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of the Conference and request him

to continue another year. THE YORKSHIRE CONFERENCE was 8. That the next Conference bo held at Shore, on Whit-Monday, held at Bradford, Tetley-street, on May 25th, 1863. In the morning the second Tuesday in September, Rev. C. Springthorpe read the and that the Rev. C. Springthorpe Scriptures and offered prayer, and preach in the morning. Rev. R. Horsfield, of Leeds, preached O. HARGREAVES, Secretary. from Phil. i 27. Subject-Christian Citizenship.' The meeting for business was held in the afternoon, THE MIDLAND CONFERENCE met at over which the pastor Rev. T. Gill Hugglescote, on Whit · Tuesday, presided.

May 26th. The day was propitious, Fifty-three were reported baptized and a large number of friends and since the last Conference, and a representatives were present. Rev. goodly number of candidates re- R. Kenney, of Burton-on-Trent, mained.

read the scriptures and prayed, and The following resolutions were Rev. W. M. Anderson, of Ilkeston, adopted.

preached from Proverbs xxiv. 11-12 1. That the minutes read, be if thou forbear to deliver them that approved.

are drawn unto death, and those that 2. That the Secretary of this are ready to be slain : If thou sayest, Conference be instructed to inform Behold, we knew it not; doth noč He the church at Heptonstall Slack, that pondereth the heart consider it? that there is a standing rule fixing and He that keepeth thy soul, doth not Tuesday for the Whitsuntide Con. He know it? and shall not He render ference.

unto every man according to his works ? 3. That we sympathize with the Rev. J. Salisbury, pastor of the friends at Denholme in their per place, presided at the afternoon plexities, and rejoice with them in sitting, and Rev. Giles Hester, of their success; and that we trust Loughborough, prayed. From writthey will be divinely directed, and ten or oral reports it appeared that that we allow them to bring their since the last Conference, fifty-seven case before any subsequent Con had been baptized, one hundred and ference.

candidates for 4. That brethren R. Ingham, C. baptism, and two had been restored Springthorpe, and W. Gray be ap- to fellowship. After the singing of pointed to arrange for missionary the doxology, and the reading of the meetings in the western, and minutes of the previous meeting, brethren R. Hardy and B. Wood in the following business was transacted: the eastern part of this district. 1. Congratulatory Address to the

5. That the thanks of the Confer- | Prince of Wales. The secretary reence be given to the treasurer of the ported that the following address home mission, Rev. R. Ingham, and bad been forwarded to Lieut. Gen. that we request him to remain in Knollys for presentation to the office.

Prince of Wales :6. That the thanks of this Con. ference be given to Rev. C. Spring. To

HIGHNESS thorpe, for his services as secretary EDWARD, PRINCE OF WALES. of the home mission, and that we request him to fill the office another The loyal and dutiful address of year.

the Protestant Dissenting Ministers · 7. That we thank the secretary I and Representatives comprising the

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Conference of the General Baptist

Marlborough House, Churches in the Counties of Leicester,

May 30, 1863 Nottingham, and Derby.

Lt. General Knollys has had the We desire most respectfully to honour of laying before the Prince approach your Royal Highness with of Wales the Address of the Pro. our most hearty congratulations on testant Dissenting Ministers and the auspicious event of your Royal Representatives comprising the Highness's Marriage with the Conference of General Baptist Princess Alexandra of Denmark; Churches in the Counties of Leicester, assuring your Royal Highness of Nottingham, and Derby, on our loyal attachment to your person, occasion of His Royal Highness's and to that of your August Mother, Marriage. His Royal Highness

most gracious and beloved desires to thank them sincerely for Queen; and of our increasing and their congratulations and their earnest prayers to Almighty God prayers, and is very sensible of the that every earthly and heavenly confidence they express of his attachblessing may descend upon your ment to the Protestant Faith and to Royal Highness and the Princess of the happy Constitution they live Wales.

under. As Protestant Dissenters we highly Rev. J. J. GOADBY.' appreciate the liberty, both civil

and religious, which we have enjoyed 2. Thrussington. Various brethren under the enlightened sway of the having called attention to the fact illustrious House from which your that J. A. James was still preaching Royal Highness is descended ; and for the friends at Thrussington, it persuaded of your Royal Highness's was agreed: high regard for the wise counsels of (1) That a copy of the resolution your late illustrious Father, whom about J. A. James passed at the it has pleased the Almighty in His Midland Conference, held at Woodinscrutable Providence to remove gate, Loughborough, Dec. 2nd, 1862, from us; believing in your Royal be sent to the friends at Thrussing. Highness's devout attachment to ton; and that they be requested to that Protestant faith which is the discontinue all connection with that source of all our liberties, and con- person. In the event of this request vinced also of your Royal Highness's not being complied with, this Consincere admiration for that excellent ference will at once recommend the Constitution which has been be- | Association to withdraw from them, queathed to us by our forefathers, and strike out their name from the we confidently look to your Royal list of churches. Highness as their destined


(2) That a deputation from this and friend; and fervently pray that Conference of three brethren confer you may continue to be a comfort to with the church on this subject, and our gracious Sovereign, and afford report, if needful, as from this Con. opportunity for the increasing at- ference, to the ensuing Association. tachment of a loyal and grateful That brethren Noble, Harding, and people.

