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1- An Introduction to Computer Science
1.1- Introduction
There are branches of computer science quite distinct from study of "real" machines. In theoretical computer science , for example, researchers study logic and mathematical problems and their solutions. Frequently, these researchers investigate problems not with actual computers but rather with formal computation, which are easier to study and analyze mathematically.
Programming is extremely important to the discipline-researchers use it to the study of new ideas and build and test his solutions - but like the computer itself, it is a tool.
A wide range of people use computer software, but it is the computer scientist who is responsible for specifying, designing, building, and testing software packages as well as computer systems on which they run.
1.2- The Definition of Computer Science
According to the definition proposed by professors Norman Gibbs and Allan Tucker, the central concept in computer science is algorithm.
Three types of instructions used to make algorithms are : sequential, conditional, and iterative.
If we can specify an algorithm to a problem, th en we can automate it's solution.
Once we have formally specified and algorithm, we can build a machine to carry out the steps contained in the algorithm. In computer science terminology the machine, robot, person, or thing carrying out the steps of the algorithm is called computing agent.
Computer science can be viewed as science of algorithmic problem solving.

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