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Stevenson acknowledged the gift, COVENTRY, TVhite Friars' . lane and with feelings deeply moved, Chapel. - On Tuesday Evening, said he thanked the friends very April 14th, a coffee meeting was sincerely; he accepted the gift with held in our About great pleasure, not so much for its seventy of the friends were present. intrinsic value (though that was a After the tables were cleared, the consideration not to be overlooked), Rev. H. Cross, minister of the but as a durable memento of their place, took the chair. After singing affection to him, and their apprecia- and special prayer on behalf of tion of the manner in which he bad Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, who were endeavoured to discharge the duties about to set sail for America, Mr. of his office among them. He then Cross introduced the object of the gave an epitome of his religious meeting, which was to present a experience, his call to the ministry, testimonial to Mr. Taylor, and to and more particularly of his settle take a farewell of him and his wife, ment with them on the death of his previous to their departure from father, twenty-one years ago. Some Coventry. After an address by Mr. parts of his course had been par. W. Rainbow, in which he referred ticularly bright and cheerful, and to his intimate knowledge of Mr. other portions clouded with sorrow Taylor for many years past, and and heavy trials; but on the whole his high respect for his character, the bright had predominated. He the chairman presented Mr. Taylor, thanked God tbat he was there with in the name of the Sabbath-school them that day, and that such teachers, a beautiful copy of the thorough harmony and good will Holy Scriptures, as a token of their prevailed among them. He assured appreciation of his Christian charthem that their affection and good acter and devotedness as a Sabbathfeeling were fully reciprocated by school teacher. Mr. Taylor said a him. After singing a hymn, ap- few words in acknowledgment of propriate addresses, the spontaneous the gift. Mr. J. Knight also bore effusions of earnest and loving hearts, testimony to the honest, straightwere delivered by several of the forward, and consistent character of friends. The pastor pronounced the Mr. Taylor. The hymn, benediction, and the meeting closed. Hail! sweetest, dearest tie that binds,' &c. It was as pleasant and profitable as any in the remembrance of the was then sung, prayer again offered oldest there present.

S. T. by the chairman, and this interest.

ing meeting closed. R. C.

[blocks in formation]

ECCLESIASTICAL. bishop's body was laid out in state

in one of the chambers of the palace. We have heard of 'winking Mad-Crowds Hocked in. When the crowd onnas' and images that by means of was the thickest the cardinal was concealed sponges were made to seen to raise his arm and nod his sweat drops of blood; but in bare- head! Great excitement prevailed. faced impudence the trick recently The people cried, 'A miracle ! attempted at Capua, in Italy, sur., miracle! Some fled in terror ; others passes both. The late Papist Arch-) stood rivetted to the spot. Two



Notes of the Month-General.


bersaglieri (Italian riflemen), how of the Privy Council.'

And even ever, did not share either in the the cynosure of all eyes-Alexandra terror or in the credulity. They --could not be prayed for until rushed up to the bed, lifted the this process had been gone through. curtain, when out stept a lazzarone, Protestantism is increasing in who immediately took to his heels, France--twenty new places of worwas pursued by the soldiers, but ship were opened in that country last escaped. The Prefect of Caserta year.–Rev. S. G. Green has achas ordered an investigation of the cepted the post of President in the matter with a view of bringing the Baptist College, Rawdon, and the imposters to justice.- The English classical tutorship is now vacant. bishops and Colenso still keep up a Rev. J. H. Hinton has resigned his dropping fire. Colenso thinks he charge at Devonshire-square chapel. is condemned “unheard !' and ap- The foundation stones of two new peals to his right as an Englishman Baptist chapels have been laid and to the liberty of enquiry conceded during the last month one at by the Reformation. The venerable Wolverhampton and the other at Dean Milman is reported to have Leeds. uttered the following bon mot, when

GENERAL. asked what he thought of the Bishop of Natal. 'Oh,' said he, he is The one topic just now is the atvery well “up” in Numbers, but tractive budget. A reduction of the he don't understand Exodus! As duty on tea and an equalization of might be expected, Colenso's book is the income tax will give the Chan. being taken up by clever heathen cellor of the Exchequer a new claim opponents of Christianity abroad. to popular favour. The best comWe heard only the other day that ment on his policy is, that despite even in Ceylon the Buddhist priests the paralysis of trade in the cotton were already quoting it against districts the revenue this year is Protestantmissionaries.--The Bishop nearly one million in excess of the of the Sandwich islands has recently expenditure ! The French treaty been installed in truly Puseyistic has, of course, had the largest share style. The bishop and the Papist in affecting this agreeable result. padres had better shake hands. The Sir Morton Peto’s ‘Burials Bill’has trammels of the English church have again been thrown out. The House been again visibly displayed. After is too conservative for such a sweepthe death of Albert the Good the ing change. The Government has Queen attended service in a Presby- lost one of its ablest men- -Sir terian Kirk in Scotland, and was G. O. Lewis.

