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improvement in the sanitary con- The harvest is indeed great." As dition of the town, as well as in its they had been so short a time at the general appearance and commercial station, a formal report of their prospects. It is not more subject labours could scarcely be to epidemics now, than are other pected. Instead of this Mr. Goadby places in the Zillah, and the climate bas prepared a paper in which is as genial as at any other seaport he describes the feelings with on that coast. A canal from the which they enter upon their new Chilka Lake to the mouth of the and interesting labours, and gives Ganjam river has been sanctioned much valuable information about by the Governor of Madras, and the Khonds. Their ideas as to the when the contemplated canals by the atonement, and the future state, Irrigation Company are completed, are very striking-suggestive of a a very considerable amount of pro- singular nearness to the doctrines duce will be brought to the town for of revealed religion, and yet of a shipment. As timber abounds in people still groping in uncertainty, the district, it may become an im- feeling after the Lord, if haply they portant place for ship - building. might find Him. It is surely During the last cold season quite a reasonable to believe that the fuller fleet of small crafts was repaired and clearer discoveries of the gospel there, and a brig of about 300 tons on these and kindred subjects will burden was being built for a mer- prove peculiarly welcome to such a chant at Berhampore. For some people. time past your brethren have been anxious that more attention should

PIPLEE. be paid to this populous town. The case was brought forward at the AFTER expressing his regret that last Annual Conference, and was there had not been any additions to referred to the Berhampore Mission the church at Piplee this year, Mr. aries to do all they could either for | Taylor remarks,- We feel it a its temporary or permanent occupa- mercy, however, that those who had tion as a sub-station.

believed through grace, have amid

temptations and snares, reproach RUSSELL CONDAH. and derision, been enabled to hold

fast the beginning of their con. The anticipation indulged in your fidence; and that we have not had last report that two Missionaries a single case of serious church diswould shortly be stationed at Russell cipline. Some of the members have Condah in Goomsur has been evidently grown in grace and in the happily realized. Early in the pres. knowledge of our Lord and Saviour ent year Messrs. J. O. Goadby and Jesus Christ. T. Bailey removed from Berhampore The mother, brother, and sister to take up their abode in that town. of Dama joined the nominal chrisMr. Goadby has since been diligently tian community in January last. studying the Khond language, and Another addition is that of Sebo had made his first attempt at preach. Sahu, an oil vender, and a native of ing in it ; while of Mr. Bailey he Pooree! This is the first case, so writes, “My estimable colleague is far as I know, of a Pooreeite breakplodding on at the Oriya with very ing caste to join the christians. encouraging success. He has not He visited us several times early in commenced the Khond, and is not the hot season, and soon manifested thinking of doing so until the year a desire, and finally a determination after next; which will give him to cast in his lot with the christians. three years at the Oriya. We are We received him with fear and out every day preaching. The trembling, mingled with feelings of number of villages within a radius joy and thanksgiving. He did not of four miles is upwards of forty! I display much acquaintance with the

truths of christianity, but he seemed | Conference expressed their sense of sincere in his desire to know and do the very valuable services Mr. what was right; while he expressed Miller had rendered to the cause of utter discontent with, and disgust at, Christ in the Cuttack district, and all connected with hindooism. When made arrangements for him to rehe wished to be allowed to settle occupy his old station at Piplee. amongst us, we made particular Referring to this change Mr. Miller inquiries about his circumstances writes,with a view to ascertain his motive In visiting the surrounding villages for coming out; we asked if he were and markets since I came here, the not in debt, and hoped by this people have often expressed their means to escape his creditors. If pleasu

sure at seeing me again, and he had had a family quarrel and have paid great attention to what I thought in this way to revenge him. have said. A few evenings ago in self on his relatives ; or, if he had the bazaar I had among my hearers come hoping to live in idleness ? several of the most influential men To these inquiries he replied with of the place. They expressed their a good deal of straightforwardness entire approval of the religion of and honesty. He owed a little Christ, and said that the reproach money, but it was only two rupees, and persecution to which they would and this he hoped to pay as soon as be subjected, alone prevented them he should earn the amount. He from embracing it.

