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Obituary-George Small West.


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no terror. The conviction with her ful mind, and illustrated in the was deep and strong, the growth daily life of his revered father and of years, I know whom I have be- mother. From a child he knew the liered, and am persuaded that He is Holy Scriptures, and grew up able to keep that which I have com- attached to the house of God. Not, mitted unto Him against that day. however, until his nineteenth year Her dying chamber was the vesti- did the blessed ministries of bule of heaven. Calm and serene, home culture, Sabbath service, and her everlasting hopes being founded heavenly grace, mature the spiritual on the rock of ages, she breathed her germ in the soul, win the homage spirit away on May 2nd, 1861, of the heart, and command the in the 76th year of her age.

obedience of life. Constrained by It will be evident from the above the love of Christ, the son of many sketch that the late Mrs. West was prayers now gave himself to the characterized by many virtues. She Lord, and his service to the church. was a person of high integrity, He was baptized by the late Rev. sound religious principle, and blame- W. Hogg, in the year 1833. Henceless life. Not forgetful to entertain forth the Sunday-school was his strangers, and thereby ministering chosen field of labour. His energy, to 'angels unawares,' she received constancy, and perseverance were a 'prophet in the name of a prophet regarded with admiration, and by and obtained & prophet's reward.' the request of the teachers he filled A ministerial brother in his letter the office of superintendent for many to a daughter of the deceased thus years. Eminently gifted with a writes :. Your mother was one of musical taste, the service of song the best women I ever met, so far in the house of the Lord became his as I knew. My intercourse with favourite study and ever fresh her was confined to what could be delight. In the free and generous maintained in her dwelling. I have use of this seraphic talent, he a lively recollection of her kindness rendered efficient aid, not only to to me when a student, and of her the church and congregation of devotion to the interests of the which he was a member, but also church at that time. O for more to other sections of the Christian of such mothers in Israel.' Thus world. In process of time the was our venerated friend highly worthy character and exemplary esteemed by all who knew her, and deportment of late brother it will be long ere her name, virtues, pointed him out as a fit and proper and memory are forgotten. Blessed person to take office in the church. are the dead who die in the Lord. They Elected to the honoured position of rest from their labours, and their works deacon he discharged its duties with do follow them.

C. S. H. fidelity and zeal. The assiduity with

which he wrought in the varied de-
partments of his master's employ, se-

cured for him the unique designation GEORGE SMALL WEST, son of the of the man that lives at the chapel.' above, also departed this life Janu. From six years observation and inary 8th, 1862, in the 48th year of tercourse I can honestly testify that

Blessed with wise and my lamented friend was one of that pious parents, traces of their ju- select order in the church who dicious training marked his char- devote themselves heart and soul acter and course through life. to the work of the Lord. His morals were nurtured, his habits that his wisdom and prudence were formed, and his tastes corrected sometimes at fault, is simply to say amid the genial influences of a that he was mortal. Taking a full well ordered home. The principles and charitable survey of his life of integrity, industry, virtue, and and character, my verdict is : He piety were instilled into his youth. I was a good and faithful servant of


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his age.

To say


the Lord Jesus Christ. Towards | family no symptoms of

his approachthe close of his earthly sojourn, the ing end appeared. In those dark loss of his maternal parent, to whom and silent hours that followed no he was devotedly attached, combined voice, or moan, or sound was heard; with other painful and unexpected but when morning light returned, trials, impaired his already weakened the startling fact was revealed, constitution, and smote his heart that the angel of death had entered with pangs of grief. His appetite the cbamber of the good man, and failed, his sleep forsook him, and borne hisimmortal spirit to the house his strength declined. Business not made with hands. His work was now given up, the familiar was done.

