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Plissionary Obseruer.

near us.

THE MISSION DEBT. cashire distress. Several churches,

however, made their Sacramental It will be remembered that a strong collection as usual.

It is hoped desire was expressed at the Annual that a larger number will find it Association, held at Nottingbam, in convenient to remember this imJune, that the remainder of the portant object on the first Sabbath Mission Debt, amounting to £1,400, of the new year. should be paid off by DECEMBER at latest. At present we have only received £229 3s. 5d. on this account, LETTER FROM THE REV. J. as may be seen by the monthly lists

BUCKLEY. of donations, published in the Observer. We trust that there is

Cuttack, August 10, 1863. a large amount to come in during the present month from the cards We have recently had a most anxious taken by ladies throughout the Connexion, and from other donations.

and trying time on account of the We would remind our lady friends prevalence of small pox in our that the sums already acknowledged school, and in the christian village must be increased to twelve hundred less for four months, but has now

It has prevailed more or pounds before we can claim the promised donation for the last happily passed away. There have two hundred pounds of the debt.

been thirty-eight cases, seven of Letthere be a long pull

, a strong pull, which have been in the school. One and a pull altogether, that so the

case only has had a fatal termination, last trace of the debt that has caused and considering that several of the so much anxiety and discomfort to

cases have been of an extremely the friends of the Mission, may who have suffered from this terrible

malignant kind, and that mostof those disappear with the end of the year disease have been children, this 1863!!

appears somewhat remarkable; but

we have learnt by painful experience SACRAMENTAL COLLECTIONS

that when the disease has passed

away its effects remain, and these FOR THE WIDOWS AND OR- are often as bad, sometimes worse,

than the disease itself. The natives PHANS OF MISSIONARIES.

are, I think, well acquainted with

the mode of treatment that should We beg to remind the members of be adopted in this disease, and judgour churches of the resolution of ing from the observations made the Committee, inviting them to during these four anxious months, augment their usual contribution I should say that those who are at one of the Sacramental Collec- inoculated for it have it in a much tions during the year, and if possible milder form. We do all we can to on the first Sabbath of the year; the promote vaccination, but the preamount in excess of the collection judice of the natives against it is on ordinary occasions to be appro- very strong, and I am sorry to say priated to the fund for making that facts undeniably prove that even provision for the Widows and Or when it appears to be successful it is phans of Missionaries.

no preventive against small pox, nor No public reference was made to against its assuming a maligart this subject last year on account of form. In this country, too, either the efforts that were being made at owing to the heat of the climate, the time for the relief of the Lan- or to the vaccine matter not being


good, it does not take effect at all in arrowroot flour, which is then a large number of cases. The cold washed in cold water and dried in weather is the best time to give it the sun. It is sold among the the trial. In May, when the small European residents of Cuttack, the pox was raging, we had eleven of price being a little under sixpence the children vaccinated, but it did per English pound. The wild arrownot take proper effect in a single root is a plant growing abundantly instance. I noticed in the papers | in the jungles of the district." that this frightful disease was pre

On cotton the Committee re. vailing in London at the same time mark, “The first sample of the as here. I desire to acknowledge raw material and the thread, which the goodness of our heavenly are Nos. 90 A. and 92 A., were Father in mercifully preserving us presented the Committee of at this time of anxiety and peril. Cuttack by the Rev. George Taylor, “ He that dwelleth in the secret of Piplee, a missionary in connection place of the Most High shall abide with the General Baptist Society, under the shadow of the Almighty.” who has for some time persevered For three weeks a dear little child in an experiment, on a small scale, to (Henrietta), who has narrowly grow this useful staple, with the escaped with her life, was in the view of affording to the colony of house; and the anxiety by night native christians under his charge and by day, and the beart-piercing some more lucrative employment cries of the little sufferer cannot soon than the growing of rice. His plants be forgotten. She is still unable are reared from American New to walk, though entirely recovered Orleans seed; and yield, as calculated in other respects from the effects of on his data, at the rate of three hunthe disease.

dred pounds per English acre, at an

outlay of about twenty-one shillings INTERNATIONAL the acre, on a light sandy soil, the HIBITION OP 1862.

plants requiring manure and irri.

gation only in the hot months, or A CATALOGUE has recently been pub- from March to June." lished by the Local Commitee of Mr. Taylor's specimens were so Cuttack of the specimens of local well approved by the Judges that a produce and manufacture sent to medal has been awarded him. the Exhibition, from which much The catalogue was, I believe, preinteresting information may be ob- pared by our estimable friend, Mr. tained, not elsewhere to be met Lacey, and is creditable in a high with, of the natural productions and degree to his ability and research. capabilities of the province, especially of the tributary estates. It THE extends to thirty-one pages, and is

