that appellation becomes particularly misleading, when applied to the whole complex of forms, because even the typical plant, delineated by Bauer (Endl. Iconogr., 78), shows no leaves, which could be compared to those of a nettle. Far apter among R. Brown's...
Page 70 - Halgiinia integerrima, Endlicher. WA, south-eastern interior. Eremophila viscida, Endlicher. WA, south-eastern interior. Fuirena glomerata, Lamarck. Belongs to the warm regions of both hemispheres ; for the most part, a littoral species in NA, Q., and NSW This is an additional genus to the flora. Fimbristylis acuminate, Vahl. An Oriental species, reaching to Queensland. D1LLENIACEAE. Hibbertia glaberrima, F. v. M. Mount Olga CAPPARIDEAE. Cleome viceosa, Linne.
Page 78 - Plants" was furnished. The example now obtained shows the flowers well developed ; thus the corolla is rather above an inch long Eremophila Gilesii, F. v. M. Warman Rocks Eremophila maculata, F. v. M. ; var. West end of Lake Amadeus ; sandhills N. of Mount Harris ASPERIFOLIAE. Pollichia Zeilanica, F. v. M. Mount Sonder; Emily Gap. "Grows on all sandhills ; camels are very fond of it.
Page 32 - Strickland, the president of the New South Wales Branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia; it is 1.20dft.
Page 70 - ... known from the coast region of NA Acacia acradenia, F. v. M. Inhabits the dry zone from Nickol Bay to the head waters of the Victoria river. Acacia patens, F. v. M. Same distribution as the last. Erechthites lacerata, K. v. M. Rotala verticillaris, linne. An Oriental species ; also known from Sturfa Creek.
Page 34 - I accepted the kind invitation of the Council of the South Australian Branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia to preside at your annual meeting to-day.
Page 73 - Gyrostemon ramulosus, Desfont. Glen Edith ; west end of Lake Amadeus Codonocarpus cotinifolius, F. v. M. Glen Helen; Mount Sonder; Dashwood Creek. A tree 12ft. high NYCTAGINEAE. Boerhaavia repanda, Willd. N. shore of Lake Macdonald Boerhaavia diffusa, Linne. Mount Olga ; Bond and Painta Springs THYMELEAE. Pimelea microcephala, R. Brown. S. end of Lake Amadeus LEGUMINOSAE. Brachysema Chambersi, F. v. M. Laura Vale, and west of Mount Olga Isotropis atropurpurea, F. v. M. Burtonia polyzyga, Bentham...

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