He was

a ripe greatly impressed by the suitable scholar-some say the ripest this extempore prayer for herself. It is country has produced for many said that when she asked the late years. His death is a national Archbishop of Canterbury whether loss. During the Easter holidays some such prayer could not be in the Premier was 'starring' it in troduced into the church service, he Scotland. He was everywhere rereplied— Not without the consent ceived with the greatest enthusiasm.

The Albert memorial is to be an | rection in Poland spreads. The Eleanor Cross, like the Martyrs' amnesty of the Czar, which turns Memorial at Oxford, and will cost out to be less liberal than was at £100,000. £70,000 have been sub- first supposed, has fanned the flame scribed, and Parliament has voted into even greater virulence. Thenotes the remainder. Glaisher has made of the three great powers to Russia two other scientific balloon ascents England, France, and Austriaduring the past month—the last was have, by their unanimity, greatly attended with no small danger. The disturbed the Czar's peace of mind. wind drove the car toward the sea, He has replied, however, in neat and but for the skilful handling of diplomatic phrase-Mind your own Coxwell, the aeronaut, they would business.'Greece has accepted Prince have fallen into the ocean. All the William of Denmark as her king. The instruments were broken by the Sultandid visit the Pasha of Egypt, al. collision of the car with the earth. though the English ambassador tried The volunteer review at Brighton his best to dissuade him from his was quite a success. We regret to purpose. The Spanish Queen has hear that one life was lost, through received a letter from the Emperor the kicking and plunging of a restive of the French, couched in pressing horse. The Lancashire distress is terms, asking for the release of the still very little abated. Two plans Protestant prisoners. America reof relief are now on foot: one, of ports still the 'impending' of great extensive emigration; another, of events. Charlestown is to be taken helping the districts suffering by -We suppose as M'Clellan took loans to be repaid in three or four Richmond. We fear there is no years.-Abroad the political horizon hope of any peaceful issue at present, still looks stormy. France is oc- While abhorring slavery as the cupying herself with Poland. sum of all villanies,' we are scarcely Prussia, or rather her fatuous king, inclined to endorse the wholesale still threatens to give up all Poles extirpation theory of many Northern found in his dominions. The insur. / men.

Marriages and Deaths.

, a



borough, Bucks, Sarah Margaret April 7th, at Arnsby Baptist Owen, aged 21, the daughter of the chapel, Leicestershire, James Oswin, Rev. J. J. Owen. grazier, Burton Overy, to Mary, March 30, in the 21st year of his youngest daughter of the late Mr. age, Owen Sullivan Smith, fourth T. Horton, farmer and grazier, son of the Rev. F. Smith, Downton, Saddington.


April 15, at Derby, Ann, the

beloved wife of Mr. Charles StevenMarch 24th, at Castle Donington, son, aged 53. Mr. Joseph Burton, aged 74.

fissionare Observer.


CONFERENCE AT CUTTACK. I hope that the committee of this

excellent society may favourably regard the special claims of Goom

sur and be induced to do a little Camp Salpore, 22nd Jan., 1863. more. The Government has had a

few small schools in that wild I resume the narrative of our recent region, and the official report of the Conference at Cuttack, not in the different examinations excites the quiet study where the former part reader's risibility, No Christian was written, but in the solitary tent school, so far as I am aware, has at the close of the labours of the ever been established in that long. day. We were not favoured this neglected region for the children of year as we have often been on such Oriyas or Khonds. occasions, with a representative At the meeting with our native from the Northern Orissa Mission, ministers the following united with por had we any letter reporting the us, Gunga Dhor, Damudar, Sebo labours of our respected brethren. Patra, Pursua, Ghunoo, Kumbhoo, We were, however, glad to learn Jugoo, Paul, Thoma, Matthew, that Mr. Bachelor, after an absence Dunai, Shem, and Rama Das and from the field of full ten years, had Sanantani, colporteurs. Prayer was returned to resume his all-important offered by Gunga and Sebo Patra. work. Our brother while labouring We could not review the year with. previously at Balasore did much to out sorrowful recollections, though benefit the people in addition to we felt that in many respects, there his direct missionary work. His was much cause for thankfulness medical skill disarmed the pre- and hope. An application was made judices of the natives, and convinced by Kartick Samal to be engaged as a them of the benevolent character of native preacher, and the general our holy religion. In this way he impression as to his fitness for the secured the confidence and respect work was highly favourable; but as of the people to a considerable he is at present usefully employed extent, while it was his earnest in the printing office, a little delay desire to lead them to the physician seemed necessary before coming to of sin-sick souls. He published a a final decision. He has respectable small medical work both in Oriya endowments as a poet, and stands and Bengali. He has brought with next in my judgment to Makunda. him from America a printing press. His versification of the sermon on I may add, that our brother has left the Mount, which has been published his beloved wife and children in during the year, has been well America, and on landing he received received. We were very glad that the painful tidings of the death of our old friend Gunga was able to one of his children.

