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assembly melted into tears. This address Happy had it been for poor Hume bad he was accompanied with such animated, yet received what he then heard“ as the word natural action, that it surpassed any thing of God, and not as the word of man." I ever saw or heard in any other preacher."

Friendly Monitions to parents.


Reminescences of a Faithful such as this-preparing immortal souls for Mother.


Our mother's faithful instructions, her TAE recollections of my childhood often earnest intreaties, her fervent prayers were occupy my thoughts. The chilling breath not in vain. She it was who led us to the of the world has had no power to destroy Saviour-who pointed out the way, encour: their pleasant influences. The lowly cot- aged us when faltering, and by the beauty tage, the old trees, the murmuring brook, and consistency of whose life we the green lawn, and the early violets, are taught the reality of religion. God accomall remembered with a strength of attach- panied her words with the blessings of his ment which I can never entertain for simi- Holy Spirit, and if our intercourse had been lar objects. I have been in many lands sweet before, it was far sweeter now, since that were fairer—I have seen nobler trees, now our hopes, our fears, our joys, were finer crystal streams, greener lawns, and one. And much did I prize her then, but sweeter violets—but I have never loved it was not till death removed her from any as I did those; and why? The angel earth that I fully appreciated her worth, of my childhood's dreams, a tender, loving her teachings, and her example. Oft do I mother, sanctified that cherished spot. It recall to mind her precepts, and remember is with such associations that I remember her counsels, and seem to hear again her her who lulled me to sleep in infancy, and voice of prayer, and their hallowed influwhose pale, gentle face ever smiled on me ence is exerted anew upon me. It seems in my waking hours. I knew no want then to sink into my heart, to animate my hopes, that she did not supply, and I cherished no and to strengthen my resolution; and oh, love so eagerly as that which she gave me. how precious to me, are these remembran. Her love and tenderness followed me from ces of a sainted mother! infancy to childhood, and still she was all Need I urge you, mothers, to be faithful the world to me. Each night bending at to the precious little ones committed to her knee I lisped my evening prayer, and your care—to lead them to Jesus, the life, then courted sleep on her

loving bosom. the truth, the way,—to prepare them for How sweet were the Sabbath evenings usefulness here and happiness hereafter? in those happy days, when our little group Are not the spiritual welfare of your offgathered around our mother, and eagerly spring, and the commands laid upon you listened while she spoke of God and heaven by God, motives sufficient to enlist all your -of the bright angels and the dear friends energies in so holy a mission? Let this be who dwell in that land, and while she an encouragement to you, that, if faithful pointed out to us the way, and directed our while spared to them, your influence shall steps thither! Many were the tears we not cease to be felt when you are taken shed when she urged us to flee from the from them—that though your voice be wrath to come, and devoutly did we join hushed in death, a word of warning, of in her simple and earnest prayer that we advice, or encouragement, once spoken by might meet a united family circle around you, shall reverberate in the heart of your the throne of God. Oh, how delightful is child, and control its emotions so long as such a scene! In what higher, nobler that heart shall continue to beat. But oecupation can a mother engage than in remember, too, that your influence shall



live on, whether it be for good or evil. love, form the fundamentals of his creed. How great then your responsibility-how But we go to the abstract doctrines that watchful should you be of what you say arise out of the multiform experiences of and do! You, it may be, control the destiny the contemplative Christian, and we expect of your offspring by the most seemingly that a child should enter into these. We trivial word or deed. Study then to speak ask him questions upon which all the world and act aright, and may your children have has disagreed, and on which the wisest occasion to thank God, as I do, for one of have lost themselves. We force him to his best gifts to man—a faithful, pious answer without having experienced the mother.-Mother's Magazine.

truth of what he says, and without perhaps understanding what we mean; and then we think the child's salvation is safe. Religion is built upon convictions and experiences;

therefore cultivate their exhibition; but beMaxims,-Moral Training.

ware of placing the elephant on the tortoise, REMEMBER always the force of example.

or of attempting to put a tun of wine into

a phial. During the minority of judgment, imitation is the agent of the soul: those that are less and honour her with her attributes: this is

Do not confound prudence with virtue, capable of reason are ways most swayed the fault of the middle ranks. Do not by example, says Lord Bacon. Such as is the master, so will be the school: the turn of confound honour with virtue: this is the

fault of the upper classes. your eye, the movement of your hand, will te copied faithfully. The boy either makes will to do good of their love towards God

Strengthen all rational motives; and the the master his model, or the butt of the is the first: the next is self-respect. Let ridicule; when he does the latter, his pro- the child feel it is rather a privilege than a gress in moral and mental discipline is

duty to act well.-Ibid. hopeless.

The child is the father of the man, The teacher is the father of the child's mind, and therefore ought to have a higher character than even the parent. What more An Affectionate Spirit. is necessary to show the importance of the teacher to the parent and to himself. We sometimes meet with men who seem

The first book to be placed in the hands of children, should contain anecdotes of to think that any indulgence in affectionate great and good men, and their morally feeling is a weakness. They will return heroic deeds. Such is the Bible. The only from a journey, and greet their families moral lessons which can work into their characters, are lessons of example; which with distant dignity, and move among their excite them to imitation, with love and ad- children with the cold and lofty splendour miration of the act imitated. Drill him with ethical precepts and sage maxims, of of an iceberg, surrounded with its broken which he cannot see the beauty, and he will fragments. There is hardly a more unlook

upon them with disgust. Beware, then; natural sight on earth than one of these lest you impose upon the inexperience of the child, what is only fit for the

experience families without hearts.