Roper, of Leicester, be requested to Signed, on behalf of the Conference, act as the deputation. held at Kegworth, Leicestershire, 3. Expression of Opinion upon April, 1863.

Slavery. After a warm discussion,

the subjoined resolution was passed : W. JARROM, of Kegworth, Chairman.

That this Conference desires to J. J. Goadby, of Leicester, Secretary: express its continued and unqualified

abhorrence of slavery as at present

existing in America, and its fervent Since the Conference was held prayer that the present events the accompanying reply has been agitating the States may issue in received :

the entire emancipation of all on

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three years.

Intelligence-Conferences, Baptisms.

267 that continent who are now enslaved. Coningsby, on conditions to be laid

4. Standing Question for Discussion. down by a committee, consisting of A profitable though discursive con- brethren R. Wherry, T. T. Wilson, versation ensued on the best mode and T. Barrass, who shall act as of enforcing discipline in our trustees in this matter. churches.

An application was received from 5. Paper to be Read at the Next the church at Lincoln, soliciting a Conference. The Conference unani. loan to aid in the erection of a new mously requested Rev. J. Salisbury, chapel, but the Conference having of Hagglescote, to prepare a paper no more funds at its disposal was to be read at the next Conference, unable to comply with this request. on 'Female Agency in the Church.' Resolved

The annual collection was made That the thanks of this Conference for incidental expenses. Amount, be presented to brother R. Wherry, £3 2s. 5d.

for his services as treasurer, and The next Conference will be held that he be requested to continue at Wymeswold, on the third Tuesday them another year. in September (15th), Rev. C. Clarke, That the thanks of this Conference B.A., of Ashby, to preach. In case be given to the secretary for his past of failure, the Secretary.

services, and that he be requested Rev. T. Stevenson, of Leicester, to continue in office during the next preached in the evening. J. J. GOADBY, Secretary. That the next Conference be held

at Coningsby, on Thursday, September 24th, 1863, and that brother

Pike be requested to preach in the THE LINCOLNSHIRE CONFERENCE was morning. held at March, on Thursday, June In the evening a most interesting 11th, 1863.

home missionary meeting was held, In the morning brother Cholerton when addresses were delivered by read and prayed, and brother Dyson brethren Wilson, Sharman, Dyson, preached from Luke xvi. 31.

Cholerton, and the Secretary. At the meeting for business in the THOMAS BARRASS, Secretary. afternoon the reports from the churches were presented. Fifty persons had been baptized

BAPTISMS. during the quarter, and four remained candidates for baptism. KIRTON LINDSEY.-On Wednesday

The treasurer brought forward the evening, February 25th, after an home missionary accounts, and appropriate sermon by our minister stated that there was a balance due from Romans vi. 3-4., three be. to him of £8 Os. 2 d.

lievers put on Christ by baptism, N.B.-Monies since received have one of whom was in communion paid off this balance and left in hand with the Wesleyans and desired to £1 16s. 10 d.

continue in fellowship with his own The following grants were voted friends, the other two were received for the ensuing year-to Holbeach, into the church the following Lord's. £10; to Whittlesea, £10; to Lincoln, day.

J. P., K. £20.

LEICESTER, Dover-street.—On May Resolved

27th, two friends were baptized. 1. That the £50 left by the late COVENTRY.-On Lord's-day mornRev. G. Judd, of Coningsby, be not ing, May 31st, after a sermon from appropriated to the current expenses our esteemed minister, Mr. Cross, of the home mission.

four dear friends were baptized. 2. That, in reply to an application In the evening a funeral sermon was for help, the said legacy be lent, preached for one of our oldest without interest, to the church at members.

J. C.




WALSALL. On May 31st, _nine | their own people, the other four persons were baptized by Mr. Lees, were received into our_fellowship pastor of the church.

the same evening. R. W., L. LEEDS, Baptist Mission.—On Wed. nesday evening, June 3rd, in South ANNIVERSARIES. Parade chapel, Leeds, before a numerous congregation, after an ad- BURTON-ON-TRENT.-Our Sunday: dress on the baptism of Christ, our school anniversary was celebrated missionary the Rev. J. Stutterd, bap- on the 10th of May, when the Rev. tized six believers, two young men, W. Chapman, of Melbourne, preached two young females, and two aged two appropriate sermons. The consisters. One of these was the widow gregations were large, and the of a cruel persecuting husband who collections, with a few donations, for a long time had prevented his amounted to £17 16s. 8d. wife from joining the sect everywhere

