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Correspondence-Contributions Received.




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tian kindness, that far beyond its

£ 8. d. money value, has carried joy to many Nottingham, J. Heard, Esq., desolate hearts and homes. The

four remittances £10 each. 40 0 0 'blessed God' must have beheld it Boughton, per Mr. Robinson 1 100 with delight. The one hundred Berkhampstead, Rev. J. Lawpounds a week, that I said was

ton,Congregation £13 11s.6d. needed has been sent. This amount Hitchin, R. Johnson, Esq.

School 13s. Cd.

14 5 0

1 0 0 will be required, I do hope, but a M.C.E., Wisbech post mark... 0 100 little longer.

Halifax, per Mr. Wilson 7 5 9 As we are fully sensible of the Queenshead, per Rev. R Hardy 3 12 9 sacrifices our brethren have to make Northallaton,per Mr Stubbings 0 8 0 to raise that sum, and the unavoid. Nottingham, (Stoney-street,) able bindrances it throws in the way

per Rev, H. Hunter

15 0 of their churches, and of some of Nottingham, (Mansfield-road,) our important institutions, we will per W. H. Booker, Esq. 23 60 not receive a fraction more than is Knipton, per Rev. R. Pike 3 5 0 absolutely necessary for the

Colwell, Isle of Wight, per

present distress; and as trustees for the

Mr. Robins

1 10 0 suffering poor, it shall still be our Audlem, per Mr. Thursfield

Louth, per Rev. W. Orton 4 0

2 0 anxious concern to alleviate the London, (Commercial - road,) largest amount of sorrow with the

per Rev. T. Goadby, Consums placed in our hands.

gregation £10 17s. 7d. Yours truly,

School £2 6s. ld.

13 3 8 RICHARD HORSFIELD, Barton, per Rev. E. Bott 2 10 6 Hon. Sec. of the Relief Fund. | London, Miss Germain

5 0 Nerton Grore, Leeds,

Gosberton, per Rev. A. Jones,
Dec. 19, 1862.

Congregation £2 78, 7d,
School 12s, 7d.

3 0 2 P.8.-I have received a kind letter Received in a dress in a package this morning from S. Pewtress, Esq., Long Sutton, per Mrs. Cart

of clothing

0 12 0 Secretary, of Camden-road chapel Committee, enclosing cheque for Sutton St. James' School, per


2 4 0 £14 12s. As Camden chapel, under

Mr. Musk

0 7 8 the pastorate of the Rev. F. Tucker, Clayton, per Rev. W. Salter ... 2 6 8 is connected with the other section Coalville, per Mr. Cholerton 4 15 0 of Baptists, this handsome ex- | Whitwick, per Mr. Cholerton 1 12 0 pression of fraternal sympathy is Great Yarmouth, per Rev. J.F. very grateful.


1 1 0 Loughborough, (Wood - gate

School,) per Mr. Baldwin ... 0 12 3 List of Contributions received by the Holbeach, per Rev. J. Cotton 1 8 8

Committee at Leeds, from November Kirton Linsey, per Rev. J. 15th to December 17th, 1862, for


1 10 0

Mr. Dickenson Distressed General Baptist Chris. Tarporley, per

£113s 4d, £115s. 5d. £13s. 8d. 4 12 5 tians in the Cotton Districts.

Loughborough. (Baxter-gate,)

£ s. d. per Mr. E. Stevenson, jun., Magdalen School, per Mr.

£1 9s. 7d., £1 19s. lld., Jackson

0 13 0 £1 15s. 6d., and School 58. 5 10 0 Wisbech, per R. Wherry, Esq.

Rothley, per E. Stevenson jun. 1 0 0 £10 and £10

20 0 0 Birmingham, perG.Cheatlejun. Derby, (Osmaston-road,) per

Congregation £16 8s. 4d., Rev. W. Jones, £20, £10,

Schools £4 6s. 2d.

20 14 6 £10, £10

50 0 0 Leeds Byron-street chapel 7 11 6 Chesham, per Rev. J. Preston,

Derby, (St. Mary's-gate,) per £16 193. 6d. and 10s., also

Rev. J. Stevenson, M.A., School £3 8s

20 17 6 Congregation £5 5s., Rosé Leicester, (Archdeacon-lane,)

Hill School and friends per Mr. Holmes, £7, £7 5s. 14 5 0 £2 12s. 9d,

7 17 9





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£ 8. d. The Committee have also received Norwich, per Rev. H. Wilkinson 5 10 0

a number of packages of clothing, Peterborough, per Rev. T.