The recent quickened scenes of his past history were pulsations of his heart for ever grew abandoned, and rest and re- still. The jaded frame calmly passed covery were earnestly sought by into the sleep of death. Beneath the residence in the pleasant village of shadows of the village sanctuary, Sawley. Kind heaven granted the where he had heard of Jesus and of deceased a brief space in the quie- heaven, he reposes in hope of a tude and retirement of rural life to joyful resurrection at the last day. gather up the forces of his spiritual My prayer is that each surviving nature by reading, meditation, and member of the bereaved family prayer. Of late he had sown in may share in the tears, but it soon became evident that the discipline of earth was • Blissful hope which Jesus' grace has given; fitting the tenant, pent in mortality,

The hope when days and years are past, for a more congenial clime. During We all shall meet in heaven.' the last evening passed with the

o. S. H.



OLD MORTALITY ON ment, and rolls on with such a ÆSTHETIC CANT.

passionate fluency, that I cannot

conclude it to be finally declaratory Is it among the excellencies of a mind of the well-weighed, sober, Christian of taste, that loses, when the religion of opinions of the gifted and respected Christ is concerned,' all the value of its writer. Surely he must himself discrimination?'

see, now that the 'fine frenzy' of his .

Jorn Foster. 'I trust none in the present assembly will in what he has written very much

eloquent rage is over, that there is do me the injustice of supposing that any of overstatement, invective, reflection is intended upon the liturgy : though a Protestant Dissenter, I am by no charity, and unwarrantable imputameans insensible to its merits. I believe tion, of which it behoves him to be that the evangelical purity of its sentiments, heartily repentant. the chastised fervour of its devotion, and the majestic simplicity of its language, have with what he denominates the

1. Old Mortality' is very wroth combined to place it in the very first rank of uninspired compositions.

religion of taste,' and appears to ROBERT HALL. believe that the lovely and the good

are incompatible--that conscience DEAR MR. EDITOR,—I have a word and imagination are not reciprocally or two to say to ‘Old Mortality' con- helpful attributes of one and the cerning his essay entitled ' Æsthetic same finely adjusted nature, a nature Cant,' though I have no intention of which the Almigbty has made as seriously noticing the whole of it, full of differing yet supplemental for it glows so fiercely with the un- faculties as is a perfect musical suppressed fire of personal excite. I instrument of diverse but harmonious



Correspondence-Old Mortality on Æsthetic Cant,


tones. To me, on the other hand, it the costly furniture of the Mosaic
seems quite likely that in that tabernacle-in the splendid vest-
striking Scriptural phrase the beauty ments of the Levitical priesthood-
of holiness something more may be in the gorgeous decorations and
meant than a single reference to the solemn ritual of Solomon's temple-
abstract excellence of faith and in the lutes and cymbals and ordered
virtue-that if to be holy is to be service of Hebrew song ? Were
beautiful, it must needs be that all these offensive to the Most High?
beauty is the congenial tribute and and if not, will He look with dis-
revenue of holiness; and that what- favour on the like things made
soever is fair and rich in thought sacred by an earnest and pious spirit
and work—in the fruits of benevo- now? Is it wrong that where we
lence, the flowers of art, the pearls have given our love and adoration,
of song may well and fitly be offered we should give tokens of them, the
in His service who is the God of rarest and the richest that we can-
Beauty as well as Truth, and at the that where our heart is, should our
cradle-shrine of whose well-beloved treasure be ? In truth I venture to
and only begotten Son, wise men, think not, and to hope that He who
in the pure enthusiasm of a pious looks more to the inward motive
instinct, once laid their gifts of gold than to the outward manifestation,
and frankincense and myrrh. There and who accepts alike the widow's
fore, (with becoming deference to mite, and Mary’s alabaster box of

Old Mortality,') I cannot see that precious ointment, will scorn nothing
increase of refinement is symptom- that is offered and done with love
atic of waning spirituality, and I and in the grace of gratitude.
demur to the insinuation that prayer 2. Concerning the special allusion
is more accepted from a barn than to the services of a particular cou-
from a building of greater archi- gregation which is so racily written,
tectural pretensions, or that praise and bears on the surface of it such
is comelier when presented with un-

characteristic marks of
skilled uncouthuess, than in forms rhetorical exuberance, I have simply
of symmetric melody. I have no to say that I have gathered from
scorn-I have no feeling but of trustworthy sources, (and occasional
respect for the homely methods in personal observation enables me to
which a humble and unlettered piety corroborate the statement,) that the
seeks to express itself; but I must representations of old Mortality'
acknowledge that I do not think are not in this instance borne out by
'Yates' would be a less godly person the facts of the case.

