The Museum of Science and Art, Volumes 3-4

Front Cover
Dionysius Lardner
Walton and Maberly, 1854 - Arts
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Page 226 - POPULAR ASTRONOMY. Containing How to Observe the Heavens. The Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets. Light, Comets, Eclipses, Astronomical Influences, &c. 182 Illustrations, 4*. 6d. THE BEE AND WHITE ANTS: Their Manners and Habits. With Illustrations of Animal Instinct and Intelligence.
Page 225 - CONTENTS : The Planets ; are they inhabited Worlds ? — Weather Prognostics — Popular Fallacies in Questions of Physical Science — Latitudes and Longitudes — Lunar Influences — Meteoric Stones and Shooting Stars — Railway Accidents — Light — Common Things : — Air — Locomotion in the United States — Cometary Influences...
Page 115 - Canst thou lift up thy voice to the clouds, That abundance of waters may cover thee? Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, And say unto thee, Here we are?
Page 26 - ... limbs by overthrows or breakings down. They will here meet with ruts, which I actually measured, four feet deep, and floating with mud, only from a wet summer. What, .therefore, must it be after a winter? The only mending it receives is tumbling in some loose stones, which serve no other purpose than jolting a carriage in the most intolerable manner. These are not merely opinions, but facts ; for I actually passed three carts broken down in these eighteen miles of execrable memory.
Page 221 - Handbook of the English Language. For the use of Students of the Universities and the Higher Classes in Schools. By RG Latham, MA MD &c.
Page 225 - Art. Common Things.— Fire. Locomotion and Transport, their Influence and Progress. The Moon. Common Things.— The Earth. The Electric Telegraph. Terrestrial Heat. The Sun. Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Barometer, Safety Lamp, and Whitworth's Micrometric Apparatus. Steam. The Steam Engine. The Eye. The Atmosphere. Time. Common Things.— Pumps.
Page 169 - ... a plateau, which seems to have been placed there especially for the purpose of holding the wires of a submarine telegraph, and of keeping them out of harm's way. It is neither too deep nor too shallow ; yet it is so deep that the wires, but once landed, will remain forever beyond the reach of vessels...
Page 226 - Containing : How to Observe the Heavens— Latitudes and Longitudes — The Earth— The Sun— The Moon— The Planets: are they Inhabited ?— The New Planets — Leverrier and Adams's Planet — The Tides — Lunar Influences — and the Stellar Universe — Light —Comets — Cometary Influences — Eclipses — Terrestrial Rotation — Lunar Rotation — Astronomical Instruments. (From "The Museum of Science and Art.") 182 Illustrations.
Page 223 - A History of Greece from the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest With Supplementary Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By WILLIAM SMITH, LL.D., Editor of the Dictionaries of "Greek and Roman Antiquities," "Biography and Mythology," and
Page 27 - Let me persuade all travellers to avoid this terrible country, which must either dislocate their bones with broken pavements, or bury them in muddy sand.

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