A father had better put out his boy's A little child once said, “ I do like the Bible so, because there are many pretty eyes than to take away his heart. Who stories in it.” It is indeed the child's book that has experienced the joys of friendship, as well as the man's: but it is the miracles, and knows the worth of sympathy and the providences, the judgments, the examples of holy men, the retribution that falls affection, would not rather lose all that is on the evil, through which he drinks reli- beautiful in nature's scenery, than be robgion. Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, bed of the hidden treasures of his heart? Hagar and Ishmael, Joseph and his brethren, affect him with varied emotions.- Who would not rather bury his wife, than The dealings of God with the children of bury his love for her? Who would not men at Sinai, at Jericho, on Mount Carmel, or Gilboa; and the transcendant actions of rather follow his child to the grave, than the Incarnate, his miracles, and his deeds of entomb his parental affection?

of the man.

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Cherish, then, your heart's best affec- so great that while in some families the tions. Indulge in the warm and gushing they are almost entirely lost. The follow

benefits derived are inestimable, in others emotions of filial, paternal, fraternal love. ing excellent rules should be carefully Think it not a weakness. God is love!


1. The exercises of family worship Love God. Love everybody, and every should be performed at seasonable hours, thing that is lovely. Teach your children while the mind is vigorous, and none of to love ; to love the rose, to love the robin, the members of the family are oppressed

with sleep. to love their parents, to love their God. 2. Domestics, and all others connected Let it be the studied object of your domes- with the family, should be present, because tic culture to give them warm hearts,

they are immortal beings, and must be saved

or lost for ever. ardent affections. Bind your whole family 3. The exercises should be performed together by these strong cords. You cannot at regular and stated hours; that the famake them too strong. Religion is love

mily may be trained to punctuality and

system. love to God-love to man.

4. They should be so short as not to be wearisome.

5. The prayer should be fervent, that the members of the family may feel it to be

a transaction of important business with Family Worship.

God, and not a mere form.

9. It should specify circumstances in A family is a little community of members, which they are interested as a family, that bound together by the most innate rela- they may feel that all their concerns are tions, and no community can prosper with known to God, and all their sins manifest out religion. Every head of a family to himn. ought to consider the frown of Providence 7. It should be offered in the name of as resting on his house, while family Jesus Christ, and in humble confidence in worship is not maintained; for God will him, through whom God can be just, and pour out his fury upon the families that call yet regard the cry of the penitent. and not upon his name. But the members of a pardon and justify the true believer. family in which morning and evening devo- Family worship thus conducted, teaches tions are offered in an acceptable manner, children religion by almost insensible demay feel safe, under the dispensations of a grees. While they surround the altar of prayer-hearing God, who will never wound God, divine instruction “drops as the rain, them but in his mercy; and when he wounds, and distils as the dew.” Such worship too, his hand will make whole.

unites the parents and the children in bonds In the manner in which family worship of inseparable attachment. is conducted, there is a very great diversity,

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Our Young people.

Early Piety.

advantages to be obtained by early piety. “When we devote our youth to God,

How delightful is it to see a young man, in 'Tis pleasing in his eyes;

the midst of prosperity or adversity, avowA flower when offered in the bud,

ing his attachment to the Son of God, and Is no vain sacrifice.”-Watts.

showing it by all his actions; to see him Religion never appears more lovely than meet the reproaches of the thoughtless, the when it is the ornament of the young; like worldly, and profane, undaunted; devoting the newly-blown flower, it is blooming and his time, his talent, and his gain to the fragrant, at once gratifying the eye and cause of his Redeemer; retiring from the delighting the sense of the beholder. world to commune with Heaven, regarding Religion enlightens the mind, regulates the interest of the rising generation, with the conduct, improves the manner, sweet- delight and rapture, supporting a fair and ens the temper, and renders the happy honourable reputation, and dying in the possessor of its graces, a blessing to his full expectation of a blessed immortality! connexions, to the church, and to the world these are blessings that can be only known at large. Many young persons have started to the truly pious, and only to be obtained in a religious course, and for a time ran by “devoting our youth to God.” Let the well; but, alas ! some temptations have young remember the gracious promise held overtaken them, some worldly advantages out to them, “I love them that love me,

and have drawn them aside from the “paths of those that seek me early shall find me,” peace,” some vain companion has seduced and they will be convinced that they canthem from the bosom of their God, some not begin religion too soon, but may possireligious sentiment has stumbled against bly think of it when it is too late. Oh, let them, or some besetting sin has overpowered them think how many youths, after leading them; they have gone back,“every one his a short career of sin, have sunk into an own way," and walk no longer with their early grave, without either the consolation Redeemer; and thus manifested, that they or knowledge of a Saviour, who have never are destitate of that holy principle, by sought for him, therefore will not be acwhich truly gracious characters “endure knowledged by him, and it cannot fail to unto the end.”

rouse their attention to that “one thing How powerfully and gloriously does needful,” without which, every thing else is religion appear, when it not only engages as dross and dung. Let them, then, “rethe heart to the love of truth, but governs member their Creator in the days of their the passions, comforts the mind in all afflic- youth,” and they shall escape many evils: tions, exhilarates the spirits, excites to and as their morning has been bright and usefulness, and inspires the soul with joy shining, so their evening shall be calm and unspeakable! These are some of the many serene; and whether such a one dies either

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