The man at had had a quarrel with his wife, but whose shop door I stood on the it had been occasioned by her un- above occasion had long been an faithfulness, that she had in fact inquirer and would have come out gone off with another man. These some time ago had it not been for statements were fully substantiated the violent opposition of his family. afterwards. He had not come in I have recently conversed privately the hope of living in idleness, but with him, he says, all his hope of was prepared to work at anything salvation is laid on the Lord Jesus for a livelihood. A few mornings Christ, and that he has determined after he came out we had the satis- shortly to publicly confess it. faction of numbering him among A short time ago the civil surgeon the worshippers at our daily Oriya of Pooree stayed with us a couple of family exercise, and very delighted days. He accompanied me to a we all were to find that he could market eight miles distant. The read; and that he was able to take journey there and back, and our his verse along with the rest, and labours amidst the assembled crowds we glorified God on his behalf. We of people with the heat at above bave not yet had evidence that the 100 degrees in the shade, and with man has undergone a change of the perspiration pouring from every heart, and has become a

pore, appeared to lead him to the creature in Christ Jesus ;” but it is conclusion that missionary work is no small matter that a native of the much more laborious and self“stronghold” of idolatry has been denying than some persons are dis. freed from the trammels of caste, posed to admit. and has become a constant hearer of Some person or persons

have that word "which is able to make lately been testing the divinity of him wise unto salvation." Sebo the idol Mahasabe, whose temple went to Cuttack in search of employ adjoins our compound, by knocking ment several months ago, and is off the head of the stone bull on living there still.

which his deluded worsbippers On the return of Mr. Miller to suppose he rides about during the India in 1859, he was appointed night. The priests at once came to to labour at Cuttack during the the conclusion that it must have absence of Mr. Stubbins in England. been done by some of the christians, The brethren at the last annual | and charged two young men who


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have lately joined the community | subjects. Brother Taylor and I as the guilty parties. Two false with the preachers returned with the witnesses were easily obtained who men to their village. We remained when the case was investigated by two days and carefully examined the darogah, declared that on the the whole affair. I am sorry to say night in question at half-past seven our expectations were not realized. o'clock they found the accused Though, as is well known, the standing with hatchets in their Zemindar is, and has been for years, hands by the broken bull, and that one of the most bitter opponents of they acknowledged and argued in the gospel in Orissa, and will not justification of what they had done. allow his people to hear it and read It so happened that one of the ac- christian books; and it is very procused was at the time specified in bable that many have been persecuted my house and presence, and the on this account. Yet they did not other was some distance from the come near us, as we were assured temple as several of the christians they would do and state their and heathen knew and were ready grievances. Then again, there was to testify. The darogah having asked every reason to fear that those who the accused what they had to say, had to Piplee had been they in the most straightforward punished for “Sut Sung,” viz:manner, stated where they were on meeting together with persons of all the night in question, and that they castes to sing, eat, &c., though the were innocent of what had been reason assigned by the Zemindar laid to them. Their witnesses were “their being christians." The then called for, I requested my journey was not however in vain. name to be recorded along with the We enjoyed many excellent opporothers. The darogah was quite tunities of preaching to and contaken by surprise and begged that versing with large numbers of the I would withdraw my name, I, how. villagers; some of whom seemed ever, insisted upon it, much to the quite sick of their own false religion annoyance of the plaintiff and his and desirous to be instructed in bribed witnesses. The case has christianity. Many referred to the been sent to the Pooree magistrate, persecuting spirit of the Zemindar, and is almost sure to be dismissed and said he was the great obstacle by him. We cannot, however, allow in the way of them becoming chrisit to rest here as perjury is so tians. We went to his residence eommon a sin in this country, and but could not get to see him. After often involves consequences of so we had gathered a congregation, serious a character to innocent one of his nephews, a man of the persons, as it would have done in

same spirit, dispersed it, by orderthis case, (viz: a year's imprison- ing the people to help in carrying ment and a heavy fine) had their stones for the repairs of a temple, been no credible witnesses to testify just at hand, which he was superto the innocence of the accused. intending. We shall be compelled to prosecute

POOREE. for perjury the plaintiff's witnesses.

About ten days ago, five men came Mr. Taylor spent two months at to the bungalow from a village ten Pooree during the hot season, being miles distant, they said they and a assisted in his work by the two many more of their neighbours had young native brethren Dunai and been greatly persecuted and fined Shem. Their reception on the first by the Zemindar for reading chris- night was most discouraging. tian books, and they begged that we One evening Dunai was much inwould aid them in securing that terested with the case of a brahmin liberty to obey the christian religion in the assembly, with whom he which they understood the Queen by afterwards conversed privately. her proclamation conceded to all her The man seemed to be touched by our brother's fervent and faithful

CUTTACK. appeals to his conscience; and when entreated without delay to turn from The cheering fact that thirty have his evil way and live ; he replied been added by baptism to the flock with a good deal of feeling, that of Christ at Cuttack, has been such a step would cost him his already mentioned. This is a larger family and house and caste, his addition than has been reported in earthly all! and that in counting any former year of the Society's the cost, he shrank from the awful existence. It is pleasing to state sacrifice! Dunai tried to show him that a goodly number of those added what a blessed and rich reward he to the church have been young would get for all this, if he did it people from your asylums. A few for Christ's sake : but if he refused from the nominal christian comto take up his cross he would suffer munity, were persons whose converthe eternal loss of body and soul! sion appeared to be hopeless, as To all this he listened with profound they had for many years been en. attention, but futher results, we tirely indifferent to the state of their know not.