&c., as well as some provisions, Barrass, £7 2s. 4d , £l 2s.. 8 4 4

most of which have been assorted Melbourne, per J. Earp, Esq. 8 10 0

and sent. The rest will follow this Leicester, (Dover-street,) per

week. Rev.J.J. Goadby, £4 12s. 3d. £2

6 12 3

G. T. WOODSON, Treasurer.
Leicester, (Friar-lane,) per Rev.
J. C. Pike, £2 78., £2 ls. 4 8 0

Leeds, December 17, 1862.
Holbeach, Rev. F. Chamberlain 6 10 6
Barrow-on-Soar, per Mr. Gray 1 0 0

Mr. Baldwin 1 0 0
Long Wbatton, per Mr. Draper 1 16 0 CLOTHING FOR THE
Lyndhurst,per Rev. R.Compton 2 10 0
per Mr. Short 1 0 0

Market Harborough, per Rev.
D. Gee

2 8 3 To the Editor of the General Baptist Hugglescote, per Rev. J.

Magazine. Salisbury

4 18 6 Ibstock, £2 18s. 3d , and School

Dear Sir, I was obliged by your 8s. 1d., per Rev. J. Salisbury 3 6 4 inserting my last note, and am glad Coleorton,

0 18 2 Lincoln, stamps from a Lady

to tell you, that it has brought to

0 2 6 Lenton, per Mr. B. Walker 0 0

our ladies' meeting a large amount Hull, from a friend

2 0 0

of really hard work; made delightLoughborough, (Wood-gate,)

ful to us, however, by the consciousper Mr. Timms, £6 8s. 4d.

ness that we were affording relief and £5 3s. 6.

11 11 10 to many distressed followers of the London, (Praed-street,) Rev.

Lord Jesus. In the list below, we J. Clifford

8 3 6 have great pleasure in acknowledg. Wheelock Heath, Mr. Pedley,

ing the receipt of a large number of £4, £4

8. bales, hampers, boxes, barrels, and Sutterton, per Rev. J. Cholerton 8 5 7

packages, representing many thouCambridge, E. Cockle, Esq. 1 0

sand valuable and useful articles Isleham, per Rev. T. Mee 2 10 0 Smarden, per Rev. J. H, Wood 1 0 0

that have passed through our hands, Kegworth, chiefly from young

and are now being worn by hundreds Ladies in Mrs. Taylor's

of sufferers. In Mr. Horsfield's last establishment

1 0 0 visit, he found that many of the Hose, per Mr. Stevenson 2 10 0 poor children could not go to their Hose, per Mr. Mantle

0 15 0 beloved Sunday-school for want of Leeds, c. Bloomfield, Esq. 5 0 0 shoes and clothes, and that many do Ripley, per Rev. G. Needham 0 0

go in apparel too bad for decency: Seven Oaks, Miss Felkin


Womens underclothing, flannel, and Grantham, Stamps 2s.7d., 2 s.30. 04 10 childrens clothes, are needed to a Broughton, per Mr. Underwood 2 3 o distressing extent in every district. Sheepshed, per Mr. Bentley 2 0 0 Tring, per Mr. Heath

1 2 0

Sincerely thanking all who have so Skeflington, per Rev. E. H.

kindly responded to our appeal, we Jackson

5 0 0

shall still be glad to arrange and Lincoln, from C. H., a working forward any amount of clothing that

0 2 0 the ladies of the Connexion can send Nottingham, (Broad-street)

Please to direct per Mr. Baker

1 8 6

Lancashire Distress.'

Rev. R. Horsfield,

439 18 10 Secretary to the Relief Committee, Amount previously advertised 155 0 1

Byron Street Chapel,
£594 18 11

Yours truly,



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5 0




Correspondence- Cotton District Distress.



