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with notes of the instrument, the following as occasion requires, than to possess all stanzas:

that is finite besides. What hymn, what

thought in the universe cauld be substituted No room for mirth or trifling here, for the one then uttered? The time, the For worldly hope, or worldly fears, occasion, the thought expressed, the hallowIf life so soon is gone;

ed and “sweet manner” of its utterance, If now the Judge is at the door, present full realization of all that is emAnd all mankind must stand before braced in our idea of fitness.

That surely Th' inexorable throne.

a word fitly spoken."


No matter which my thoughts employ;
A moment's misery or joy!
But oh! when both shall end,

A Thought for a Prayerless Where shall I find my distined place?

Shall I my everlasting days
With fiends or angels spend?

You are the cause of it!"-Said a

dying young man to his mother; “I am Nothing is worth a thought beneath, just going into eternity; there is nothing But how I may escape the death

before me but misery, black despair, and That never, never dies!

you are the cause of it.You allowed me How make my own election sure,

to violate the Sabbath with the gun and And when I fail on earth, secure angling rod, and thus was I introduced A mansion in the skies.

to that career of crime, which, in ten

years, has brought me to perdition. She Jesus, vouchsafe a pitying ray,

turned from his bed, and with a heartBe thou my guide, be thou my way rending groan, left the room.

The day To glorious happiness!

of judgment will disclose many similar Oh! write the pardon on my heart! And whensoe'er I hence depart,

Without indulging children in immoral Let me depart in peace!

conduct, a mother may indirectly promote

their everlasting ruin. Even while adminisThe minstrel ceased. The solemnity of cering salutary advice, she may omit to eternity was upon that assembly. Without supplicate a Divine blessing on their souls; speaking, they dispersed. The father wept and, if she do not ask, how can she expect aloud, and when left alone, sought the to receive. Of what avail are her exhortacounsel and prayers of his daughter for the tions to prayer, so long as she neglects salvation of his soul. His soul was saved, to pray ? Does not example preach louder and his great estate consecrated to Christ. than precept ? “ God is not mocked.” I would rather be an organ of communica- To every prayerless mother might not a ting such thoughts in such circumstances, dying impenitent child, while he gasps forth and aid in the production of such results; I “ To hell I must go,” add the awful queswould rather possess wisdon thus to speak tion—" Are you the cause of it?"


Our Young people.



we are

Don't become Rich Again.

and furniture, were sold; and she who had

been so long mistress of the mansion shed “ I've lost my whole fortune,” said a

no tear. merchant, as he returned one evening to

Pay every debt,” said she; let no one his home; “we can no longer keep our

suffer through us, and we may yet be carriage. We must leave this large house. happy.” The children can no longer go to expensive

He rented a neat cottage, and a small schools. Yesterday I was a rich man.

piece of ground a few miles from the city. To-day there is nothing I can call my

With the aid of his sons, he cultivated

vegetables for the market. He viewed “ Dear husband,” said the wife,

with delight and astonishment the economy still rich in each other and our children. of his wife, nurtured as she had been in Money may pass away, but God has given wealth, and the efficiency which his daughus a better treasure in those active hands ters soon acquired under her training.

The eldest one assisted her in the work and loving hearts.”

“Dear father," said the children, “ do of the household, and also assisted the not look so sad. We will help you to get a younger children. Besides, they executed living.”

various works, which they had learned as " What can you do, poor things ?” said accomplishments, but which they found he.

could be disposed of to advantage. They “ You shall see, you shall see," answered embroidered, with taste, some of the orseveral cheerful voices. “ It is a pity if we namental parts of female apparel, which have been to school for nothing. How can they readily sold to a merchant in the the father of eight children be poor? We city. shall work and make you rich again.” They cultivated flowers, and sent bon

" I shall help,” said the youngest girl, quets to market in the cart that conveyed hardly four years old. “I will not have the vegetables; they plaited straw; they any new things bought, and I shall sell my painted maps; they executed plain needle

work. Every one was at her post, busy The heart of the husband and father, and cheerful. The cottage was like a beewhich had sunk within his bosom like a hive. stone, was lifted up. The sweet enthu- I never enjoyed such health before,' siasm of the scene cheered him, and his said the father. nightly prayer was like a song of praise. “ And I never was so happy before," said

They left his stately house. The servants the mother. were dismissed. Pictures and plate, carpets “ We never knew how many things we

great doll.”



could do when we lived in the big house," his wood-bine covered porch, in a summer's said the children; “and we love each other evening, than he had been in his showy a great deal better here; you call us your drawing-room. little bees.”

“ We are now thriving and prosperous," “ Yes,” replied the father; “ and you said he; "shall we now return to the city?” make just such honey as the heart loves to “ O no, no," was the unanimous reply. feed on.”

