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take their turn in reading with the

CONCLUSION. elder girls at worship, when as Mr. Buckley is present, they feel it to Is this a work in which it becomes be a great honour. The flush of any of the children of God to grow gratified pride, when they have ac- weary ? A fact related by Mr. complished the task, is to me a sure Goadby will form an appropriate omen that they value the privilege, answer to this inquiry. He states : and will not willingly lose it again. A native christian with his wifeYou will not, however, be satisfied both rescued Meriahs—from our with an account of their progress new location near Berhampore, came in school studies merely. The to

us yesterday at Russell moral and spiritual justly claim our Condah. They were returning from highest consideration. For this we a visit to the latter's sister, who is come, for this we labour, and for a Khond, and living in a village this we are willing to die. Eight near the Ghaut in the middle of an of our dear girls have made a public almost trackless jungle. The night profession of faith, but why do I before they left they sat up until write eight? It should be nine; very late talking to the villagers in eight on earth, and one in heaven. their native language, of the death The latter was taken from us after of Jesus and His matchless love. a few days' illness, and made the “All listened," they remarked, all-important confession only a "asked hosts of questions, wished few hours before her departure. to know more, and would have had With regard to those who remain, us sit and talk all night.” They I have been much pleased with their referred to their own religious deportment, both before and since. privileges and the degradation of They have been more industrious— their countrymen with an amount more patient under reproof—and of feeling that showed a high ap. evidently in earnest to conquer the preciation of those mission labours, first risings of anger. I feel that to which they owe so much. When their influence is for good over the leaving, this Khond christian sister other children in the school.

said to me: “You must not think

that preaching to them once, or MISSION PRINTING OFFICE. twice, or thrice will be sufficient,

and if they will not listen and try The affairs of the printing office to understand become disheartened. were successfully conducted by Mr. You must preach and pray, preach Hill up to the commencement of the and pray, and God will give His present year, when Mr. Brooks blessing, and we can hope to meet again entered upon his duties as our relatives in heaven. This is superintendent. The

and sterling counsel! Words like these smaller fount of Oriya type is being coming from a converted Khond prepared by Mr. W. M. Watts, of woman are worthy to be engraved in Crown Court, Temple Bar, London, letters of gold, and might worthily whose eminence as an Oriental type become the motto of this Mission. founder is a guarantee for accuracy “PREACH AND PRAY, AND GOD WILL and care in the execution of the GIVE HIS BLESSING." No missionary work. It is hoped that the whole society upon earth can prosper, will be ready to send out to India in however ample be its funds, withthe course of the summer, and that out incessant labour, earnest prayer, its manifold advantages will soon and Jehovah's benediction. be realized by both the christian and heathen population of Orissa. Subscriptions and Donations in aid of the General Baptist Missionary Society will be thankfully received by Robert Pegg, Esq., Treasurer, Derby; and by the Rev. J. C. Pike, Secretary, Leicester, from whom also Missionary Boxes, Collecting Books, and Cards may be obtained.


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THERE is quite enough interest felt were by no means disheartened in the business and public services and were at once prepared to of an ordinary Association held in cope; and the collective celebration the Midland Counties to ensure a of the Lord's Supper, long and large attendance. But this year anxiously waited for, and now at there were various collateral and length to take place. special sources of attraction in our visitors busy, meddling memory Feast of Tabernacles. These were brought back the image of the forecertain to draw together from the most men in a similar gathering at different cantons of our Israel Nottingham eight years ago, and the an unusual number of represen- recollection shaded with sacred sad. tatives and visitors. Among the ness their present joy. They looked collateral attractions

may round in vain for the chairman of mention the picturesqueness of that gathering--Rev.Joseph Goadby, the town and neighbourhood of of Loughborough; for the writer of Nottingham,—a town which in its the letter and one of the moderators, situation a certain old divinedeclares Rev John Jones, of March ; and for 'runneth parallel with Jerusalem ;' the energetic speaker at one of the the proverbial cheerfulness and public meetings, the tutor for fourgenerous hospitality of its in- teen years of our College-Rev. habitants; and the splendid weather, Joseph Wallis, of Leicester. Your the more exhilarating from the cold fathers, where are they? and the and showery summers which have prophets, do they live for ever? recently visited our shores. The The preliminary devotional meetspecial attractions were threefold: ing of the ninety-fourth annual the Chilwell College, in the success Association was held in Broad-street of which all General Baptists un chapel, on Monday evening, June feignedly rejoice; the Orissa Mission, 22nd, and was presided over by with whose present difficulties it Rev. W. Orton, of Louth, Lincoln

soon evident its subscribers shire. Brethren Wood, of Bradford; Vol. IV.-NEW SERIES, No. 8.