Clothing, &c., received up to 19th | that if all our distant friends knew, December, from

as we know, the agonizing scenes Derby, St. Mary's Gate, per Mrs. which abound around us none could Sterenson.

then be apathetic. All would feel Osmaston Road, Rev. W. Jones. it their duty to alleviate this unLondon, Miss Rackam.

looked-for and spreading distress, Leicester, Archdeacon Lane, Rev. as far as each congregation can, T. Sterenson.

and as every individual is able. Peterborough, Rev. T. Barrass. The utmost liberality is sure to Bourne, Mrs. Wherry.

fall short — far short of Wisbech, R. Wherry, Esq. pressing requirements. It is painDerby, Osmaston Road, Mr. F. ful to consider that we represent Earp.

localities in which hundreds of Downham, Mrs. Mawby.

sufferers are Christian people, and Downham, Mrs. Doyle.

one with ourselves as General BapLouth, Rev. W. Orton.

tists. By the kind sympathy and Barton, Rev. E. Bott.

aid already afforded many have been Lyddington, Mr. R. Muggleton. soothed ainidst their sorrows, and Queenshead, Rev. R. Hardy. we know that the poor recipients Bradford, Mr. Bowker.

are truly grateful. We trust that Tarporley, Mrs. Smith.

our Denomination will more than ever Market Harborough, Rev. D. Gee. emulate the praiseworthy doings of Leeds, Byron Street, 12 Donors. other religious bodies in money, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Mr. Orchard. clothing, bed covering, provisions, Nottingham, Mansfield Road, G. &c. The insuring of sufficient B. Trueman, Esq.

supplies for steady relief, through Fleet, Rev. F. Chamberlain. the Committee appointed at the Askern, Miss Brook.

Leeds Conference, we now earnestly Sheffield.

urge and recommend. Swinefleet.

RICHARD INGHAM, Todmorden Vale. Wendover, Rev. E. Foster. J. ALCORN, Burnley. Birmingham, Rev. J. Harrison. W. GRAY, Birchcliffe.

Nottingham, Broad Street, Mr. O. HARGREAVES, Burnley Lane. W. E. Baker.

THOyAS GILL, Shore. Ripley, Rev. G. Needham. JAMES MADEN, Gambleside. Leicester, Mrs. Cooke.

ELIJAH GLADWELL, Edgeside. Holbeach, Rev. J. Cotton. JAMES DEARDEN, Archview. Measham, Mrs. Orgill.

M. W. Fox, Rochdale. Hose, Messrs. Stevenson and John LORD, 7 Deacons, Mantle.

John MITCHELL, ) Todmorden. In all making sixty-eight Con- John HEAP, Deacons, signments.

Thomas Priest, $ Stalybridge.



From the Treasurer of the Leeds Committee

to the General Baptist Ministers To General Baptist Ministers and Congregations.


Dear CHRISTIAN FRIENDS, Our DEAR CHRISTIAN FRIENDS, -A ca- Committee having requested that I, lamity of this kind falling so by a few remarks, should supplesuddenly upon thousands, from no ment the other statements. I hasten fault of their own, calls for deep to express, as briefly as I can, my and earnest sympathy. We are present thoughts and impressions. daily witnesses of the extent and By the shrewdness, sense, and severity of the distress, and are sure piety evinced by both donors and



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receivers in numerous letters, we men don't claim to have such sympaare much pleased and encouraged.

thies as you.

Whilst you pity the But some of our worthy correspon- distressed parents, you'll feel acutely dents rather too exacting. | for their little ones; they clamour Questions and particulars not de- for bread, and you will not withhold cidedly important we cannot attend it from them. Remember that when to. We cannot be always writing, your utmost is done, you'll only nor must we dip into the fund to pay partially alleviate parental pangs. helpers. We have to fay ourselves, Sabbath School Superintendents ! in addition to other duties and en- you, if you will, can lend a helping gagements; duties and engagements hand. Ī, like some of you, am à which, of themselves, are heavy veteran, and know your power. A enough for ordinary mortals. We number of the Midland schools have are anxious to act as judiciously done nobly already, and will yet do and impartially as we possibly can;

Why not every one ? State and we hope that at last our account and reiterate to your classes the will be rendered without any grief affecting fact, that a large proporto either you or ourselves.

tion of our poor sufferers are Sunday The alacrity to relieve distress School teachers and scholars, such evinced by so many of our Midland as themselves. friends deserves commendation, and While other communions of God's must be pleasing to our Lord. And people are doing asthey ought, are as to the poor recipients, we are we to be less sympathetic ? Are we glad to say that all is very satis. to be less self-denying? Are we to factory as regards religion. By be less energetical than they ? their pious resignation and fortitude,

G. T. WOODSON, the ministers and others are daily

Treasurer. and deeply affected. Every one's 10, Francis-street, Leeds. testimony is,

19th December, 1862.

