Poems on several occasions, written by Philomela

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John Dunton at the Raven in Jewen-street, 1696 - 141 pages

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Page 13 - Undazled now, / thy weak Taper View, And find no fatal influence accrue; Nor would fond Child thy feebler Lamp appear, Should my bright Sun deign to approach more near; Canst thou his Rival then pretend to prove?
Page 6 - That undesign'd my thoughts burst out a Chiming; My active Genius will by no means sleep, And let it then its proper channel keep. I've told you, and you may believe me too, That I must this, or greater mischief...
Page 6 - Beside, my Muse is the most gentle thing That ever yet made an attempt to sing: I call no lady punk,* nor gallants fops, Nor set the married world an edge for ropes; Yet...
Page 29 - Tis not the painful Agonies of Death, Nor all the gloomy Horrors of the Grave ; Were that the worft, unmov'd I'd yield my Breathj And with a Smile the King of Terrors braver V.
Page 14 - ... feebler lamp appear, Should my bright sun deign to approach more near; Canst thou his rival then pretend to prove? Thou a false idol, he the God of Love; Lovely beyond conception, he is all Reason, or fancy amiable call, All that the most exerted thoughts can reach, When sublimated to its utmost stretch. Oh! altogether charming, why in thee Do the vain world no form or beauty see? Why do they idolize a dusty clod, And yet refuse their homage to a God? Why from a beauteous flowing fountain turn,...
Page 20 - Glories flow. The confcious Seraphs well may veil their dimmer Faces too. IV. His Feet were ftrong and dreadful, as his Port, "Worthy the God- like Form they did fupport ; His Voice refembkd the Majeftick Fall Of mighty Waves : Twas Awful, Great, Divine, and Solemn all. V.
Page 23 - Or elfe relign my heart, which is too great For you in this imperious way to treat. I know you'r gay and charming as the Spring, And that I ne*r beheld a lovelier thing, But know as well the influence of my Eyes, Nor can you think my heart a vulgar prize.
Page 19 - Strefs of fo much Light ? Amidft the golden Lamps the Vifion flood, Form'd like a Man, with all the Awe and Luftre of a God.

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