C. W. C. spoken against. He was seized with BIRCHCLIFFE. - On Sunday, June a sudden and mysterious disease 7th, school and after a few hours summoned preached by Rev. T. W. Mathews, into eternity.

of Boston, when collections were

made to the amount of £35 78., ARMLEY.-On June 5th, at Armley, rather less than usual, but good near Leeds, which has become a considering the state of trade mission station, four females were amongst us. baptized here where there is a small KIRTON LINDSEY.-On Lord's-day, Baptist church. One of the candi. June 7th, two useful and appropriate dates was the daughter of a Roman sermons were preached by the Rev. Catholic. He had prevented her on a W. Rowe, (Particular Baptist) of former occasion from being baptized: Wrawby, on behalf of the Sabbathher mother was a pious woman, a school. Collection in advance of member of this little church, and last year.

J. P., K. has recently been taken to join the SUTTON BONNINGTON.—The annual church triumphant. In her last ill. sermons in support of the Sunday. ness she frequently prayed for her school were preached on Lord's-day, daughter's conversion, and God has June 14th, by Mr. Marshall, of answered her prayers. Praying Loughborough? The congregations parents persevere.

were large. Eight pounds were

collected. Downton, Wilts.-On Lord's-day,

A treat of tea, plum June 7th, after a discourse by our the children, and a number of friends

cake, &c., was provided next day for pastor on the subject of believers' afterwards sat down to tea in the baptism by immersion, two young chapel. After tea a meeting was persons were baptized in the river held, and addresses were delivered Avon, and were the same day re. by Mr. B. Baldwin, of Lough. ceived into the fellowship of the borough, who presided, Mr. Kirk; church.

superintendent of the school, and PETERBOROUGH.-On Lord's-day, Mr. Marshall. During the evening, June 7th, three persons were bap: Mr. Kirk, in the name of the tized in West-gate chapel, Peter. teachers, scholars, and other subborough, and were received into the scribers, presented a very handsome fellowship of the church.

pearl inlaid inkstand to Mr. Marshall,

as a grateful recognition of his valu. LENTON.-On Lord's - day, June able and gratuitous services at 7th, our minister, the Rev. Charles their last three anniversaries. Mr. Burrows, at the close of a suitable Marsball acky pledged in very discourse, administered the rite of suitable terms this spontaneous ex. baptism to six friends, two of whom pression of Christian esteem. åre New Methodists and remain with

B. B.

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Notes of the Month-Ecclesiastical.




SAWLEY.-On Lord's - day, June | mittance. On the following day the 14th, 1863, two

were children of the Sabbath and day preached on behalf of the Sabbath. I schools had their annual treat. Tea school, by the Rev. Giles Hester, of was afterwards provided for friends Loughborough, the congregations to which nearly 150 sat down. Col. were exceedingly good, many in the lections, including profits from tea, evening were not able to obtain ad. I £12 10s.

. T.

Notes of the Month.


held its annual meeting in the

evening of the same day, in Kings. We have occasionally given 'notes' gate chapel. The balance sheet in which no reference was made to showed that the income had covered, the operations of Baptists. This within a few pounds, the total exmonth we shall reverse the plan, penditure-£1,819 11s. 4d. This and devote our review exclusively Society has now been in existence to a summary of the annual meet- twenty-three years. The works ings of various Baptist Societies. carried through the press during First in importance stands the Bap- the past year were portions of the tist Missionary Society. Like our Scriptures in Hindustani, Bengali, own, it has not succeeded in keeping and Sanscrit. Mr. Buckley had out of debt. According to the completed his revised edition of the abstract of the report read by Oriya New Testament; Mr. Carter Sir Morton Peto at the annual has finished his revised edition of meeting, held at Exeter Hall, April the Singhalese of the Old Testament, 30, the expenditure altogether and is now employed, during his had been over £32,000, which residence in this country, in revising but for a balance last year of the New Testament in the same nearly £4,000, and the kind language.

Mr. Parsons is condonations of £600 of some friends tinuing his revision of the Hindi of the Society, would have left a New Testament. Mr. Saker has deficiency of £1,176 10s. 5d. The completed his version of the New actual debt, is however, little over Testament in Dualla, a language £500. Joseph Tritton, Esq., was spoken by 30,000 people living about in the chair, and the speakers were, the mouth of the Cameroons; and this, Revs. John Sale, of Calcutta ; R. with Genesis, Exodus, the Psalms, W. Dale, of Birmingham; J. H. and three of the minor prophets, Millard, of Maze-pond; and J. has been printed. The Rev. Joshua Makepeace, of Luton. At the close Russell was chairman, and the of the meeting the secretary an. speakers were, Revs. W. W. Evans, nounced that friends present had the secretary, F. Trestrail, C. Carter, contributed towards the deficiency of Ceylon, T. Goadby, and J. Make£520.--The Bible Translation Society | peace.-The Baptist Home Mission

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