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Batey, of London ; Towler of Bar- | however, paying this tribute of rowden ; Hester, of Loughborough; respect to the departed, we must Harrison, of Birmingham; Hunter, move along. The important purof Nottingham ; and Gill, of Shore; poses for which we met totook part in the devotional exercises. gether forbid

than On Tuesday morning the states momentary pause even at the grave of the churches' were read till ten of the holiest. We rejoice that o'clock, when Rev. J. Salisbury, of there is at least one object on which Hugglescote, was unanimously ap- even the sepulchral hand of mortality pointed vice-chairman, and W. does not write the inscription of Newman, Esq., of Louth, assistant vanity, and that He who is our presecretary, and Rev. J. C. Jones, cursor to the skies, invites us to be M. A., of Spalding, took the chair followers of them who though faith and delivered the annual address. and patience are now inheriting the

Our position,' said the chairman, promises. Numerous topics of deep ‘is like that of soldiers shaking and significant interest thrust them. hands with each other after a selves upon our notice, on most of toughly contested campaign. The which we can but give the passing sturdy but almost superannuated glance.' veteran, the manly and athletic The chairman then adverted in standard-bearer, and the raw recruit his own forceful way to the Bi. with his armour only just tried, are centenary Celebration of last year, talking together of how each faired and to the stigma which was sought in the conflict, and of this or that to be cast upon Nonconformists as comrade that has fallen in the field. if banded in an unholy confederacy Blessed be God, our fathers and composed of Jews, Socinians, inbrethren died in harness, and we fidels, atheists, and noisy demaintend to do the same. Perhaps gogues to overturn and destroy could they interrogate us, we should Christ's holy church. In all fairhave to say that time has passed ness,' said the chairman, 'a distinc. but roughly with us since we saw tion ought to be made between the them last; but no small satisfaction motives and feelings which actuate indeed is it to know that they are different individuals. Let it, then, safe : and, brethren, ours is a poor go forth throughout Christendom, and feeble faith, if we do not believe and let it be uttered from a thousand that they still serve the same Master, voices, that we have no common though in a higher and holier ground with such persons; that our sphere; that they have entered upon dissent is not a passion but a princia service in which the pure incense ple; that it arises from no desire of perfect devotion rises uncon- for supremacy, from no political taminated by the noxious ingredients disaffection, from no dogged obstiof earth; where the melody of the nacy, from no revoluntary spirit; lip is undisturbed by the ruffles of that we are not dissenters because an anxious heart; and where, in sub- even of the injustice of church rates stitution for the lights and shadows or tithes (for if it were a matter of of fleeting life, they enjoy the light bare injustice we would submit); without a shadow, day without but we are dissenters, because, loyal night, happiness without alloy, and and loving as we are to the person the pure rirer of the water of life and government of Her Majesty, we without a sediment. How inferior love Christ better than the purest are even the excellent of earth to sovereign that ever adorned the the excellent of heaven. Here, the British throne, or the wisest as. purest gold has its alloy, the most sembly that ever composed the precious stone its Aaw, the most British senate; because we dare not glistening crystal is dimmed with form an alliance with any church at impurity-but there all are without the expense of Christian feeling and fault before the throne. While, I individual piety ; because we be.

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lieve (whether right or wrong is /unmuming her beautiful form, unanother matter), but we believe that fastening her bandages and setting over and above all the incidental her free, she would march along a evils (and they are not small), every career of Christian enterprise with state establishment of religion in a peacefulness and power such as volves a violation of the kingly pre- the world has never seen, and which