P.S. When packages are for“Who can think without admiring? Who can see and nothing feel ?'

warded, our friends will please to

specify their addresses inside. LikeThe exemplifications of deep-toned wise advise the Committee by post, personal piety, in strange alliance and also mention whether the with hunger and wretchedness, are carriage is pre-paid or not. really surprising. None but Chris- We are sorry to say that the tian heroes and heroines can suffer Railway Companys make us pay, thus. The fine gold of precious i.e. from the South to Leeds; but faith is not concealed by their are treated more liberally in roughness and simplicity. We know sending from this to the distressed and rejoice that priceless nuggets localities. All packages to be di

. are there, and that He who as a rected, Rev. R. Horsfield, Byronrefiner sits, knows better than we street chapel, Leeds, do how His work should be per- Remittances are acknowledged formed.

weekly in the Freeman newspaper ; "Blind unbelief is sure to err,

the fraternal editor thereof is very And scan His work in vain;

kind to us.

G. T. W.
God is His own interpreter,
And He will make it plain.'

But again let me advert to their

present sad temporal plight. The
woes of their pinched, hungered, To the Editor of the General Baptist
destitute condition, who can tell?

How unlike their former selves.
Think of them as they were. Look DEAR SIR, -As I have recently re-
at them now. Mothers ! mothers ! | moved from the Midland district to


Correspondence-Letter from Rev. T. Gill, Shore.


this district, and find myself in the tract tears from stones.

Eight midst of such distress as I never months ago these were strong, before witnessed, will you oblige ruddy, and happy. Alas! how me with a small space for a few changed ! words concerning it.

In ourown church and congregation Many thanks to the indefatigable every family is injuriously affected Secretary of the Leeds ‘General by the failure in the cotton supply. Baptist Relief Committee,' Rev. R. The average condition of the Horsfield for his thrilling letter in sufferers is getting worse weekly. your last issue, followed by the facts I believe one half of our members on which it was based. I first read it need, and if sufficient assistance in silence until my progress was could be obtained, should have arrested by blinding tears, then systematic weekly relief. Among tried to read it aloud to members these are several families who, on of our domestic circle, and in that account of technical difficulties and effort was repeatedly interrupted local usuages, can get no help from by choking emotions. Some may the parish, nor from local Relief say, 'that was weak and unmanly,' Committees. These, therefore, who in reply to which I have only to are among the most respected and add, that if they could see what I deserving, depend for help entirely witness daily, and know what I on Christian friends in London, know, they would change their Lincolnshire, the Midland Counties, Ferdict. The most affecting cir. and other parts of the Connexion. cumstance connected with Mr. A few of our churches, I learn, Horsfield's letter is its truthfulness, have divided their contributions as corroborated by every well-in- between the Leeds General Bapformed minister and reader in these tist Relief Committee' and the localities. May that timely appeal Manchester General Relief Com. to their Christian kindness and mittee;' and some have sent all liberality secure a united and well to the latter fund. But now that sustained response from all the they have more ample information friends in the congregations of the about our fearful state, we may hope favoured districts of the Denomi- the mistake will not be repeated. nation. No pen can adequately The most urgent need in clothing pourtray, and none but God will at present is for under garments, ever know, in its wide extent and such as shirts, stockings, petticoats, peculiar severity, the distress from shoes, &c., or material for these. the midst of which I write. Many But all, and more than all the of the most deserving studiously churches can do, in money, clothing, conceal it, until drawn out by kind &c., is required to meet the case. and pointed questions from sympa- Were I' in a different position I thizing friends. This applies both should say a little about the trying to the cupboard and wardrobe. The circumstances of the pastors of these calm christian heroism with which suffering churches. I am glad that it is still borne, by many who have the Midland Conference has thought been suffering from nine to twelve of this matter, and kindly appointed months, is as surprising as it is suitable brethren to attend to it. praiseworthy.

May their exertions meet with hearty Within six miles of Shore are sympathy and complete success! seven General Baptist churches, Permit me, ere I close, to say, containing an aggregate of 1080 | after fifteen years of continual inmembers, and 1880 Sabbath scholars tercourse, that there is not in the -and on the Lord's-day in these Connexion a more sincere and earnest congregations, the pale faces and minister's friend'than Mr. Earp, of emaciated forms of men, women, Melbourne. The Midland Conference and children present an appeal has appointed him and his respected which, to use a figure, might ex- | colleagues to a mission worthy of

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