MISSIONARIES. admirably clossified and arranged. It may be interesting to know that A YEAR and a half ago I gave your the arrowroot sent was grown by one readers some particulars of the dying of our native christians at Khunditta. experience of the late chaplain of The Committe observe, “This arrow. this station. His successor is a man root is of excellent quality, and the of very different spirit as a corres. process of manufacture is as simple pondence in the Freeman a few as may be. The tubers are taken months ago would show. In one of up in the cold season, washed, put his recent sermons, alluding to our into a large wooden mortar, and weekly tea meeting, he described mashed. The mash is then taken as “a canting ranting set, out and well wasbed in cold water ; who meet at each other's houses for the water drained off and put to religious exercises and tea, and wind stand in large flat vessels, when it up with scandal and backbiting" deposits a large proportion of the And in the same sermon he said,










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“ They rant and rave about hell as Rajah. What caste were you beif they had been there themselves !” fore you became christians? AnIt will be seen from this that the swer. We were what men call “ woe'

pronounced on those of Soodras. whom "all men speak well” is not Rajah. Why have you been so likely to fall upon us. I need not foolish as to forske caste and honour, say that these vulgar effusions of and bring the honour of your forepriestly intolerance and impotent fathers into disgrace? Answer. If malice will be treated with the com- you will only impartially consider passion and contempt they deserve. you will perceive that caste is merely We are disciples of Him“ who, an ordinance of man, and that our when he was reviled, reviled not forefathers can neither be disgraced again.”

nor honoured by any conduct of A few months ago a tablet in ours in this matter. Also that we memory of Mr. Lacey was placed ourselves can inherit neither praise in the chapel at Cuttack. The in- nor censure from their good or evil scription is appropriate. It is as deeds. In God's holy book it is follows:

written, “that every man shall re

ceive the fruit of his own works." IN

Rajah. I do not consider what

you term God's holy book, to be alGENERAL BAPTIST MISSIONARY IN Orissa, together true, neither is it as a W10 DIED AT CUTTACK,

whole the gift of God. What it ON THE 8TH OF JANUARY, 1852, says about the creation may be true, AGED 52 YEARS.


many other parts, especially the His acquaintance with the language, re

four gospels, are utterly false. The ligion, and habits of the people was intimate, Hindoo Poorans are false except the his love for their souls intense, and his Bades; the books of the Mahomedans efforts to promote their spiritual welfare are false except such parts as relate through a period of more than twenty- to Alla-God. eight years were untiring. He was permitted to achieve a large amount of success,

Answer. That the Bible is true and died in the peace and hope of that gospel over all Hindoo and Mahomedan which he laboured so abundantly to proclaim. writings may be proved in four ways.

1. Purity and purity alone is the

characteristic of the Bible Other DHEKANAL CAR FESTIVAL. shastres contain unclean, foolish,

incredible, or obviously false stateThe following native brethren at- ments. tended the car festival at Dhekanal, 2. The writers of the Bible on the 18th of June, viz: Jagoo, were men who lived in different Thoma, and Ram Das. It being times, in different countries, and the rainy season, the journey was moved in different spheres of life, attended with difficulties and priva- but from the beginning to the end tions, but these sink into nothing of their writings it will be found ness when we set before our eyes that they all wrote about Jesus the future reward.

Christ, and spoke of him as the On our arrival we sent the rajah only Saviour. There is, therefore, a letter that had been furnished to a unity of the whole on this most us by our beloved pastor Stubbins momentous of all subjects, showing Sabib. As soon as he read it he it to be the gift of God. It is far sent for us and began freely to otherwise with all other shastres. converse, the following are among Each writer has carved out a Saviour the questions and answers that for himself, hence all is confusion, transpired.

showing that their shastres are not Rajah. Well are you christians ? | the word of God, but the work of Answer. Yes, we are christians.


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3. What is written of God in evident from the miracles he per. the Bible is every way credible ; formed and his own triumph over for instance, his eternal glory, his death ; and well do the Scriptures nature, his wisdom, his love, his declare that there is salvation in mercy, his forgiveness, his grace, none other. Hearing this the rajah his justice and the like; but what seemed rather piqued, and in a is written of God in other shastres somewhat sarcastic tone said, “yes, is often alike unfounded and un- yes, I dare say you secretly mourn reasonable, opposed to every prin- that in a thoughtless hour you ciple of honesty and common sense. abandoned caste, and that in your

4. The writers of the Bible pre- heart you wish you could regain it. dicted events which received their Doubtless, you are sorrowful that accomplishment hundreds of years you have daily to work hard, esafterward, and in addition to this pecially those christians who have some of the wickedest men that to cultivate the soil.” To this it have ever lived have had their was replied, if christians cultivate hearts changed by the reading and the soil, as many do, surely this is study of that blessed word. Surely no disgrace, for in the absence of here is some evidence that the Bible cultivators how would the rajah is God's word.