souls; but your missionaries have KHUNDITTUR.

thus again been taught, that nothing

is too hard for the Lord. Some Two friends have been baptized very gratifying additions have been here this year. Sadhu Barricks and made from the families of the native Abhiram from Hurreepore, both re. christians. Great has been the joy ferred to in the last report as having of christian parents, - in some injoined the nominal christian com- stances of widowed mothers, in seeing munity. The wife of the latter their children witness the good conconvert died a few montbs since. fession before

many witnesses. She was not a member of the church; Mr. Buckley observes, -The autumn but the report of her dying experi- of last year was a time of special

was peculiarly satisfactory, interest amongst us. The gracious and left no doubt upon the mirds of visitation from on high in which we your brethren that death had re- then rejoiced was more general than moved her to the church in glory. we have previously known, and much

precious fruit has already been CHAGA AND DHURMAPORE. gathered. This season of refreshing

from the presence of the Lord was Ghanushyam, one of your most intimately connected with the reable and useful native ministers, storation of a better feeling among has preached on the Lord's - day, the members of the church, esand the secular affairs of the station pecially those residing at Christianhave, to a considerable extent de pore. “Breaches were healed. Con. volved upon Pursua, who from his fidence and affection took the place long residence in the district is of estrangement and suspicion; and intimately_acquainted with the a meeting, conducted by themselves, people. The Missionaries from

was regularly held on the Saturday Cuttack have, as in former years, evening for reading the scriptures taken a general superintendence of and prayer, and was productive of the station, and paid monthly visits much good. for that purpose.

Nor can we forbear mentioning The last report referred to the another circumstance which shows prevalence of fever at Chaga, and that the Lord has heard the prayers the unusual number of deaths. of friends on our behalf, whose faces This year the fever bas not been we have not seen in the flesh. In less general, and it has occurred at September last a letter was the same time of the year (the ceived addressed to the “Senior month of March), but the mortality Missionary, Cuttack.” It was written has been less.

by an entire stranger to us, a medical



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officer in the service of government

GIRLS' ASYLUM. at Secunderabad. It stated that he and a few other friends there deeply Miss Guignard writes, I have interested in the prosperity of the been teaching the girls in the kingdom of Christ, met together on Cuttack Female Asylum about the first week of each month for eight months. During that time prayer; and that their plan was to I think they have made creditable take one particular mission at one progress in the various branches of of their meetings, and make that education,

of which were the subject of their prayers at that new to them. For instance, the time. It added that they had de- native mode of teaching arithmetic cided on the following month to appeared to me to be a very roundpray especially for the Orissa Mission, about one. Doubtless it accomand that they were anxious to receive plishes its purposes when thoroughly all the information that could be understood, but that is by the few, given of our state. This inform- and not the many. So I introduced ation was of course at once supplied: our English style, partly for the and thankfully do we record that the reason assigned, and partly because gracious promise was fulfilled. understanding it, I could more “While they are speaking, I will readily use the little of the language

for at the time of their that I knew. Of course they had meeting there was an unprecedented literally to begin at the beginning, spirit of religious inquiry and con- but the progress they have made cern in our midst. We may add encourages me to go on. Nearly that these friends felt the import all, excepting the very little ones, ance of giving as well as praying, can work the four simple rules for shortly after we received a readily, and the elder girls are donation of eighty - eight rupees making good progress in the com(£8 16s.) from them.

pound ones. I hope next yearWe have long felt the desirable- should I occupy my present position ness of having

--to be able to report that they have

made such progress as shall entitle A NEW AND LARGER CHAPEL, them to be classed with English but the pecuniary responsibility in children of the same age and ability volved has till now deterred us from both for quickness and correctness. entering on so important a work. With the writing I have made an The church has however recently alteration. Instead of allowing taken up the matter; and our native them to write so much on the friends are zealous in it. Many have ground as they have been acwith a commendable spirit of liber customed, I have substituted slates ality promised to give a month's at the time when they are comincome to it, and if all do so the mencing to put the characters sum realized will be little, if at all together, and their progress in short of fourteen or fifteen hundred writing has been as rapid as it is rupees. Our prayer in reference to correct. I shall of course continue this enterprise is— Establish thou the practice. In teaching geography, the work of our hands upon us : I use maps freely, being satisfied yea, the work of our hands establish that it is the only effective mode of thou it.” We may here add that the communicating that branch of in. sum collected from our native friends struction. I am happily supplied at the last annual collection for with a very nice assortment, which cleaning and repairing the chapel were presented to me by the Ladies' was nearly double the amount Society previously to my coming obtained the previous year. It out. Reading, of course they learn amounted to eighty-six rupees or with their writing ; but, as an en(£8 12s.) In this we unfeignedly couragement to persevere. I allow rejoiced.

them, as soon as they are at all able, to

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