meet with us, for two or three A letter was read at our meeting months ago there seemed little hope from Mr. Murdoch, the agent in of it; and now though the Lord India of the Christian Vernacular may spare him to us a little longer, Education Society, offering five we cannot expect him to labour rupees a month each, (10s.) for three much more. On one of my visits new schools in Orissa if they could at the time referred to, he said, "I be established. The offer was readily have no pleasure in anything except accepted by the brethren at Ber- the love of Christ, and that is as hampore, Piplee and Russell-condah. sweet and fragrant as ever.” On The remainder must of course be another occasion he said, Don't be raised from local resources. Il discouraged; don't think because Gunga is lying and suffering in this case related to the state of the law way here that he will ever forget as to converts from heathenism obhis Lord, or forsake bis Saviour, taining possession of their wives and never.” May that Saviour be with children, but the case was deferred him and with us to the end ; and as it was expected that the High may the remembrance of his love Court in Calcutta would speedily ever be fragrant.

give an opinion on a question subIt will gratify the friends of the mitted by the Judge of Cuttack re. mission to know that the first Goom- specting Bainsee Beharah. As I sur convert, Rama Chundra, or as heard only last evening of the final he is more generally called by the decision on this case, I may as well people Chundra, was engaged as a give it here; but in order to undercolporteur, and is for the present to stand the case it is necessary to continue in his native village. The state that Bainsee Beharah is a propriety of engaging one or two recent convert from idolatry at Cutothers was considered, but in the tack, and he has not been able to present depressed state of the obtain his wife, or children, or society's funds, it was deemed desir- property, so violent has been the able not to engage them at present, opposition of heathen relatives. The unless their salaries could be paid course pursued by the magistrate from local funds.

appeared to us open to grave obThe brethren reported their varied jections, and we appealed from his labours, and the state of the several decision to the judge. On the 13th churches, but as the statistics for of November last the decision of the the home report are made up to judge was recorded, but not pub. 31st March any account now given lished. It was that the wife and would be necessarily incomplete. children should be made over to the Still it may be stated, that the ad. convert: the property, whatever it ditions by baptism at Cuttack have might be, would of course follow. been more than usually large. The cause of the delay in publishing Already twenty-six have joined the judgment was, that there was a themselves to the Lord in the bonds a question of law involved on which of a perpetual covenant, and there the judge was desirous of having are still several candidates. But in the opinion of the High Court. But this uncertain world sighs and tears the High Court has declined giving mingle with thanksgiving and songs; an opinion, or issuing any general and the review of a year always instructions in regard to such cases. awakens sad and sorrowful as well The judge has therefore decided to as grateful and jubilant emotions. uphold his own decision, and has At Khundittur, after a long interval, recorded the following judgment, the baptismal waters have been "I hereby direct that the judg. again mored, and two bave been ment given by this court on the 13th added to the church. To some of November last, be forthwith carried the brethren and sisters the past into effect, and that a copy of the year has been a more than usualiy judgment be forwarded for the in. trying, one: their path has been formation and guidance of the through deep waters, and severe magistrate. All expences in this affliction, personal or relative, has case are to be paid by the respondbeen appointed for them.

ent." The respondent is the party I should add, that Mr. Bailey opposed to the christian convert. As read to the brethren a very care- soon as the original record of the fully prepared paper on the question case is received back from Calcutta, of Christian villages and the manner the magistrate will be directed to see in which they should be governed. to the delivery of the wife and children

Some of the miscellaneous cases and property to Bainsee Beharah. considered related to questions of Thus satisfactorily ends a case which much interest and importance. One has involved much anxiety, and I

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