I find it without his whining, nor do I difficult to believe that there is such consider that 'Bates' would preach a complete and supercilious monopoly the gospel with less impressiveness of the musical part of the service if he did not ‘bawl.' Is there, I as is asserted by this writer. It would ask, no indication in Divine seems incredible that any who desire Revelation of the office and function to join in the psalmody are either of the Æsthetic faculty ? Is there laughed at, or sneeringly told that no warrant for the consecration of they must learn first, and till then the choicest developments of in- must be content with silence;' or tellectual activity-of art and arcbi. that with a kind of systematic and tecture, and poetry, and music, to gratuitous mockery 'the chants as the service of the sanctuary? Is soon as learned by the body of the there nothing of the sort inherent congregation are put aside and new in the very idea of sacrifice-ones introduced.' The 'old familiar sacrifice, the soul and virtue of all melodies' over whose desuetude 'Old religion — the surrender of our Mortality' is eloquently pathetic, dearest, fairest, best to Him who are I suppose the Lydias and has given us all? Is there no lesson Cranbrooks of blessed memoryfor Christian hearts and hands in full of unexpected shakes and 'yain


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repetitions'—combinations for the certain Baptist deacon whom I know, most part of jerky inbarmonious who in his unreasoning aversion to notes which loudly emitted in concert anything liturgical, declared most with wind instruments and fiddles, earnestly that he objected to the our venerable friend finds more con- Lord's Prayer in toto. And in this ducive to a praiseful mood than the onslaught on the Church, (whose simpler airs bequeathed by forina- writers, by the way, he has not lists like Gregory and Luther, or scrupled to cite with seeming apthe purer modern melodies culled proval,) he has not disdained to call from the treasures of sacred German in the suspicious aid of an American song. 'Old Mortality' denounces Pantheist. There is,' he says, 'an and ridicules the endeavour to institution in the bosom of British express the fluctuations of thought society more fatal to conscientious and emotion in a hymn by corres. principle, and more destructive to pondent changes of time and tone, true religion than any contemporary and complains bitterly that the enemy of piety. That institution music is made reflective of the is the worldly corporation which meaning. Does he wish for perfect passes by the style and title of the uniformity of sound and time ? Church of England.' Now of course Would he insist on all hymns, no I am fully sensible of many and matter how various in character, on grave defects existing in the National every verse of the same bymn, no Church of these realms, and I matter how contrasted soever in no more claim for her an unmixed sentiment one verse may be with excellence than for our political another, being sung with equal constitution theoretic perfection and volume and in identical time? Does administrative purity. I am conhe consider that physical ability and scious of the prodigious difficulties the current mood alone conditionate involved in the alliance of the the function of the individual in secular and spiritual powers. congregational psalmody? If so, aware of the unjust distribution of the introduction of music into divine the patronage and emoluments of service is a mistake, and the hymn the Church. I lament the incom. had better be simply recited—said, mensurate pay of the working clergy. not sung; for the theory of musical I see that there are relies of superexpression implies a presumed cor- stition still lingering in the Book of relation of sense and sound, and Common Prayer. I acknowledge the highest office of musical art that the doctrine of Baptismal consists in the attempt to interpret Regeneration is the first, the obvious, dramatically the incommunicable the honest deduction from the service sympathies of man; to translate into used in the 'ministration of public what Beethoven bas finely called a baptism of infants.' I object to

higher revelation than words,' priestly absolution and to the damna. those inarticulate but most real and tory clauses of the creed incorrectly earnest yearnings of his nature that ascribed to Athanasius. I allow the unite him with an infinite life—that urgent need of liturgical revision. mysterious spiritual interior melody And yet, with all these admissions, I that is never silent within his soul, am bound to observe that the but murmurs for ever, like the Anglican Church represents the ocean-tone inside the shell, a linger: religious convictions and rivets the ing echo from the half-remembered earnest allegiance of a very large dialect of a far-off home.