obtain his revenue ? God's direction "These evidences,” said the rajah, to all is to be diligent in business, are false. The forefathers of these and at the same time fervent in sahibs wrote the Bible, and now spirit, serving the Lord. Here the they are endeavouring to send it rajah smiled and remained silent, into every country as the word of when one of the brethren said to God. But what about Jesus Christ? him, “be assured that if your What evidence do you give that he highness rejects this true religion, is the Saviour ? Can he save others you will find only shame and rewho himself died, and died by the proach at the last.” “What,” said hands of evil men ? Truly this is the rajah, rather scornfully, “I incredible. It may be that you have shame ?" “Yes,” said the regard him as true as the Hindoos preacher, "and not you only, but regard Krushna and the mussalman's all who reject the truth of Christ." Mahomet." Answer. Your high. Here we took our departure and ness knows that for all the people went into the festival to preach. the earth contains there is but one While we were distributing books sun, in the same way there is but the rajah came up, and having one Saviour ; for all, whether called us to him, requested some Hindoo, Mahometan, European, or books which were given to him. whatever other people. Jesus Christ He then said, “it is not well for is pure, and those who embrace his you to make Christ supreme and religion become pure ; but consider preach him in the way you do. I and see that he who himself is evil have read many books written by can never make another good; if learned sahibs,” he referred to Christ were sinful he could never Combe, &c., " also pamphlets and make his followers holy. He is papers from Calcutta, and find that holy-he is worthy-and by his even the sahibs do not all believe in death has saved the vilest of men. Jesus Christ. I believe in God, Neither Krushna nor Mahomet died in his mercy, forgiveness, love, for sinners, but in and for their own &c., and hold it as a crown on my sins. Had Christ been unwilling, head, but what you say about Jesus wicked men could not have slain Christ, I cannot receive." him ; but for this cause he became Many people in the festival heard incarnate that he might give him- well, and took books gladly, but the self an offering and a sacrifice for rajah's principal attendants took up sin.

the taunts of their master, and beThat Christ indeed is God is / yond him scoffed at religion.

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The rajah is far superior to the the latter its experienced printer. generality of Oriya rajahs. His Mr. Anderson, also of the Jessore palace is a loftytwo-storied building, Mission, returned to his old sphere. and is furnished in a superb man- Ten or twelve new missionaries ner. In building and decoration he entered the country for the first has imitated the elite of Europeans. time. Nearly all proceeded to the Within the fort are a police and North-West Provinces, to the Bapordinary court, prison, guard, &c. tist and American Missions : bit In many cases the rajah sits as two joined the Free Church Mission judge, and decides causes himself. in Calcutta, which had long been He is very learned, especially in greatly weakened, but now again Sanskrit lore, and is on the whole enjoys the service of a strong and an unassuming and affable man. able staff of labourers. A small

Such is the brief account these number left the country, nearly dear brethren furnished me, of their (all alas!)young men who had utterly visit to a festival not frequently broken down in health. One mis. visited. It will serve to show with sionary will speedily leave us, what fearlessness they make known whose departure will be regarded the truth, even before the kings of the with special regret. Mr. Puxley a earth. I might just say the rajah few years ago was a cavalry officer invited them to another interview, in the English army, and served in on condition that they would only the Crimea. Entering the ministry speak of God, and not of Christ. of the Church of England, he came They refused the interview on these out here to teach the Sontals in the terms, by saying they would not the new mission founded by the go where they might not speak Church Missionary Society. A about the Lord. The rajah, howbrief career, however, among the ever, was very hospitable to them, swampy bottoms of the Bhagulpore and perhaps some of their simple district has given him that jungle truths may find a lodgment in his fever which yields to nothing but a heart. He is a deist, and to such sea voyage and one's native air ; men the Essays and Reviews and and most reluctantly for a time at now Bishop Colenso are as the least he quits that interesting sphere water of life.


of toil.

Our greatest losses lie nearer

home. It is hard for the Calcutta CHANGES IN BENGAL. missions to lose in a single year From the Monthly Chronicle of

both Mr. Wylie and Dr. Duff. Christian Work.

Twenty years ago Mr. Wylie landed

in Calcutta a young barrister, to find A QUIET change is always going on an honourable position in the world amongst the staff of missionaries through God's blessing on his own labouring in India : sometimes the exertions. He at once attached removal or departure of labourers himself openly to the religious rechallenges public attention, and sidents of the city, and was a close, marks a special era in our course. personal friend of the late John At the beginning of the present Macdonald. His piety made him year several missionaries who had a marked man among the barristers been absent in England for the re- of the day, and the arnoyance to storation of health returred to their which he was frequently subjected labours : we thus welcomed Mr. on account of it well illustrates the Wenger, of the Baptist Mission in character of the men by whom he Calcutta, the able translator and was surrounded. Escaping from editor of the Bengali and the San- this trouble, he became one of the skrit Bibles; and Messrs. Stubbins city magistrates, and then first and Brooks, of the Orissa Mission, judge of the Court of Small Causes. the former one of its able preachers, | The constitution and rules of this

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