“ Let us remain," said the wife, “ where Economy as well as industry was strictly we have found health and contentment.” observed; nothing was wasted. Nothing “ Father,” said the youngest, “ all we unnecessary was purchased. The eldest children hope you are not going to be rich daughter became assistant teacher in a again ; for then,” she added, “ we little distinguished female seminary, and the ones were shut up second took her place as instructress to the did not see much of you or mother. Now family.

we all live together, and sister, who loves The little dwelling, which had always us, teaches us, and we learn to be industribeen kept neat, they were soon able to ous and useful. We were none of us happy beautify. Its construction was improved; when we were rich and did not work. So, vines and flowering trees were planted father, please not to be a rich man any around it. The merchant was happier under more."

and we in the nursery,

Sabbath-school Treasury.

Importance of Education. crime; the one rising in savage hostility If it bc true that out of the 200,000 against every thing allied to order and offences that every year occupy the atten- religion, the other barricading every avenue tion of our courts of justice, one-tenth, or by which light and truth seek to enter the nearly 20,000, are committed by mere chil- poor man's home and heart, reason, justice, dren; and one-fourth, or nearly 50,000, by policy, and christian love, combine to urge youthful transgressors under twenty years us, night and day, in season, and out of of age, if it be true, as it is, that our ex

season, individually, denominationally, lopenditure for jails, houses of correction, and cally, and nationally, to promote, by every police, alone, amounts to a million of money means in our power, the sound and scripannually; and if, on the other hand, igno- tural education of the people. rance and intemperance are every where

B.& F. School Report. perceived to be the great engenderers of

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Six Considerations for Sunday exhort them to flee from the wrath to come.
School Teachers.

Now then is the time to speak of Christ's First.The soul of each child is immortal. love to sinners, and to point out his ability When the world, and all things in it, shall and willingness to save to the uttermost all come to an end, the soul of each child in who come unto God through him. Isa. xl. the school will be unspeakably happy or 6, 7.; Eccles. ix. 10.; Heb. vii. 25. miserable. How important, then, is your

FIFTH.-Success belongs to God; but the

And charge! He that winneth souls is wise. use of suitable means belongs to us. Prov. xi. 30.

whether a teacher is permitted to see the SECOND.—Each child is a sinner, and by fruits of his labours or otherwise, his duty nature lying under the awful sentence of is equally the same. It should be sufficient condemnation. Rom. iii. 23., Psa. xiv. 2, 3. for us to know that at the time which John iii. 19.; 2 Cor. v. 19–21.; John iii. pleaseth him, God will command a blessing. 30.

Eccles. xi. 6.; Acts i. 7. THIRD.—There is no Saviour but Christ

Sixth.—Teachers are answerable to God Jesus. All other refuges are false and for the diligent and faithful use of every delusive, but his blood cleanseth from all talent which they possess. Math.xxv. 14–40. sin; and the blessings of his salvation are

Ezek. xxxiii. 249.-Witness. offered freely, without money or price, to all who believe in his name. But children naturally know nothing of Christ Jesus,

The Last Question. and how shall they believe without an instructor. Acts iv. 10–12.; Isa. iii. 2—12.; A little boy, on his death-bed, was urging Heb. ix. 28.; John iii. 16—18.; Rom. v. his father to repentance, and fearing he 1. 8—10.

had made no impression, said—“ Father, I FOURTH.— The time is short, and death is am going to heaven; what shall I tell Jesus certain. We know not what a day may is the reason why you won't love him?” bring forth, nor are we sure of another The father burst into tears; but before he opportunity of meeting with the children, could give the answer, his dear Sunday to tell them of an eternal world, or to school boy had fallen asleep in Jesus.

Dying Hours.

Rev. John Wesley, M. A. with all the remaining strength he had

The late Rev. John Wesley, after a life cried out, “ The best of all is God is with of unparalleled labours and usefulness,con- us.” And then lifting up his dying arm in cluded his course, as might have been token of victory, and raising his feeble expected, in perfect peace and holy triumph. voice with a holy triumph not to be exA short time before his departure, a person pressed, he again repeated the heart revivcoming into the room, be strove to speak to ing words, The best of all is God is with him, but could not. Finding they could us.” not understand him, he paused a little, and

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Rev. John Fletcher, M.A. as if with the shouts of angels, and kindled

The late Rev. John Fletcher (Vicar of into rapture with the visions of glory, he Madely,) entered the valley of the shadow broke into a song of holy triumph, which of death as one who feared no evil. He began and ended with the praises of God's considered it as the high road to that unfathomable love. A little before his deincorruptible inheritance which is reserved parture, he said to Mrs. Fletcher and the for the saints; and looking forward with a servant, “ Shout both of you! I want to

hear hope “ full of immortality,” he saw beyond

you shout his praise!” He often reits limited gloom those everlasting hills of peated, with peculiar pleasure, light and glory to which his soul aspired.

“ Jesus' blood thro' earth and skies, A few days before his dissolution, he ap

Mercy, free boundless mercy cries." peared to have reached that desirable point where the last rapturous discoveries are He fell asleep in Jesus in the 56th year made to the souls of dying saints. Roused, of his age.


On the termination of the year 1849, and the Thus prove my gratitude sincere,

commencement of the year 1850. That I am spared another year,

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