a rogative of Christ, interferes with would astonish her most devoted the rights of individual conscience, adherents. And further, we may hinders the progress of Christ's safely affirm that if these chains be kingdom by deluging it with world- not unrivetted, the time is not far lings, quenching its spirituality, distant when political convulsions, and crippling its energies; and which we should all deprecate, will lastly, because a combination is with a rough hand break them, and presented more monstrous than Christ himself will speak with a the Horatian blending of a human voice and an emphasis hitherto unhead with a horse's neck—the union known, Loose her, and let her go~ of a living body chained to the My kingdom is not of this world.carcase of a dead slave, under the The topics afterwards dwelt upon loathsomeness of which many an were, the marriage of the Prince of evangelical minister is saying, o, Wales, the American war, the cotton wretched man that I am, who shall famine and the distress in the North, deliver me from the body of this death ? the Colenso controversy, and lastly, If our reasons for nonconformity the true business of the Christian were feebler than they are, or in minister and the grand essential other words, if they did not involve qualification for preaching the fidelity to our conscience and our gospel. The whole address rang God, then, in order to put an end to like a trumpet-call, and produced this strife, to secure peace among a deep and powerful impression. brethren, if not for å richer in. It was unanimously ordered to be cumbency, we would conform at printed. once; but, seeing that these reasons After the chairman's address the are what they are, whatever may be rules of the Association were read our status politically, however, dis, by the secretary, Rev. Thomas advantageously we may be placed Goadby, B.A. A resolution wel. by acts of Parliament, we have a coming the ministers and friends of right to expect and to demand that other denominations to the sittings our convictions shall be honoured, of the Association was passed by at least by every good man. We acclamation. The first business reought not to be scandalously libelled lated to the Paptist Union. It was as heretics and schismatics, to be agreed to commend this promising classed in a common category with nucleus of some wider gathering, those who have no sympathy with as it seems to us, to the liberality Christian sentiment, to be regarded of the churches. Small committees as innovators and disturbers of the were then appointed to consider public peace, to be treated by a various cases from churches, and Diotrephan class with an air of to report during the sittings of the patronage and scorn, to be met in Association. At five o'clock, the the street or on the platform with a annual meeting of the committee of kind of apology for a recognition, the Orissa Mission was held in the and to be tolerated as ministers of vestry of the Mansfield-road schoolChrist in proclaiming the glorious room, J. Heard, Esq., in the chair. gospel of the blessed God. So far The attendance was very numerous, from wishing to uproot and destroy and the business more than orthe Church, we should mourn over dinarily important. It was agreed it as one of England's heaviest that Mrs. J. 0. Goadby should calamities. Our deepest conviction return to India in August, and that is, that by unrivetting her chains, Rev. H. Wilkinson, returned mis


sionary from India, should be in- studies with commendable diligence, vited to become the travelling agent and in several cases with marked of the Society. In our judgment success. The senior student has this last step will yet prove itself to already matriculated at the London be the wisest recently taken by the University, and is intending to procommittee. We have a certain ex. secute his studies in connection with pectation that it will gradually lead that University for several sessions. to the extinction of those periodic Another student has accepted a callto crises in our funds, as painful to the serve the church at White Friars, brethren at home as they are dis- Coventry. While there will be only heartening to the heroic band of one vacancy at the close of the missionaries abroad; and that it midsummer recess, there were four will issue in the much-needed in applicants for the benefits of the crease of the annual income of the institution. It is gratifying to learn Orissa Mission. We most heartily from the treasurer of the College bespeak for our brother, wherever that notwithstanding his fears he is he goes, a cordial English and able to report that at the annual Christian welcome, and a zealous audit he had some £30 in hand. and willing co-operation.

At eleven o'clock on Wednesday On Tuesday evening, the annual morning the first public service was meeting of the Home Mission was held in Mansfield-road chapel. Rev. held in Mansfield-road chapel, Mr. J. Clifford, B.A., of Praed-street, Alderman Felkin, in the chair. The London, read the Scriptures and chapel was densely crowded and the prayed, and Rev. Thomas Watts, of meeting was regarded as every way Wisbech, preached from 1 Chron. the best yet held for the Society. xxix. 5. who then is willing to conPevs. C. Clark, of Halifax; W. secrate his service this day unto the Lees, of Walsall ; J. Alcorn, of Lord? The discourse was a practical Burnley; and S. Allsop, of Whittle and earnest discussion of the nature, sea; were the speakers.

need, and obligation of personal The annual committee meeting consecration to God. The audience of the Chilwell College was held on was very large, and the attention Wednesday morning, at nine o'clock, well sustained throughout. in the Mansfield-road school-room, In the afternoon, at half-past two W. Crofts, Esq., of Wolvey, in the o'clock, the second public service chair. The attendance was large, was held in the Stoney-street chapel. until the time of the public service, Rev. W. Dyson, of Long Sutton, when the numbers were gradually conducted the devotional part of the thinned. It has long been felt that service, and Rev. Jabez Burns, some change in the time of holding D.D., of London, preached from this committee meeting should be Romans xii. 4, 5. The topics of this made, not only to afford the ministers fervid and energetic discourse were, who usually attend it an oppor- the church as the body of Christ, tunity of being present at the public enshrining His spirit and presence, morning service without the un- and working out His purposes; the seemly interruption which their late church in its diversity, and unity; appearance too commonly creates; the church holy and catholic. but also to secure a fuller and less The most deeply interesting meethurried attention to the increasing ing of the Association was held at claims of our school of the prophets. the close of the sermon-the united It bas therefore been determined to celebration by the assembled brethren hold the annual committee meeting of the Lord's Supper. To relieve the of the College next year on Monday consciences of some brethren and to evening. From the reports of the keep within the letter of the reexaminers in classics, literature, solution of the last Association—the and theology, it appeared that the church at Broad-street chapel in. students had been pursuing their vited to the Lord's - table the

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