body of devout, intelligent and culti3. I pass on to the concluding vated people, and that continually a portion of 'Old Mortality's' remarks vast myriad of worshipping hearts wherein he expresses his opinions pour themselves forth through her and feelings concerning the Estab. incomparable forms of praise and lished Church of the country with a prayer. I cannot myself help revehemence which reminds me of a membering, I cannot help reminding

I am


Correspondence-Qld Mortality on Asthetic Cant.


"Old Mortality' that for this Church | minded, large-hearted Dissenters, martyrs have perished, saints endorse these severe and passionate Lave laboured, whose names are words? Can 'Old Mortality' look sacred and dear to every section of fairly round him and honestly say God's large family. This is the that the character and efforts of the Church of Latimer and Leighton ; majority of the clergy are not of Hooker and Butler ; of William maligned and parodied in the Wilberforce and Henry Martyn. picture which he offers for our It was as a faithful minister of this approbation ? • Old Mortality' misChurch that the brave old Ken takes violence for strength, decharged upon the dying Stuart the clamatory intemperance for the vices of his life ; and it was within genuine afflatus, and in closing his its hallowed precincts that Herbert diatribe has with consistent perchanted his devout and thoughtful versity 'preferred a prayer in the Ferse. Can such a Church be fitly spirit of an indictment,' (as Robert described as a ‘mountainous power Hall once wrote of Bishop Horsley), of evil? Can that Church be 'a and inscribed on his schismatic monster of iniquity' out of whose banner the names of some of the bosom Keble has poured forth the most illustrious chiefs of British music of the Christian Year ;' in Nonconformity, irrelevantly as it whose communion Arnold lived and seems to me, and vainly; for I cannot toiled, teaching alike by life and lip but believe that those saintly spirits the nobleness of duty and reverence, in their catholic sympathy would the priceless worth of truth in word have waved a deprecating hand above and work-Arnold, to whom the these testy ebullitions of sectarian Ragby boys said it was too bad to bitterness, and earnestly conjured us tell a lie, he always believed them- to look though accidental divergArnold, the footprints of whose encies of verbal creed and ecclesias. intellectual pathway are luminous tical polity to the substantial affiniover all England now ?

Are we

ties of faith and feeling-to those well-advised when we are invited to fundamental needs and instinctiva 'fing ourselves with deadly antago- aspirations of a common nature nism on a Church in which a which impel us to the same all. Whately is yet enforcing Christian merciful Saviour, and point us to logic—á Milman still writing Chris. the same eternal home. tian history-a Stanley, an Alford, I remain, dear Sir, an Ellicott, devoting to the use and

Very faithfully yours, comfort of the universal Church the

OLD MORTALITY'S NEPHEW. fruits of Christian scholarship? I shall be told that the adhesion of men pious and gifted does not of it-OLD MORTALITY ON self constitute a cause or an institu- ÆSTHETIC CANT. tion righteous and true; but it presents at least presumptive proof To the Editor of the Gen ral Baptist that it contains elements of good;

Magazine. that it is not an engine of sheer mischief and unmitigated evil; and 1) EAR MR. EDITOR, -I am a General if on this ground only, I will take Baptist, a liberal, a working Nonemphatic exception to the sweeping conformist, and a regular reader of assertions of a writer who has your Magazine, and cannot but take sufficient temerity to announce that exception to some portions of Old the Established Church of England Mortality's' paper on Esthetic Cant is ‘using every conventional motive, in the current number. every worldly motive, every fleshly Against the system of that worldly bait

to seduce corporation that passes by the style to its embrace the man of mere and title of the Church of England,' taste?! Will thoughtful, broad. I could feel as strongly as Old.


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